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Vodafone Idea Limited


Installation Address: FL- 602
Shiv Unatti Residancy D wing, Pune, 411028

User Id: 012373044499

Invoice Number: INR1904000000246
Account Number: 012373044499
Invoice Date: 01 April 2019
Registered Mobile Number: 7057584147
Invoice Period: 01-Apr-2019 to 30-Apr-2019
Plan Name: PUN_749-Upto4Mbps
Due Date: 15 April 2019
Plan Charges: Rs. 749.00
Customer GSTIN: Not Available

Previous Bill Payment Adjustments Debits(-) Current Amount Due Before Due Date Amount Due After
Amount (Rs) Received (Rs) /Credits(+) (Rs) Charges (Rs) Due Date (Rs) Due Date(Rs)

883.82 883.82 0.00 883.82 883.82 15-Apr-2019 942.82

Please pay your bill before due date to avoid late Payment Charges.
Saving paper is a good Idea. Go paperless and save environment. Opt for only EBILL. Visit Customer Web Self Care Portal.

Particulars Amount (Rs)

Previous Bill Amount 883.82
Payment Received -883.82
Installation Charges 0.00
Rate Plan & Usage Charges 749.00
Value Added Service Charges 0.00
Booster Pack Charges 0.00
Other Credits & Charges 0.00
(Less) Discounts/ Waivers -0.00
Late Payment Charges 0.00
Total Taxable Value 749.00
Central GST Tax @ 9.00% 67.41
State GST Tax @ 9.00% 67.41
Total Amount Due 883.82

Last Payment Received

Ref No. Mode Date Total Amount (Rs.)
CR/PAY/MAH/18-19/0000000045006 Online 01 Mar, 2019 883.82
Payment Adjustments/Discounts/Debits(-)/Credit(+)/Refund
Ref No. Frequency Details Amount (Rs.) Tax (Rs.) Total (Rs.)
CR/PAY/MAH/18-19/0000000045006 One Time Payments 883.82 0.00 883.82
For General Information visit Customer Web Self Care Portal. To talk to a service agent, request you to kindly call our Idea broadband customer care number 1800 833
1111 toll-free. E-mail broadbandcc@idea.adityabirla.com. You can visit our website www.ideacellular.com/broadband.

REMITTANCE SLIP (To be enclosed with your payment)

You can pay your bill in a number of ways. Select the one which is most convenient to you. Pay online using Credit/ Debit/ Cash Card or Net Banking through Online Payment Gateway link on the
Customer Web Self Care.

Account Number: 012373044499 Invoice No.: INR1904000000246 Due Date: 15 April 2019
Name: SIDDHARTH KUMAR User Id: 012373044499 Total Amount Due: Rs. Eight Hundred
Eighty-Three and Eighty-Two Paise
Cheque/ DD drawn in favour of "Vodafone Idea Limited/ Idea Broadband A/c 012373044499" Bank & Branch:
Cheque/DD Number: Cheque/DD Date: Amount: Rs.
Credit Card: I hereby Authorize Vodafone Idea Limited to charge Rs. against my
Diners Master Card Visa American Express Card No. Signature:
Card Holder's Name: Expiry Date:

Vodafone Idea Limited Registered Office: Suman Tower, Plot No. 18, Sector 11, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382 011
Rate Plan Usage Charges

Plan Name Invoice Period Plan Charges Usage as per Total (Rs)
(Rs.) Plan (MB)

PUN_749-Upto4Mbps 01-Apr-2019 to 30-Apr-2019 749.00 0.00 749.00

Other Charges

Description Period Rate Renewal Frequency Total (Rs)

- - 0.00 - 0.00
Booster Pack Summary

Booster Pack Name Description Period Frequency Total (Rs)


Description Code Period Rate (Rs.) Total (Rs.)

- - - 0.00 0.00

Total Current Charges Rs. 883.82

Payment Received Rs. -883.82
Central GST Tax @ 9.00% Rs. 67.41
State GST Tax @ 9.00% Rs. 67.41
Total Tax Rs. 134.82
Total Amount Due Rs. 883.82


Name and Address Vodafone Idea Limited., 11/1 Sharda Center, Karve Road, Erandawane, Pune 411004



Customer Information
1. These terms and conditions are in addition to and without prejudice to those contained in the broadband Customer Application Form (CAF) and accepted by the
customer. All terms & conditions herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the CAF.
2. Customer can make payment using online payment gateway facility provided after logging in at Self Care Portal (https://selfcare.ideabroadband.com ). Customer
also has the option to pay through crossed cheques/ draft drawn in favour of Vodafone Idea Limited broadband a/c (customer's 12 digit unique Idea broadband a/c
no.) payable at (Circle) and can be dropped at My Idea location in the same city. Customer can pay through Credit Card Authorization Slips/ Standing Instructions on
Credit Cards.
3. Drop your cheques only at our designated Cheque Collection Drop Boxes. Post dated or otherwise invalid/ non bankable/ outstation cheques are not acceptable.
4. Fill in complete details including cheque/ draft number, drawee bank and branch on the Remmittance Slip, and write your account number, broadband User Id and
Name on the reverse of the Cheque/ Draft.
5. By making ontime payments you can avoid Late Payment Fees (LPC) of Rs. 50 or 2% whichever is higher for the bill amount and help build a good credit history.
Vodafone Idea Limited reserves the right to apply the following penal Rs. 200 + tax per instruments towards cheque return, Rs. 100 + tax per ECS decline and Rs.
100 + tax towards the CCSI decline.
6. Vodafone Idea Limited reserves the right to vary the rates of penal charges from time to time and also take recourse to any other course of action as available and
considered appropriate, subject to TRAI regulations.
7. No charge is levied for any service without explicit consent of the customer.
8. Security deposit, refundable if any, would be made within 60 days of closure of subscription after adjustment of dues, otherwise it will be eligible for interest at 10%
9. Vodafone Idea Limited will address all statement and notices under Customer Application Form to the Installation Address given overleaf. Any statement or notice
will be deemed served within 72 hours of posting by mail or courier.
10. To talk to a service agent, request you to kindly call our Idea broadband customer care number 1800 833 1111 toll-free. In case you are not satisfied with the
resolution provided and wish to further appeal, you can do so by appealing to our Appellate Authority within 30 days after expiry of the time limit specified for the
resolution either through email, fax, post (including courier) or in person with details in prescribed format available on our website www.ideacellular.com/broadband.
Appellate Authority: Mr. Devendra Shrivastva
Appellate Email Id: appellate.mh@idea.adityabirla.com, Fax Number: 9850003999
Communication Address: Vodafone Idea Limited,11/1, Sharada Centre, Erandwane,off Karve Road, Pune- 411004
Working Days: Monday to Friday Working Hours: 9:30 am to 6 pm
11. In the event of nonpayment/ part payment/ late payment of the amount/ outstanding by the due date/ cheque return instances,Vodafone Idea Limited reserves the
right to disconnect the services after taking into consideration all implications of TRAI norms.
12. Any disputes arising out of differences are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Pune.
13. CIN: L32100GJ1996PLC030976
14. Please refer invoice number for input tax credit.

Authorized Signatory
Vodafone Idea Limited

Vodafone Idea Limited Registered Office: Suman Tower, Plot No. 18, Sector 11, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382 011