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W Healthand safety

The averagepersonfinds it difficult to asscssrisks.For this reason,work practicesneedto be

regulated.Examplesof dangerousactivities are:
welding or grinding without goggles
I working on a construction site work without a hard hat
- working in noisy factories,cabs,on airport tarmacs and with outdoor machinery without ear
t working in chemical areaswithout protectiveclothing
smoking near hazardoussubstances
6 Without regulationsomeemployeeswill take risks.

o Health and safetyis a part of employment(labour)law. It coversgeneralmatters such as:

occupational health
accidentprevention regulations
specialregulationsfor hazardousoccupationssuch as mining and building
provisionsfor risks such as poisons,dangerousmachinery,dust, noise,vibration, and
: radiation
th the full range of dangersarising from modern industrial processes,
for examplethe
widespreaduse of chemicals

The key concernsfor health and safetyare to assess the risksandhazards by identifyingand
quantifying the effectsso that appropriateprotectirtemeasures can be taken.

Risks and hazards

combustion r contamination . drains o dust . explosion
flammable . friction . fumes . fumigation c gds
harmful . shock . spraying c toxic o vapour

adverseeffects e birth defect . burn . cancer o dizziness
drowsiness e gleneticdamage . impairfertility o irreversibleeffect r vomiting

avoid contactwith . dispose of ü dry ¡ handle r keep
precautionary. protect . recycle . rinse . seal
tightly e wash . well-ventilated

The following health and szifetynotices show someprotectivemeasuresthat can be taken:

1, Choosethe correct word in each sentence.
I Store containers in a well-ventilated/good-ventilatedplace
2 Wipe up any spillagesimmediately and wash/rinse with soapywater.
3 Processcooling water can be returneürecycled. o
4 This chemical is toxic/intoxicating if swallowed.
5 Leftoverchemicalsshould be disproved/disposed of safely. (t
G Pleasewear protective gloveswhen fingering/handling this material. I

7 Rememberthat asbestosfibres can causecancer/coma. -
g pregnant women should not tahe this medicine as it may causebirth defects/effects.
g Increasedlevelsof radiation may lead to compared/impairedfertility. !
10 Do not empty chemicalpaint productsinto the drains/grains. o
1l Protect/Avoid contact with skin and eyes. m
12 Do not use with other productsas it may releasedangerousfumes/fumigation. 2

2 Completethe following sentenceswith a form of the word in brackets.


clothing (protect)' ()
I When working in this area,pleasewear .{
2 Don't pour usedchemicalsinto the drains as they will cause
( c o n ta m i n a te ). =
(explode). o
3 Heating this liquid may causean
4 Thesechemicalsmust be kept in a lockedcupboardbecausethey are (harm).

5 While they repair the roof, we will closethis department as a measure

6 health is one part of Health and Safety(occupation).
7 Working in a noisy factory without ear protectors is a activity (danger).

8 Petrol and oil are c h e m i c a l s( f l a m e ) .

9 Make sure the containersare closed- (tight).

l0 Make sure you are wearing breathing equipment beforestarting (fume)'

3 The manager in charge of health and safety is explaining things to some new employees.
Completewhat he saysby filling the blanks with the correct word from the box.

noise . protection . drowsiness . dust e accidents . smoke

pois o n o u s . fu m e s c ri s k s . b urns' goggl es

MANAGER: New governmentregulationsmean that we are all requiredto be more awareof

(a) _ in the workplace.As your employer,we will provideyou with the
necessarysafety equipment.You must wear (b) - to protectyour eyes when
. us houl dal so w ear ear (c)
wo rk i n go n th i s m a c h i n e ryYo becausethe
(d) from the machinesis hi$h enoughto cause damageto your hearing.
And of course,there is a lot of (e) in the air, so pleasewear masks to stop
you breathingit in. But, you too are responsiblefor your safety and for preventing
(f) happening.

: w e l o o k i n $a t fi re ri sks?

MANAGER: Yes, of course. Rememberthat it is very dangerousto (g) near the

chemicalstore. ln fact, we have a no smokingpolicythroughoutthe company. Chemicals
themselvesare, of course,(h) so they should neverenter your mouth'
T h e yc o u l dc a u s e (i ) if you get them on your skin. lf you leavethem
wi th o u ta l i d , fi ) may escape and cause headaches,
( k) or dizziness.