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34.1: Ifup is the direction and right is the direction, then the object is at and mirror I flips the values, so the image is at which is 34.2: Using similar triangles, 34.3: A plane mirror does not change the height of the object in the image, nor does the distance from the mirror change. So, the image is to the right of the mirror, and its height is 34.4: a) b) Ifthe spherical mirror is immersed in water, its focal length is unchanged—it just depends upon the physical geometry of the mirror. 34.5: a) b) to the left of the mirror. and the image is inverted and real, 34.6: a) b) mirror. virtual. 34.7: 34.8: ball). The magnification is to the right of the and the image is upright and (in the 34.9: a) b) For so the image is always on the outgoing side and is real, The magnification is since ©) For which means the image is always smaller and inverted since the magnification is negative. For 4) Concave mirror: and we have a virtual image to the right of the mirror. so the image is upright and larger than the object. 34.10: For a convex mirror, Therefore the image is always virtual, Also so the image is erect, and so the image is smaller.