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HUM 102 -- 2019

1st Week: Age of Exploration (1611)

Seyahatname, Evliya Çelebi

11/2 Volume 7 (Vienna)

13/2 Volume 9 (Pilgrimage)

Section: Travel narratives

2nd Week: Of God and Man

Paradise Lost, John Milton (1667)
18/2 “Introduction,” Book 1 (lines 1 – 270)
Book 2 (lines 1- 225 and 629 – 814) (Merve Hoca)
20/2 Book 4 (lines 32 – 171, 393 – 535, 610 – 775, 877 – 967)
Book 9 (lines 99 – 178, 205 – 392, 473 – 493, 532 - 744) (Nagihan Hoca)

Section: brainstorming and fact-idea list for Response Paper I

3rd Week: Age of the Essay

25/2 Essay on Man, “The Design,” “Epistle I,” Alexander Pope (1734) (Merve Hoca)

27/2 “Epistle II” and “Epistle IV” (Nagihan Hoca)

https://www.gutenberg.org/files/2428/2428-h/2428-h.htm (for “The Design”)

https://rpo.library.utoronto.ca/poems/essay-man-epistle-i (for Epistles)

Section: Essay genre; recap of constructing thesis statements

Response paper I due (500 words)

4th Week: Art and Society

4/3 Caterpillage: Reflections on Seventeenth-Century Dutch Still Life Painting


6/3 March Russian Revolutionary Art (Nagihan)

Section: The art of rhetorical writing and its assessment: Aristotelian triangle

5th Week French Revolution

11/3 William Wordsworth
The French Revolution as It Appeared to Enthusiasts at Its Commencement
“Composed upon Westminster Bridge”
13/3 Danton’s Death, Georg Büchner (1835)

Section: Elements of a strong paragraph

6th Week: Old and New Man

18/3 Mary Shelley

Frankenstein (1818) (Nagihan)

20/3 Frankenstein (Nagihan)

Section: The flow of the argument: paragraph transitions and conceptual resonance

21/3 @ 5 p.m. MIDTERM

7th Week: A Buyer’s Market

25/3 The Hungry Stones, Rabindranath Tagore (Merve)

27/3 North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell (2004 BBC Series) (Merve)
Section: Integrating quotations and citing sources
Response paper II (500 words)
8th Week: Alienation
1/4 Uncanny, Sigmund Freud (Nagihan)

3/4 Metropolis (film) (Nagihan)

Section: Introductions and Conclusions

9th Week: Civilizing Missions

8/4 White Man’s Burden, Rudyard Kipling

Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad (Nagihan)

10/4 “Toomai of the Elephants” Rudyard Kipling (Merve)

Section: workshop – write and review a paragraph towards your Response Paper III

Response paper III (500 words)

10th Week: Writing Back

15/4 Artist and Empire (Nagihan)

17/4 The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars) (Nagihan)

Section: Writing a film critique

11th Week: Modern Nightmares

22/4 Dulce et Decorum Est Wilfred Owen, The Waste Land, TS Eliot (Nagihan)

24/4 Cabaret, Christopher Isherwood (film)

Section: Discuss and brainstorm final essay prompt

Response Paper IV
12th Week: War of the Worlds

29/4 Paths of Glory (film)

Section: Forms of citation and bibliography

13th Week: Melancholia

6/5 Requiem, Anna Akhmatova,

Speak, Memory Nabokov excerpt

8/5 Istanbul: Memories of a City Orhan Pamuk

Section: Annotated Bibliographies

14th Week: Signs of the Times

13/5 Articles, David Foster Wallace

15/5 Ai Wei Wei On Porcelain https://hyperallergic.com/420114/ai-weiwei-on-


Section: Final Essay discussion and thesis workshop