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4th Periodical Examination in ICT 5

Name: __________________________________________ Score:____________/20

Section: ___________________________ Date: ________________

I. Matching Type.
Instruction: Match column A with the correct answer on column B,
WRITE ONLY THE LETTER of answer on the blank provided at the right side of the test .
________1. A tag defines an HTML document a. <hr>
________2. A tag defines the document's body b. <html>
_______3.A tag alternative to make text bold c. <h1> to <h6>
________4. A tag defines header 1 to header 6 d. <b>
________5. Used for horizontal rules that act as dividers e. <body>
between sections f. <br>
________6. A tag is used when you want to start a new line g. <bg color>
________7. Specifies a background-color for an HTML page h. < and >
________8. HTML tags are surrounded by the two characters i. < I >
________9. A tag makes text italic j. <html>
_______10. Example to end tag k. @#

II. Multiple Choice.


1. HTML is known to be _____________.

A. Markup language
B. Maskup language
C. Modeup language
D. Madeup language

2. The last tag in your document is _____________.

A. <html>
B. <head>
C. <title>
D. <\html>
4th Periodical Examination in ICT 5

3. Header information is not displayed in the browser window.

A. True
B. False

4. This tag is used to uniquely identify each document and is also displayed in the title bar
of the browser window.

A. <html>
B. <head>
C. <title>
D. <\html>

5. The text between the __________tags is the text that will be displayed in your browser.

A. <html>
B. <body>
C. <title>
D. <\html>

6. The text between the ______and ________tags will be displayed in a bold font.

A. <b> and <\b>

B. < and >
C. <\td> and <td>
D. none of the above

7. The surrounding characters are called ___________.

A. angle bracket
B. square bracket
C. curly bracket
D. none of the above

8. HTML tags are not case sensitive, example that <b> means the same as <B>.

A. True
B. False

9. How many colors supported by the W3C HTML 4.0 standards?

A. 18
B. 20
C. 16
D. 12
4th Periodical Examination in ICT 5

10. An unordered list starts with the tag.

A. <ul>
B. <ol>
C. <b>
D. <li>