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The Republic of Macéyon

The office of the head of state

Article one: Government

The Government of the Republic of Macéyon shall exist as an elective body, of 3 from each state
and territory making up an elective body of 9. There shall be no political party, and as such, the
government shall be unbiased in policy, unless it is for the overall protection of, the furthering, and
betterment of the overall society.

The Government shall, at any time, do the following:

1. Create new states and territories, without permission of the citizens.
2. Enter into relations with nations, if it is for the betterment of the Republic

The Government shall not, at any time, do the following:

1. Make laws in relation to religious, spiritual, or irreligious schools of thoughts.
2. Make laws in relation to war, unless we are under attack.
3. Take away any rights from the citizens as set out within this document

Article two: Citizens rights

The rights of the citizens of the Republic of Macéyon is set out below and shall not change.

All Citizens have the right to the following:

1. Right to a free and open education, provided for the nation.
2. Right to shelter, provided privately via their own means, or via the government, if they are
unable to provide one themselves
3. Right to food
4. Right to religious freedom, having the right to practice their religious beliefs and its practices.
5. Right to move
6. Right to thoughts and opinions
7. Right to protection, both provided by the government and self-protection
8. Rights to vote.
Article Three: Amendments to the Constitution
All changes to the Constitution shall happen with
1. Voted on in Parliament (98% approval)
2. Voted by the citizens of the nation (98% approval)
This will be in affect only when there is an parliament, until such time, the head of state may, at
their own will change the constitution until such time where the first parliament is set up.

Article Four: Flag

The Flag of the Republic of Macéyon is split up into 4 sections, two green and
two yellow, The green and yellow represent the Australian land and the
inhabitant’s passions to succeed in all that they do, the flame in the canton is
red with a black outline meaning the fire of our souls to protect the nation and
its people. The black, red and yellow represent the indigenous peoples.

Article five: Religion

Knowing such additions as previously mentioned therefore in this, the Republic of Macéyon
Constitution, we declare the following of religious communities, beliefs, practices and other such
topics to be a constitutional matter. Therefore, Religious communities, organizations, and other
such entities based on the religious classification to be the following:
1. A religious belief is a belief in, based on, and is practiced by a community of believers, which
have, but not limited to
a. A belief in a singular deity, deities, supernatural forces, and, or, the unknown.
b. A centralized set of doctrines, including, but not limited to, prayer, fasting, scriptures,
pre and post life understandings and other core doctrines.
c. A leadership of the religious community
d. And has its practices available for the public understanding and not closed off unless
its for the strict administration, or internal affairs.
2. A religious leadership, group, or individual may
a. Establish a business to deal with the affairs and education in relation to their
particular religious community.
b. Speak publicly with governmental leaders, individuals, and other religious leaders to
establish peace, understanding and education on topics freely.
3. A religious leadership, group or individual may not
a. Set up an educational institute with the sole purpose of
i. Only allowing individuals of their own faith to attend
ii. Denying students of other religious and non-religious communities the right to
an education, based on their beliefs,
iii. Denying students the right to practice their chosen religious tradition, on the
grounds of the institute
b. Influence the public office of government, based on the teachings of their faith,
inasmuch, as they cannot ask the individuals to vote in a certain way, either for,
against to abstain from voting on any topic. For religion is not governmental, and the
government is not religious.

All religious communities, are subject to this, and as such, any religious community is welcome to
practice their faith, openly or privately. However, they can not ban people from practicing their faith.


Dean Liddell – Creation of the constitution – 28th May 2019.