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Test-I Beowulf

Direction encircle the letter of correct answer.

1. Why did Beowulf go to Heorot?

a. to have a vacation b. to help them c. to find treasure d. none of these
2. what happen to Grendel after the fight?
a. He celebrated b. he falls asleep c. he died d. none of these
3. Grendel was _____monster.
a. funny b. scary c. greedy d. freak
4. _________ was considered the hero of heart.
a. Wiglaf b. Hrothgar c. Grendel d. Beowulf
5. King Hrothgar is the ruler of _______
a. Geatish b. Danes C. Greed d. none of these
6. Where did Beowulf came from?
a. Hearot b. Cave c. Lake d. Hygelac
7. Who was the warrior who accompanied Beowulf on fighting the dragon?
a. Wiglaf b. Hrothgar c. Grendel d. Grendel’s mother
8. Who defeated Grendel?
a. Beowulf b. Wiglaf c. Hrothgar D. The Danes
9. Who killed Beowulf?
a. Grendel b. Grendel’s Mother c. Dragon d. Hrothgar
10. How did Beowulf kill Grendel?
a. Cutting his arm b. Stabbed his heart c. cut his head d. all of these

Test II-Identification

Direction: encircle the sequence signal in the story.

Chocolate’s Adventure

In a forest far away there live a porcupine named Chocolate. He was not the only animal that
live in the forest. There were chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and foxes. The forest was an exciting place to
live. However, chocolate invited to play with the other animals. They did not like him because
sometimes he accidentally shot his prickles at them. So, Prickles try take his prickles off his back, but
that did not work. Then he tried to put mud on his back to cover them up but that did not work either.
Then he put a shoe on his head to hide them, but did not work, so went home and pouted. Suddenly he
heard a loud coyote howling—how! how! howww! he sprinted out of his house and found the coyote.
He shoots his prickles at the coyote and the coyote run away, Prickles was a hero

Direction: Use Colon and Semi-colon in sentences:

1.) The Christmas ornaments are finally packed away small, shiny ones big, bright ones and the
homemade ones.
2.) This house has everything I need two bedroom, a backyard and garage.
3.) Springs gentle rains and warmer weather in addition to thunderstorm and hail.
4.) I have several favorite genres of movies drama, science fiction and mystery.
5.) Dad is going bald his hair is getting thinner and thinner.
6.) I bought a lot of meat at the store bacon, turkey, chicken and tuna.
7.) The new boss has many nice traits friendly, outgoing and fair.
8.) I know you don’t like broccoli nevertheless it is very good for you.
9.) These are my favorite colors purple, turquoise, pink and yellow.
10.) You should stop eating so much food you will have to go on a diet.

Test-V Multiple Choice

Direction: Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

1. It is the use of vocal stress, pitch, loudness, tempo, and rhythm to convey information.

a. Prosody b. Poem c. Stress d. Paralinguistic Feature

2. Emphasis that is placed on a syllable or word when we speak.

a. Prosody b. Poem c. Stress d. Paralinguistic Feature

3. Variation of an individual's vocal range from high to low.

a Pitch b. Stress c. Intonation d. Pauses

4. Different patterns of pitch an individual use to convey information.

a. Pitch b. Stress c. Intonation d. Pauses

5. Refers to as brief silences.

a. Pauses b. Stress c. Loudness and Pace d. Intonation

6. It is used to enhance the meaning of utterances.

a. Pace b. Stress c. Volume or loudness d. Vocal Effects

7. This refers to as the body language, posture, gesture, and facial expression to convey information.

a. Pace b. Paralinguistic Features c. Vocal Effects d. Volume or loudness

8. This refers to the effects like laughing, throat clearing, gasping, yawning, moaning, sighing, and
coughing to convey information.

a. Pace b. Vocal effects c. Paralinguistic feature d. Prosody

9. It is the speed at which we talk.

a. Pace b. Vocal effects c. Paralinguistic feature d. Prosody

10. These are all types of prosodic features except one:

a. Prosody b. Stress c. Pauses d. Loudness and pace

Test-II Fill in the blanks.

Direction: Put hyphen if the statement is to be hyphenated and mark it with H before the number and put
dash when the statement also uses dash and mark it with D.
___________1. Oil, steel, and wheat___these are the sinews of industrialization.

___________2. Read the book pages 40___98.

___________3. He booked the New York___Paris flight.

___________ 4. “I’d better have passed my test___its 90% of my class grade___or I’ll have to go to
summer school”

___________ 5. “all of my school work___Physics, Academic, Decathlon, Sociology and Calculus___got

washed away when my house was flooded.”

___________6 Fiona said, “I was going to take the train to see you, but___”“nonsense,” David replied.
“we’ll come get you.”

___________7. The self___portrait is very good.

___________8. Paul sang his song terribly___and he thought he was brilliant!

___________9. This car runs best on high___octane gasoline.

___________10. Low___flying airplanes contribute to the noise pollution in the area.

God Bless You always…