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Official Feature Film Pitch Deck

W r i tte n & D i re c te d B y
Alejandro Montoya Marin
L o ve i s n o t l i k e i n th e m o vi e s . . . r i g h t ?


LOW/FI was created with a delicate balance between comedy and drama. It
analyzes the life of Lea, a woman in her early 30’s, who has been heavily
influenced by pop culture since childhood. After years of mimicking and
adhering to advice conveyed through music and film, she is disappointed to
find that life isn’t panning out as expected and she is slipping further away
from her dreams. Lea then stumbles across the startling realization that she
has fallen for the tricks and lies coerced by mainstream society. But everyone
knows as adults, being yourself is what is important and it is a lesson that Lea
learns throughout the film.

Lea has spent her whole life thinking that love is like movies and tv. After a
series of terrible relationships, Lea decides to purge pop culture from her life
in an attempt to find real love and the real meaning of her life.

Pop culture gives us unrealistic expectations about the nature of love and life.

The quirkiness of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” meets the quarter-life drama
of “Garden State.”
D i rector ’ s S tate m ent
LOW/FI is very near and dear to my heart. Although the main
character, Lea, is female, I completely identify with her and my
intuition tells me that people from all walks of life and from various
generations will, as well.

Music is a universal art that spikes emotions at any given time.

Songs about love, despair, and romance all have a significant
place in this feature film. I produced a deliberate harmony
between drama and comedy with heartfelt authenticity and every
note from this soundtrack will be felt with intense passion.

A lot of people take music for granted and see it as filler. However, music to me is one of the
key elements of filmmaking and is equally as important as editing and acting. It helps the
audience empathize with Lea and serves as a subconscious guide through her personal
journey. Amazing movies like PULP FICTION, 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, RUSHMORE, ALMOST
FAMOUS, and GARDEN STATE” understood this and have managed to stay in moviegoer’s
hearts and minds for years after initial release. With a movie like LOW/FI, where music and
films are what corrupted and inspired our main character, the perfect beats and lyrics are
crucial to portray what it’s like to be in the head of an eternal romantic inspired by the art and

Every movie has a style and this one definitely has one. LOW/FI will be the equivalent of a
romantic GOODFELLAS. High-energy cuts and montages will be used to reflect the pop
culture that we are living in now and will utilize influences and references from music videos
and commercials of the 90’s. I pride myself on utilizing high energy but injecting it with
moments of real drama and humanity in order to allow the audience to breathe and reflect of
the franticness that engulfs Lea’s reality. I’ve been working for years making short films, music
videos, and commercials in order to have the skills to tell this story. This film is the
culmination of my hard work and I’m ready for everything that entails.

- Alejandro Montoya Marin

The Short Film

We filmed and promoted the LOW/FI short film both nationally and
internationally. It has been very well received in London, Mexico,
France, Spain, Colombia and in the United States, where we have
screened in more than 25 film festivals and won more than 15 awards.
Some of our major points of pride include winning BEST SHORT FILM in
festivals like The Albuquerque Film Festival, Gallup Film Festival, Santa
Fe Film Festival and the Las Cruces Film Festival.

My goal is to obtain a sensible budget to pay crew and allow my

imagination to fly while creating a moral and entertaining project that
resonates amongst thousands of people. I am certain this short film can
be successfully turned into an amazing feature film that generations old
and young can enjoy.

- Alejandro Montoya Marin


“LOW/FI features exceptional direction by

Alejandro Montoya Marin, superb performances and
a clever script.”
- B o o m Fi l m R e vi e w s

“Director Alejandro Montoya Marin has done a

fantastic job... An immaculate film! Definitely going
down as one of my favorites.”

- S h o r to f th e m o n th . c o m

Click Here to Watch

Password: lowfi
The Short Film

Cannes Film Festival (Short Film Corner) - Official Selection

Raindance Film Festival - Official Selection
Napa Valley Film Festival - Official Selection
Durango Film Festival - Official Selection
Catalina Film Festival - Official Selection
Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival - Official Selection
Film Score Film Festival - Official Selection
Roswell Film Festival - WINNER - Best Actor, Director, Editing
Santa Fe Film Festival - WINNER - Best NM Short Film
Albuquerque Film Festival - WINNER - Best Short Film
Filmstock Film Festival - WINNER - Best Director
Ukraine International Film Festival - WINNER - Best Short
Gallup Film Festival - WINNER - Best Short Film, Actress, Director, Editing
The People’s Film Festival NYC - WINNER - Best Comedy
Style, Location, and Character Reference

500 Days of Summer Jerry Maguire

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Almost Famous

Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl Garden State

Narrative Themes

Strong Female Lead

Comedy of Errors
Whimsical Delight
Personal Discovery
Hope Through Pain
Self Acceptance
Quirky Comedy

Similar Budget Levels

In A World Obvious Child The One I Love

Pre-Production (3 Months)
During this period the Company will hire all crew, scout and secure filming locations,
secure rentals for camera and lighting packages and prepare shooting schedules, etc.
At this time all talent will be cast and finalized. Press releases are prepped and media
contact lists are prepped.

Production (5 Weeks)
The production period will be the time that the principal photography will take place.
After this time all of the scenes for the film will be completed and “placed in the can”!
Press releases are sent out at the beginning of the production phase. At the end of
principal photography we launch the online marketing campaign (to include social

Post-Production (3 to 4 Months)
During the post-production period the director and editor will select the best “takes”
of the various scenes and edit those takes into an assembly of the first rough cut. Once
the film has gone through editing the project moves through various departments for
finalizing the show. Example: music, color correction, closed captioning, sound design,
and final sound mix.

Distribution (In Negotiation)

During distribution phase, the distributor will partner with our PR Company to create
a multi-platform social media campaign to drive viewership, gain sponsors and adver-
tisers. This approach will give us a complete package with enough leverage to shop
the show around to distribution networks and channels such as: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon
Prime, and more. We will also seek out foreign distribution as well.

Raised by movies, music, and tv, Lea is a product of pop culture. Unfortunately, it’s her love for pop
culture that gives her an unrealistive view of what love is. After a series of bad relationships, Lea decides
to cut off pop culture cold turkey in an attempt to find real love. Slightly cynical and at her breaking point,
Lea retains a glimmer of optimism and a genuine hope to grow as a person who isn’t only defined by
what she likes.

The perfect guy at the imperfect time, Jerry meets Lea at her lowest point and even though he seems
perfect on the surface, the news of Lea’s sister’s engagement and Lea’s rash actions make their meet-cute
crash and burn. Slightly awkward but with confidence about who he is, Jerry’s charm immediately
intrigues Lea.

Lea’s little sister who blindsides her with the news of her engagement to Chris after only dating for a short
time. Optimistic and charming, Joni has always had a fairly easy life. Men want to be with her, women
want to be her. Her good looks open many doors for her but her genuine optimism and good heart can
win over anyone.

Detective & Femme Fatale

The main characters of one of Lea’s favorite childhood films, these two 4th wall-breaking characters act as
a conscience and inner monologue for Lea.

The best friend who is always there with a shoulder to cry on and a drink to drown your sorrows, Gina is
the first person Lea visits after finding out about her sister’s engagement. Gina is always there for Lea as
she herself has been through her share of hard times and doesn’t want Lea to go down that same dark
path. Bubbly and energetic but with a flawed past of her own, Gina is the yin to Lea’s Yang and the
catalyst for her Lea’s fateful meeting with Jerry.

The guy who stole Lea’s sister’s heart after only two months, Chris is Joni’s fiancee and the breaking point
for Lea. Chris genuinely loves Joni and it’s his open and genuine yet slightly-flawed personality that
ultimately wins over Lea.
Alejandro Montoya Marin (Writer/Director)
Alejandro Montoya Marin was born in Laredo, TX and raised in
Mexico (Merida and Monterrey). Since a very young age, he has been
interested in film. Alejandro went to school for marketing and then
attended Vancouver Film School in Canada where he specialized in
directing. He later moved to Albuquerque, NM to join the growing
film industry.

His narrative work includes: Intrepido (2009), The Princess and the Musician (2013), The
Joneses (2014), Low/Fi (2015), Monday (2016), and Leslie (2017). His films have screened in
numerous film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival, Raindance, The Napa Valley Film Festi-
val, Hollyshorts, and more.

In addition to narrative film, Alejandro also has an intense love for music and has directed music
vídeos for artists such as Sleigh Bells, Chikita Violenta, Motopony, Grimlin, Red Light Cameras,
and Stem Ivory. Alejandro is also an acclomplished commercial director who has directed produc-
tions for clients such as Wal-Mart, Adobe, and Wal-Greens.

Awards and Accolades: Best Director (Roswell Film Fest), Best Drama Short (LA Independent Film
Fest), Best Short (ABQ Film Fest), Best Short (Ukraine International Film Fest), Best NM Short
(Santa Fe Film Fest), Best Director (Filmstock Film Fest), Best Short Film/Director (Gallup Film
Fest), Best Comedy (People’s Film Fest NYC), Pilot Competition Winner (Santa Fe Film Fest).

See more of Alejandro’s work at alejandromontoyamarin.com

Ariel Rakes (Director of Photography)
Ariel Rakes is a director of photography and owner of 82/92
Productions in Albuquerque, NM. He is a New Mexico-native and
enjoys shooting the diverse landscapes of the Southwest. Ariel has
been behind cameras most of his life but it’s been in the last 6 years
that he began truly honing his craft.

He has several features, short films, commercials, and music videos

under his belt and continues to challenge himself with new projects.
In addition, Ariel is also an accomplished Steadicam operator and en-
joys the challenges of discovering new and unique ways to move the
camera to engage audiences with different perspectives. See more of
Ariel’s work at www.8292productions.com

Mando Hernandez (Producer)

Mando Hernandez was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay
Area. In 2006, Mando began his film career in sports broadcasting
with KICU-TV36, where he was hired as a videographer and editor
to produce sports related content for the station’s live broadcast
shows which
included MLB Oakland Athletics Pre Game Show, NFL Oakland
Raiders, and Emmy award
winning show High School Sports Focus.

In 2008 Mando moved to Albuquerque New Mexico where he joined a career in law
enforcement following the foot steps of his two older brothers. Mando fell into this new
career path while riding along searching for police officer short film ideas. In December 2008,
Mando graduated the police academy and worked first few years as patrol then onto as a

In 2012, Mando’s passion for film lead him back into the Indie filmmaker world where he
crewed on a variety of short films. Throughout the years, this ultimately paved the way to
becoming an IATSE480 Film Union member working along side Hollywood’s biggest actors
and producers.

In 2016, Mando created his own production company, Dark Road Pictures, with producing
partner, Tamas Nadas, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Tamas Nadas (Producer)
Tamas was born in in Budapest, Hungary. After immigrating to the United
States, he was able to translate his love of cinema into producing and
acting in his first feature film in 2008 titled “Fierce Target”. Tamas helped
producing “The Disappointment of Jonathan Bender” which has won
multiple awards. Shortly thereafter he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexi-
co where he became a decorated police officer.

As a performer Tamas has been featured in “The Last Sentinel” with Keith David, Katie
Saachoff, Bokeem Woodbine, and Don “The Dragon” Wilson. He also appeared in “Battle
Planet” with Zack Ward, and “Ocean’s 13” with Al Pacino, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt. In
2015, Tamas produced an action short film called “Busy Day” with Tommy Lister, and Quinton
Aaron; and co-produced a major Hungarian Blockbuster called Argo 2.

A former Olympic Karate athlete and three-time world champion, Tamas continues to live and
work in Albuquerque as a highly decorated detective with the Albuquerque Police
Department while developing projects for his production company Dark Road Pictures.

Diana “Dia” Gaitirira (Associate Producer)

Diana Gaitirira is a Producer, Production Office Coordinator,
Assistant Production Office Coordinator, Payroll Assistant, and
Co-Owner at Cheza Jouer Films, LLC. Her strengths include
multi-tasking, keeping a clear communication channel between
agents/department heads/union representatives, and exe-
cuting tasks in a timely manner. Also Ms. Gaitirira is attentive,
likable, and sets a welcoming/positive tone for the entire

She and her husband, Allan Gaitirira, created an indepen-

dent production company in 2010. Since then her team has
produced and co-produced a combination of TV shows,
award-winning short films, Public Service Announcements
(PSAs), and are currently working on a few feature films.
Allan Gaitirira’s (Associate Producer)
Allan Gaitirira is a Producer, Unit Production Manager, Production
Office Coordinator, and Co-Owner at Cheza Jouer Films, LLC. His
strengths include hiring qualified crew members, keeping track of
the budget and allocating funds, problem solving, and is a skilled
liason between all of the guilds/unions (DGA, SAG, IATSE). Also
Mr. Gaitirira is a team player and works well under pressure.

He and his wife, Diana Gaitirira, created an independent

production company in 2010. Since then his team has produced
and co-produced a combination of TV shows, award-winning short
films, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), and are currently
working on a few feature films.

Creating a Team
Diversity is a trending hot topic in conversations today, and it’s not just about race. Areas
of diversity can include ethnicity, gender, age, social class, experience level and
personality type. When you have a group of critical thinkers with different sensibilities
and areas of expertise who are willing to collaborate and challenge each other in order
to reach a common goal, you get results that arevwell thought-out, effective and creative
with unique perspectives. We are proud to employ a diverse producing staff and crew for
our feature film LOW/FI in order to create a film with mass appeal.

LOW/FI feature film will be shot entirely in New Mexico, the same location as the LOW/FI
short film. The city of Albuquerque has everything we need from big city terrain to a unique
take and taste that this great state has to offer.
Investment Overview

Our goal is to attract between two and five private equity sources to invest in the film. LOW/FI is
leanly budgeted (dependant on talent and music licensing) to fund the costs of production and
early marketing of the film, making investor recoupment and revenue on the backend very
achievable, while still providing all of the production resources and acumen necessary to make a
great film.

LOW/FI, LLC will create an independent feature length film with the working title “Low/Fi”. A New
Mexico limited liability company (the “Company”) will be formed under the name “LOW/FI, LLC”, to
own, implement and manage all production and distribution activities for the series. The Company,
will serve as Manager of such company and will own and retain 70% of the membership equity
interests. The Company is seeking slightly over $400,000. Investors in this enterprise will receive
a negotiated percentage of the limited liability company’s equity membership interests and, after
recoupment from first project revenues of 120% of their principal capital contribution, as well as
pro rata percentage of the 30% of the backend revenue shares.

With that being said, there is some flexibility in what we can offer investors, depending on the level
of interest and received equity proposals. Additionally, we will be shooting and editing in New
Mexico, which offers a very generous 25% tax credit at completion of production. In addition, we
intend to utilize the FCAP program for select crew positions and the SAG Diversity-In-Casting
Incentive for select cast positions which subsidizes 50% of wages to further offset production
State Film Incentives Passed Onto The Investor
In addition to the Section 181 tax deduction, the motion picture can be filmed in a state with
rebates or transferrable tax credits. If the film Producers elect to do so, they can pass this
subsidy onto their investors upon release of the rebate. As anexample, if a $400,000.00 mov-
ie shoots in New Mexico and spends every penny in the state (or, through a pass through
core approximately $100,000.00, that can be sold for a little less than face value. That check
can then passed onto to the investors. This is a considerable risk minimization proration that
pays state taxes) the state of New Mexico will issue a 25% tax rebate, worth approximately
$100,000.00, that can be sold for a little less than face value. That check can then passed
onto to the investors. This is a considerable risk minimization for the Investor. With state film
incentives alone, the investor is only risking 75 cents (average) on the dollar if the project is
produced in New Mexico.

Receiving the Credit

Register the project with the Film Office before at least two weeks before principal photog-
raphy and submit the project’s tax application after the last qualifying project expense in
each tax year. After the close of the production company’s tax year, a state tax or informa-
tional return is filed with the approved claim document provided after the internal review of
the expenditures by the NM Taxation & Review Department. When the “check is cut” (or the
deposit is made) for the first (or only) payment, that’s when the annual cap of $50M is affect-
ed (drawn down). This is usually 8 to 12 months after wrap if the submission happens in a
timely manner. It’s not a case of “if” but “when” you receive the credit, and we will assist you
in determining the timeline to receive a refund for your project.

Assignability of the Refundable Film Production Credit

In 2015, legislation went into effect allowing a production company to assign the
payment of an authorized Refundable Film Production Tax Credit to a third-party
financial institution, or an authorized third party, one time, in a full or partial
amount: HB216 Example:

The Production Company includes their intention to assign the payment with
their project registration form.

The confirmation of receipt from the film office will include an

acknowledgment of this intention and of the eligibility of the assignee.

The Production Company fills out a specified form when filing the approved
claim amount with their state tax or informational return..

Armando Hernandez

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