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• Naranya engages in Csoftmty because ¨wanted to help the IT cluster¨ being involved in the IT

clusters would give them the opportunity from being an IT cluster bases on software factory
business models to be a more innovative cluster.

• Csoftmty´s vision was aligned from what they wanted initially; to assess entrepreneurial activity
in Nuevo Leon, both formal and informal, and to find capital to help entrepreneurs in developing
ideas through funds like Naranya LABS. Naranya was also assessing its strategic position and
whether Monterrey was the right place to cultivate talent and run an entrepreneurial business
for mobile solutions that had global ambitions.

• They were doing the right thing to be engaged with Csoftmty, however in September 2015,
Naranya LABS the committee launched eMTY, a sub-cluster strategy built to support the local IT
entrepreneur and start-up ecosystem. Due to this CEO Galvan decided to have a different brand,
that will help what they had on mind because Csoftmty is seen as the big companies- and
there´s no fit between the mind-set of the entrepreneur and the concept of big companies.
That´s why they decided to create eMTY to address the needs of the start-up community.

• Csoftmty is an autonomous organization that worked to create opportunities and support for
companies the IT cluster to the business that could grow, generate jobs and become productive
in the global economy.

• Yes, in 2005 Nuevo Leon

• had an increasing numbers of engineers from 2,000 ---- > 14,000 by 10 years ( 2003- 2013),

• IT Sector also has gain gained more than 3,000 jobs.

• They have represented more than 230 industry organization which is before this there were
about 100 companies for last 10 years.