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PRESENTERS: ________________________________________________________

PRESENTATION NAME: ________________________________________________

Rate each of the following areas with a checkmark ✔.

Area Poor Fair Good Excellent
1 The presenters delivered the material in a clear and
structured manner
2 The presenters were knowledgeable about the topic and
any related issues.
3 The presenters maintained my interest during the entire
4 The presenters answered questions effectively.

5 The presenters were enthusiastic about the topic.

6 The presenters were well organized and clearly

7 The presentation was informative, creative, and has
relevance to my life.
8 The presentation contained practical examples and
useful techniques that applied to current work.
9 The visual aids were effective.

10 Overall, I would rate this presentation as:

1. What is one thing that you learned from this presentation?

2. What is one thing the group did well? Don’t be afraid to provide them with lots of positive
feedback! J

3. What is one suggestion to help them improve future presentations?


PRESENTERS: ________________________________________________________

PRESENTATION NAME: ________________________________________________

Created an engaging title for THE audience (in the form of a question).
Minimal Developing Substantial Complete
In the introduction, presenters discussed what question they are trying to answer, why
Introduction: they chose this topic, and why we should care. Engaged the audience!
Minimal Developing Substantial Complete
Stated hypotheses and what they are trying to estimate in a Confidence Interval.
Explained why these are the correct procedures .
Minimal Developing Substantial Complete
In this section they described how they obtained data. They were very specific about
methods, and made sure they showed evidence of data collection process.
Minimal Developing Substantial Complete
Graphs, Summary Includes Graphs (bar graphs, scatterplots, histograms, dot plots, etc.). Graphs are well
Statistics, and the labeled, easy to compare, and helped answer the question of interest. They included a
Raw Data brief discussion of the graphs and interpretations of the summary statistics.
(if numerical) Minimal Developing Substantial Complete
Reminded the audience of the names of the inference procedures used along with the
test statistic and P-value and the confidence interval. Interpreted results for test and
Analysis interval and their significance to project question. Context is key! Also, discussed how
they know that the inference procedure is valid (are the results reasonable?).
Minimal Developing Substantial Complete
Stated the conclusion to project based on significance procedure results.
Minimal Developing Substantial Complete
Live Action Data collection pictures were included.

Pictures Minimal Developing Substantial Complete

• 5-10 minute oral presentation to the class.
• Clarity and volume, body facing audience (eye contact and facing the audience
rather than facing the board)
Presentation • Preparation and solid knowledge of the project
• NOT be reading off of the slides word for word!
• Answered audience questions clearly and confidently
Minimal Developing Substantial Complete