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Hello guys ...

Welcome to our video ... this time we will discuss about MONEY

The money that we often look for is even contested. Sometimes we look for money and go out all night
going home

But before that, introduce my name, Mince Mone, and I am Ria, who is a member of Amtiran

Actually what is money? this is the understanding

VITHA : RYA what do you know about money?

RYA : there is no person who does not know money, in my opinion money is a medium of
exchange that can be used to make legal payments for goods or services and pay off
debt, what do you think the money is?

VITHA : in my opinion, it's the same because if we don't have money we can't buy what we
need ... so in my opinion the money is very important in our lives ... what do you think
the function of money is? because we can't find money if there's no function

RYA : Well this good question functions:

1. First, money as a public exchange tool ... means that money is used as a means of
exchange and overcomes difficulties in natural exchange or barter
2. Second, money as a unit of account to determine the value of an item or service and
to determine the price
3. Third, money is used as a means of payment for various transactions such as buying
rice, drinks, topping up and so on
4. The fourth, money as a hoarder of wealth, means that money can be saved in
advance, which will make it easier in exchange in the future. So what do you think
the money function is?

VITHA : in my opinion some of the functions that you have mentioned are correct ... but I want
to add them again ... According to my understanding the function is that it is a measure
of price or a measure of value means that money serves as a tool to determine the price
of goods or services produced by a company . then do you have enough money?

RYA : yes there is, why? do you also have enough money?

VITHA : ok ok, how much money do you have now?

RYA : I only have twenty thousand rupiah, you alone?

VITHA : yes, I am just that much ... obviously I have twenty-five thousand rupiahs, then how do
you get money and how do you spend your money?
Rya : hm don't ask me ... actually it's a shame to spend money without knowing how to
make money, but how else ... life is only about money, sorry for our parents ... I used to
spend money on gasoline, buy food , drinking on campus then how do you get money
and how you spend money?

VITHA : HMMM ... I also like you who get money from parents ... I used to spend my money by
buying food, drinking, topping up, photocopying ... but how about if we go to Kiosk ...
hungry ...

RYA : ok ... way


RYA : money can't buy happiness ,, money can't buy love .. are you seven or not?

Vitha : Sometimes, I am confused about those questions, but I don't think we can see
everything from money, money is not everything, but we need money. for love we
cannot measure it with money but with our hearts ...