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Causes and effects of popularity of fast food

Now a day, most of the people specially kids and youngsters prefer fast food for eating; such as
burgers, pizza, sandwich etc. Although it’s the yummiest food considered everywhere but
excessive use of junk food is not good enough for health.

Why people think that the fast food is better than homemade food while homemade food is
hundred times more hygienic and healthy for us? Why they feel convenient in eating fast

Now let’s discuss the reasons of the popularity of fast food:

 The main reason is that fast food is cheap, quick and convenient to people in this busy
and modern/fast life.
 Those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in making food at home because of
insufficient time, they just go to the restaurants/hotels or markets and buy fast food which
is easily available everywhere and enjoy it. It makes their life easier.
 Secondly, people have made fast food use, a source of happiness for them. When kids go
for hang outs with their friends or birthday celebrations, they buy junk food and eat it.

Effects of fast food:

Excessive use of junk food leads to the serious health issues like high cholesterol problems result
in the cardiovascular issues, diabetes and obesity etc. kids spend a lot of money in buying fast
food and get damage their health. People are going to hospitals on daily basis but they don’t stop
eating fast food.

Schlosser and Wilson explain,

“If you took the 13 billion hamburgers that Americans eat every year and put
them in a straight line, they could circle around the earth more than thirty-two times.”

Means to say that this is just the hamburgers Americans eat in a year. So in order to be healthy,
avoid all these junk foods or use them less as much as you can.