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Update from Your Chief Steward May 2019

CID Chief Shop Steward Marinos Marinos

May 15 was proclaimed Peace Officers Memorial Day in
Update from the Council Page 1
1962 by President John F. Kennedy. As this year’s Police
Week comes to an end, I hope everyone was able to take a Retirement Plaques Page 2
moment to reflect on the men and women who have fallen
in the line of duty, and the families who have suffered a loss. Calendar of Events Page 2

As summer is beginning to show in both weather and crime,

I want to update the CID Union Shop with some information
regarding the DC Police Union.

I am happy that CID Union/Management was able to re-

introduce the DDU Mobility Program, this time sergeants are
able to participate if they desire.

In the February 2019 Executive Council Meeting, the Council

voted that the DC Police Union endorse Chuck Canterbury
for the position of National President of the Fraternal Order
of Police (FOP). The election for all National Board positions
of the FOP will be in August of 2019. While many in the Please sign up to receive this regular
Council, including myself, spoke against this position, it still CID Union Newsletter by emailing
mmarinos@dcpoliceunion.com with the
passed. However, Mr. Canterbury has now beed tapped by subject “newsletter”.
President Trump lead the ATF. CONT’D ON PG. 2

DC Police Union CID Stewards

Marinos Marinos, CID Chief Shop Steward 202-276-8509 mmarinos@dcpoliceunion.com
Russell Mullins, CID Shop Steward 202-487-3760 mullinsrejrdcpu@gmail.com
Gregory Archer, CID Shop Steward 202-664-2842 gharcher4685@gmailcom
Justin Bolding, CID Shop Steward 202-604-3366 jnbolding@gmail.com
DC Police Union, Newsletter, February 2017
Adam Shaatal, CID Shop Steward 301-915-4283 shaataldcpu@gmail.com
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Sean Moore, CID Shop Steward 301-641-7081 sean.mooreFOP@gmail.com
Jeff Jones, 7D Shop Steward (Assigned to 6DDU) 240-299-4425 laj12602@hotmail.com

I’m not aware of how this new nomination will effect

Mr. Canterbury’s candidacy for FOP Grand Lodge
President. I will inquire about this in the May
Executive Council Meeting.

As of June 1, 2019 the DC Police Union has entered

into a new contract with the Conti, Fenn & Lawrence
law firm, who will be representing the membership in
Adverse Action Hearings, PD 42 hearings, and
Retirement Board Hearings. This new law firm will
replace the services previously provided by Pressler
and Sentfle. Visitors pay respects and leave momentos at the NLEOM

As discipline is on the rise for the entire Union Reminder on Retirement Plaques
membership, there has been a significant change to Marinos Marinos, CID Chief Shop Steward
our disciplinary process. The Metropolitan Police
Department has placed a civilian in charge of the I still receive questions about the Union issuing
Department’s Discipline Review Office (DDRO). This retirement plaques. The Union is still issuing
new hire and placement is extremely concerning to retirement plaques upon request from the actual
me, while I am sure the new Director of DDRO is member who is retiring. If a member would like a
experienced and has no malice towards the retirement plaque he/she should email me at
membership, having a non-sworn individual in that mmarinos@dcpoliceunion.com from a non-DC.gov
positon was not contemplated when the Agreement email address with the following information:
was made, specifically when proposing/issuing
discipline in a Resolution Hearing. I do not believe an 1. How they would like their name to appear on
individual who has never been a sworn law the plaque.
enforcement officer in the District of Columbia is 2. Their rank
going to be able to properly apply “objective 3. Date of Hire
reasonableness” when it comes to use of force, or any 4. Date of Retirement
other situation which we may encounter.
I am urging that the Chairman files a Class Grievance June 12th 7:00 pm FOP DC Lodge #1 General
as the director has the ability to severely alter our Membership Meeting
careers, without having the appropriate experience. I
End of June (TBD) DC Police Union General
also fear that this is a serious step to having civilians
Membership Meeting (Open to ALL
involved in our Adverse Action Hearings.
In closing, I hope everyone is doing well and if you
have any type of questions/concerns please do not
hesitate to contact me at 202-276-8509 or

DC Police Union / CID Shop Newsletter May 2019

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