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I notice the answers are pointing out the free ways of doing so when the books are
actually free, but this isn’t answering your question. Your question isn’t asking about if
they are free, but how to get them free when you need to pay.

Downloading an eBook which isn't free, without paying for it, is called STEALING.

The act of making it available for others to download is called PIRACY.

If you download an eBook which is not free, for free, off a PIRATE site, you are a THIEF.

What part of this do you not understand?

An eBook is free, or it’s not free. If it’s not free, you pay for it.

The average eBook in fiction is $2.99 to $4.99 in price, and they are available down to
99c. While I appreciate there are people who cant afford it, nothing about your question
suggests this is your problem. You simply don’t want to pay anything. The vast majority
of people buying eBooks are extremely happy to be paying much less for them than the
paperback would have cost. But not you, you want it free. I not sure what your problem
is, but you have one.

If you dont pay for it but get it any way, you are BREAKING THE LAW. You are
showing a total lack of ethics, and you would appear to have zero
compassion for struggling authors trying to make a living.

In short, your question appears to be advocating piracy, and shows you in a very negative

Perhaps you’d like to rephrase the question?

Try your university library. But the most likely answer is that you can only do that by
stealing from the publisher and author. They’re poor enough already. Don’t do this to

Yes, you’re poor, too (or seem so to yourself). But countries where this happens often
are embargoed, and end up getting poorer and poorer.

Remember, the only thing that these authors can use to get paid for all of that work is
the control of the right to copy.

Remember that the cost of getting that manuscript ready to publish can run to
hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending upon the type of textbook. And the
more copies are stolen, the higher the price, and the shorter the edition cycle have to

The price reflects that, not the cost of making a copy. That has never, even in print,
been a big part of the total cost.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. And tell your friends to do so, too.