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(Soda fountain)

1107 GROUP 2

“ To demonstrate physics concept of hydraulic power and

circuit through the model of water vending machine.”
-Battery 1-9V
-DC 6V mini air pump motor
-3 x Push button switch
-2 tubes thin and thick one
-3 different drinks
set up
- A soda fountain is a device that dispenses carbonated soft drinks.

- In this machine, CO2 is dissolved into water by lowering the temperature

of the water or increasing the pressure of the Co2 gas using a carbonator.
- Booster pumps force the water to increase in pressure,
allowing the co2 to dissolve into the water.

In this project, it is related hydraulic power because this

system can carry pressurized liquid used to transmit
mechanical power from a power source, like a pump, to
hydraulic equipment like lifts or motors.
Discussion (of Physics concepts)

Hydraulic power or fluid power

● transmitted by the controlled circulation of pressurized fluid

● using a motor to convert into mechanical otput
● using kinetic energy for transferring from a fluid to the motor mechanism.
---discussion of design---
1.Prepare materials from the recent paragraph
2.Measure the length,width, and height of handmade vending machine
3. Point the dot to cut into different shapes and cut the box
4.use hot glue to stick various pieces of a box into vending machine(let the top of VM
opening only because we have to put the motor and wires inside)
5.connecting the circuit with the motor and place it in the box
6.pin a hole on the bottle cap and put a small hose in different drinks
7.connect the process 4 and 5 together to make it success
8.close the top of the vending machine and pin a hole in front of drinks in the vending
machine. Customers will be able to push the button and the drinks will come out.
- From our project, we chose topic ‘hydraulic power’ to
show how it works and the method connecting the circuit.

- We have learnt the term of hydraulic power and how to

make a simple circuit to make water from drinks pumping
up through the motor.

- As we have told, we want to demonstrate physics concept of hydraulic

power and circuit through the model of water vending machine
We should divide our roles doing each section in our project and learn how the circuits
work by researching clearly.Also, using the strong base can prevent the way it will be