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ARNG TIBIA SUE O.M. Ilep6axoea Quick Guide to Russian Verbs MUO INAV Ae EN Casi pyccKux riaros0B COUT MEINE Jka mHoctpaHues, H3YYAlOLMX PyCCKMi ASbIK TERE Wey PYCCKHHM A3bIK KAK HHOCTPAHHbBIM O.M. Ilepéakosa QUICK GUIDE TO RUSSIAN VERBS JIETKMM IYTb K M3Y4EHMIO PYCCKMX PIATOJIOB Yue6uHoe nocobue 3-e u3zdanue, cmepeomunnoe Mockpa Visnateapctso «@JIMHTA» Usaaatenpcrso «ayKa» 2014 YAK 811.161.1(0.054.6) BBK 81.2Pyc-96 U61 Lepéakona O.M. U61 Quick Guide to Russian Verbs. Jlérkuii nyre x Hay4eHmio pyccKnx ruravoios : y4e6. nocodue / O.M. LlepGakona. —~ 3-e u3a., ctep. — M : @IIMUTA : Hayka, 2014, — 432 ¢. — (Pyecknit azbik Kak HHOcrpaH- nbiii). ISBN 978-5-9765-0340-3 (PJIAHTA) ISBN 978-5-02-034825-7 (Hayxa) NocoGue Homoraer HanGosee srKHM cnocoGoM H3yNHTb maroabHyio cucTeMy pycckoro st3bika. Kivkuast 1IarOAAbHasl CTaTbA, TOMMMO cpsXcHHs, COMePKUT MIpoctEle LIPHMeEpEl M3 HOBCEAMEBTOT KUSH. Bee IpHMepDl H OObSIC - HeHMs kK HHM nepencienbl Ha alTiniicKnit sabik. Tlepenon na auraniicknii SI3bIK LaéT BOSMOXHOCTb CTYACHTY KOHTPOsMPOBATS CeGA, KOTMa OH CHIpsra - €T Para, OMpeaeAATS BILL H1ATOA1a, CTABHTb HONPOCbI, HCNOABIOBATH COOT ~ BCTCTBYIOUIAH 1aLeX H, TAKHM OGPasOM, HpaBHLIbHO CTpOHTs dpasbt. B pas- gene «Padres abiexentis> lipesuiaraetca caMbiii pocTolt MeTost 3anoMnia- Hist 1 yrrotpeOer1Hst To! rpyrinel raronon. B rlocobHH UMeIoTCA CRonHBIC TaGAMUbI, THe B NpocToit 4 OCTYIHOM dopMe OGEscHMeTcH OGpazonanine copeplleHHOTO M HecoBepUlEHHOTO BHA raarO.OB MH McHONBIOBAHHE HaleKHOH CHETeEMbI pyccKOro s3bIKa. Jka auiraoronopatinx ctysleHTOR, HayHalONLAX pyccKHt #3bIK KaK HHO- CIpanHelli a HayatbOM H CpeutlieM oTaNax OGy4ENH Using this book is the best way to learn how to use perfective and imperfec-tive forms of Russian verbs with the use of simple phrases translated from Russian into English. The Book also offers an excellent way to learn how to use and memorize the verbs of motion. YAK 811.161.1(0.054.6) BBK 81.2Pyc-96 ISBN 978-5-9765-0340-3 (DJIMLITA) © LepGakoza O.M., 2008 ISBN 978-5-02-034825-7 (Hayka) © Usaatenvetuo «PJIMHTA», 2008 CONTENTS Foreword ..... I. THE RUSSIAN VERBS. MEANING AND USAGE. VERBAL ASPECT ....15 Tables Principal Meanings of the Verb Aspects ... In Infinitives In Imperatives . In Future and Past Tenses In Past Tense Imperfective and Perfective Verbs. Conjugation and Examples Braronaputb — noGaaronaputt to thank Bonen, -a, -bi 10 be ill Boseth — sa6oners to be ill, to be sick, 10 catch a cold, to be a fan (of), to get the flu Bostetb fo ache, to hurt Bosrecs to he afraid, to fear Bpatb — B3atb fo take, to charge, to borrow Byauts — pa36yaHTb fo wake up, to awake Baits, 10 be, to visit Bpity fo have «. Buitp; fo be located .... Beputp — norepute fo believe, to trust Bewatb — nosecuts fo hang, to put, to replace Bunetb — yBuneth 10 see, fo meet Bucetb fo hang .... Bxniovatb — BKIIOUNTS fo turn on Bo3rpaitath — BepHyTb fo return .. Bosppautarbca — Bepuyrses fo return, to come back Bosnosateen to worry . Bcnomunatb — BCNOMHHT fo remember, to recall, to think Betapatb — scTatb fo stand up, to wake up, to get up Betpeyath — BCTpeTHTh fo meet ‘ Betpeyatnea — sctpeturses fo meer BuikKnO4aTh — BIKIIOUNTE fo turn off . Tosoputb — cKa3aTb to speak, to tell, 10 say, to talk Toros, -o, -bi fo be ready, to be cooked, to be done Totosuts — npurotosnte fo cook, to prepare, to make ... Fyre — norynse to walk, to stroll / to go for a short walk 3 Alawatb — nat to give .. Alapurn — nonapure fo give sith. as a present, to make a present . Alenats — cnenarb to do, to give (message) .. Alepxarb — nosepxare 10 keep, to hold .. Jonxen, -a, -b1 must, ought, owe, to have . Zlymatp — noaymate to think Ectb — chect fo eat .. 2KaaTb — NOLOXKAAT fo wail .. Kure to live, to stay . 3aObigatb — 3a6biTb Jo forget .. 3aBnlOBaTd fo envy .. 3avrpakatb — nosaprpakarb fo have breakfast .. 3akasbiBaTb — 3aKa3aTb Jo order, fo book, 10 reserve .. 3akanunpath — 3aKoH4HTE 10 finish BakpbibaTb — 3aKpbiTb fo close .... 3axpbrr, bt fo be closed 3aHuMaTb — 3aHsiTb to borrow, to take 3aHumatecs fo study, to do, to practice, to go for (sport), to train, to work Batis, -a, -0, -bI fo be busy, to be occupied . 3acwintate — 3acHyth 10 fall asleep .. 3BONUTb — 1103BONHTb fo phone, to call 3HaKOMHUTb — NO3HAKOMHTE Jo introduce... 3HaKOMHTbCA — MO3HAKOMHTLCH fo introduce, 10 meet, to acquaint with Sate to know Uirpatb — cpirparp to play Usenunte fo apologize, to excuse . Vispunstaca — w3pnnntecs to apologize icxars 10 look for Ucuipannsatb — Henpabnth fo correct Ucuesnyte fo disappear Kararbca — loKatatbcst 10 ride, to ski, 10 skate, to drive Kuiacrh — nooxHTb Jo pul, to place Kypurb — nokypute fo smoke ... JlexaTb — noacxKath 10 lie, to be in bed Jlosuth — noiimate to catch, to fish .. Jloxurecs — neu to lie down, to go to bed Jlomarb — caomare fo break... Jlio6uTe — ronto6uT» #0 love, to like, to fall in love with . Mentsrh — nomeustrh 10 change, 10 exchange ... Meputp — nomepnte fo iry on Mewar, — nomewars fo disturb, to mix, to stop, to interrupt .. Mosuarn — 3amonuath 10 keep silent Moup can, to be able ..... 132 134 135 136 137 139 140 141 143 144 146 147 149 Haaepatb — Hanetd fo puton. ... Haaesitbca fo hope Haxonuts — naiitn 10 find Haxoautecsi to be located, to be Haunnate — Hatt fo start .. Henapuners to hate .. Hpasutecs' — noxpapntecst to like O6enatb — noobeuath to have lunch OGeuars to promise .... OGwacHaTe — oObACHHTE fo explain Ouewatecsa — oneTbca to dress, to get dressed Onasjbinath — ono3aate 40 be late, fo miss... Orseuatb — OTBeTHTb fo answer, fo give an answer, to reply . Orabixarh — oraoxnyrs 10 have vacation, to have the day off, fo rest, to spend holidays ... OTKpbiBaTb — OTKPbITb fo open Orxppit, -a, -0, -bi to be open OtnocuTs — otnectu 10 take away, to bring .. OummGatsca — onsu6uTeca fo be mistaken, to make a mistake Manat — ynactp to fall down ... Mepesonutb — nepenectu fo translate .. Tlepesnonute to call back ... Tepenocutp — nepenectH fo move, to postpone Mepectatp fo stop Tere — cet £0 Sing cece TMucath — Hanucat fo write .. Mute — pointe fo drink, to take .. TaakaTb — 3ansmaKkath fo cry/begin to cry Taatute — saniaTutb fo pay Tosropats — noptoputs fo repeat ... Mos3apasnsith — no3apaBut fo congratulate, to wish Tokasbinat — noka3atb fo show Toxkynate — kynutb fo buy Moayyath — nosyunt fo ger, to receive, to take Homunt to remember ... Tomoratb — nomous to help . TlonuMatb — nlonsTe fo understand Nocpiiatb — nocnath fo send .. MpeanaraTe — npeaioxutTe fo suggest, to invite, to offer .. Tpeanountate to prefer Mpeactaraats — npesctasnts to introduce, to imagine, to think .. Tpuppikatb — npuBbiknytb fo get used fo .. Tipurnawars — npuraacnts to invite. 151 153 155 155 158 159 160 162 163 164 165 167 169 71 172 174 176 177 180 182 184 185 187 188 190 192 193 194 195 Tpve3xkaTb — npHexate fo come, to arrive, to go (by transport) Tpurocuts — npuuiectn fo bring, to deliver the mail (on foot) Tiposepsith — nposeput to check... Nposoxats — npoBosnth fo accompany, to take {lpocutb — norpocute to ask (smb. to do smth.) Tpoctyaurecs 10 catch a cold .. Tpoceinatsca — ipocnyteca fo wake up Mpouwat, — npoctute to forgive, to pardon .. flyratbca — ucuyratbes Jo get scare, to be afraid MyrewecrBosate fo travel .. PaGoratb to work .. Paa, -a, -bt to be glad . Pasrosapusat to talk, to converse Paccka3bipaTb — paccka3aTb (0 fell, narrate Pucopatb — HapHicopat fo draw, to paint Poautecs fo be born ........-. Caanteca — cect 10 sit down, to take (the bus) .. CxoGouen, -a, -0, -bi 10 be free, to be available .. Cepantbcu — paccepuurecs to be angry (with) .. Cuaerb — nocniets 10 sit, to remain .. Caywarte — nocaywate Jo listen Cuimat — yenbituate to hear (physical sense) .. Cmestracs — sacmentbcn fo laugh (at) Cmortperb — nocmorpers to look, fo watch, 10 see Cuumats — cust to take off, to take a photograph of, to shoot (a film), to have (rent) Cosetosatb — nocosetosath fo advise . CnacatTb — TH Io save, to help Cnatb fo sleep, to go 1 bed, to take a nap Cnewntb — nociiewurs fo be in a hurry, to hurry Cnoputp — nocnopute fo argue, to bet . CnpawiBatb — ciipocut fo ask .. Ccoputeesx — 1loccopurecs fo quarrel CtabutTb — noctaBute fo put, to park, to ask (a question), to give (a mark at the exam) Crosth — noctosite fo stand, to park Crponte — noctpoure to build Tanucwats — notanueBath fo dance Tepste — norepare 10 lose... Tparuth — 1norpatHte to spend, to waste YOupatb — yOpatb to take away, to clean, to clear away, 1o put (away), 10 do, 10 tidy (up / away) Ouro fo kill. 239 -242

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