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42.1: a) » ©) The thermal energy associated with room temperature (300 K) is much greater than the bond energy of (calculated in part (a)), so the typical collision at room temperature will be more than enough to break up However, the thermal energy at 300 K is much less than the bond energy of _, so we would expect it to remain intact at room temperature, 42.2: a) b) 42.3: Let | refer to C and 2 to O. by yes, this agrees with Example 42.2 42.4: The energy of the emitted photon is and so its frequency and wavelength are This frequency corresponds to that given for a microwave oven, 42.5: a) From Example 42.2, b) 42.6: a) b) According the Eq. 42.7 the spacing between adjacent vibrational energy levels is twice the ground state energy: Thus, using the specified in Example 42.3, it follows that its vibrational period is ©) The vibrational period is shorter than the rotational period. 42! a) b) 42.8: Each atom has a mass m and is at a distance of inertia is 42.9: a) b) 42.10: a) and solving for from the center, so the moment