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Name Organization Title

David Robinson Manufacturing Renaissance Director of External Affairs

Worlee Glover concerned citizens of chatham administrator
G. Sequane Lawrence Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities Executive Manager
Patrick Brutus Coalition of African American Leaders Jobs and Economic Development c
Rev. Joel Washington (Khunanpu Sangoma), PaReformation African American Lutheran MissPastor, Nonprofit Development Fre
Cynthia Stewart Sustainable Options for Urban Living, Inc. S.OExecutive Director
Ronald Milsap Providence Bank & Trust VP Mission Banking & CRA Officer
Valerie F. Leonard Nonprofit Utopia, LLC Founder
Adrienne Irmer IRM Group Consultant
Jacquelyn Baldwin Jewish Council on Urban Affairs (JCUA) Organizer
Leslie Page-Piper Nonprofit Utopia Founding Member
Leslie Page-Piper. ( second survey submission)Nonprofit Utopia Founding Member
Were you able to attend the What was the topic of your table's What issues did your table discuss du
No Economic Development NA
Yes Economic Development how to develop community consensus on e
Yes Economic Development Process Design, public/private support for c
Yes Job Creation Job creation and the gaps in employment lev
Yes Housing Gentrification, Community Displacement, HUD
Yes Job Creation Expand and support alternative apprenticeshi
Yes Wealth Creation Issue of home ownership, business formation
Yes Wealth Creation Dis-engaged youth; the fact that more season
Yes Economic Development Intentionality around having members of the
Yes Housing Homelessness, affordable housing, programs
No Economic Development N/A
No Economic Development N/A
Were there issues that you would like t If you could choose one topic or issue to put What issues within your table's topic should
Career technical training pipeline and communInclusive industrial policy linked to advanced manufacWe would like to co-host with the Mayor's office, a
Neighborhood Opportunity Fund Will she continue the NOF and Thrive Zone Programs City support of neighborhood development
Yes.. worker -owner cooperatives; community-Need for an regional equitable industrial policy that The need for support for facilitators to assist with
No A citywide TIFWorks training program to train 2,000 eSee above
HUD RIGHTS OF RESIIDENTS ORGANIZATIONS RULE Subsidized owner/management compliance with HUDEnforced
RI the Union
Lift Compliance of Chicago'sonSubsidized
PLA requirements community Hous
based projects <$30
Too many of those with the greatest need are oCommunity development that is intentional about direct Support combined job training, emotional health & housing option
No. I thought the timing was adequate, I prob Access to Capital for Small Businesses, leveraging the Wealth / Income inequality this is the great chasm
I was not able to participate fully, as I was o Closing the employment gap between blacks and whites Issues: Closing the employment gap between residents
No, I think we had a good conversation The need for a comprehensive citywide and people-d see above
Creating diverse neighborhoods Creating more affordable housing opportunities (rentaAffordable housing. Increasing the amount of affor
N/A See below N/A
N/A Cooperative Economics N/A
Mayor-elect Lightfoot’s values are equity, Two overarching themes from the discussion inclu
NA Although I was unable to attend due to an office situatio
We discussed equity Focus on neighborhoods more than downtown
Our emphasis on neighborhood-focused visioning, plann To create an office of worker-owned businesses like NY a
They address equity We didn't discuss that at our table.
The top down, consultant led aporoach that essentially Support
Support the
says "we thrust
know of https://blackholyfamiy.wordpress.
better cooperatives
than you poor,with
and access
must to
There are passionate, educated, experienced, honest residents
Given theanddramatic
these communities
in the economy,
who arewe ready,
need to
and "job".
able toA lead
FTE income
They are directly correlated. In order to address any The City can leverage its resources to educate the commu
We talked about the fact that the unemployment ratesA number of family-own manufacturing companies have owners who are retiring or dying off without family mem
pretty clearly-- being more intentional about includin The inclusive dialogue is a start-- then the commitment of
Creating affordable housing and promoting diverse com P roviding
Praxis: capital and- being
Timebanking Socialsure citizens
Economy haveSystems
- Food access with
- Community Resilience
See below “When the infrastructure is working, you will not know it is there.† ~ Dr. Jifunza
N/A See Below
Mayor-elect Lightfoot has just named the City'Please share examples of cooperative economics initi
There is something called the UN Human DevelopmentAsRep noted above, the Mondragon Cooperative in Northern Spain
More dialogue with community residents none come to mind
identify equity deficits and institute explicit pract Mondragon in Spain, Emilia Romagna in Italy are the gold sta
The 30% MBE/WBE sanctioned on the Lincoln Yards and N/A7
community land trusts and enforcement of HUD RIG Housing Cooperatives.
The City can provide theFormer
criticalEnglewood Faith-Based
financing and technical Housing
assistance communities need to establish and grow empl
City-Wide TIF Works funds could be used to provide entry - mid level, on the job skill training for MWBE Certified business (include FT, PT & 1099 workers) located in ta
Taxes, fees, levies, etc - with an unfair burden put on Modragon, Spain where one of the country largest companies
Mayor Lightfoot should prioritize comprehensive economic development planning, with workforce development in our t
Too much to type here, and it take more than hiring NoneI thinkcome to mind
the Black Mallright
is annow-- other
excellent than models
example like SSAs,economics.
of cooperative B
She can be sure to include multiple organizations that
See above See
The above
above is a listing of PDF’s compiled by Michael Tekhem Strode, of which I have provided links.
See Below
How could the ideas and suggestions presented in Please share examples of other municipalities viewing 1
Once we arrive at a jointly agreed upon plan, I recommendPittsburgh,
l Seattle, Portland, NYC, Atlanta. 1
communities can look at them and use them as a measuring none come to mind 1
They will help close the wealth gap and help lead to socialNY City under its current mayor took an approach like our mayo 1
Since everyone is focused on the south and westsides thenN/A 1
It would stem the loss of Black Chicago residents especiallyNew York City, New York's Co-op City, others 1
This vision permits the people who live in the comnunitiesRobbie
to be supported
Markus, isinco-founder
every way.ofChampion
the Evanston
programs and
They are a new
workers' cooperativ
in p
If Chicago can lift its weakest communities then all of Ch I’m not aware of other municipalities that have put an equit 1
Chicago is better off when all of her citizens are doing wel City governments are shaping up as key actors accelerating wo 1
When the people have real impact/influence on decisions TherePrairieisFire
is aof information
housing that caninitiative
development be foundthat
housed onto
seems the
be making an 1 impact on affordable housing.
The cost of racism impacts every neighborhood. The memo 1
See above See above 1
See Above See Above 1