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Answer Key

American JETSTREAM Pre-intermediate Workbook - Volume A

Getting to know you

6 How old are you?
7 Are you married?
1 3, 5, 1, 4, 2, 6
6 2 ‘s 3 doesn’t 4 isn’t 5 ‘s 6 doesn’t
Transcript 02 7 works 8 ‘s 9 teaches
CARLOS Hi, I’m Carlos. I’m from Mexico.
SAMMY Hello, Carlos. I’m Sammy. And I’m
from China. Unit 1
CARLOS Good to meet you, Sammy.
SAMMY Nice to meet you too, Carlos. This is Lesson 1
Elif. She’s from Turkey. 1 make: mistakes, omelettes, noise, decisions,
CARLOS Nice to meet you, Elif. phone calls
ELIF Good to meet you, too. do: cooking, tests, yoga, sports, housework

2 2 1 make, do 2 making, making 3 making, do

PLAY DO GO 4 doing, making
rugby judo jogging
3 make: an e-mail; do: a decision;
tennis yoga sailing look after: the homework; send: a meeting;
the piano zumba skiing work on: a baby

3 1 are 2 ‘m 3 do 4 ‘m 5 ‘m 6 have 4 1 am writing 2 Do you send 3 isn’t doing;

7 play 8 do 9 go 10 play 11 go 12 do is playing 4 Is she buying 5 are making
13 play
5 1 are (you) doing
Transcript 03 2 ‘m making
ELENA Where are you from Gabriella? 3 make
GABRIELLA I’m from Spain. 4 ‘m looking after
ELENA What do you do? 5 ‘s having
GABRIELLA I’m a doctor. What about you? 6 calls
ELENA I’m unemployed at the moment.
GABRIELLA Do you have any hobbies? 6 2 Matt and Tim don’t like drawing. They love
ELENA Yes, lots. I play the keyboard in a taking photos.
band. I do yoga. I go swimming 3 Maria doesn’t like singing. She isn’t good at
twice a week, and I play tennis. reading music.
What about you? 4 Harry hates solving problems. He enjoys
GABRIELLA I go jogging every day, and I do making things.
judo. I don’t play any musical
Lesson 2
5 1 Where are you from? 1 1 c 2f 3b 4g 5d 6h 7a 8e
2 What do you do?
3 Why do you need English? / What do you 2 1 c 2d 3e 4b 5a
need English for?
4 Do you have any hobbies? 3 1 being on my own
5 Do you play any sports? 2 talking to people

Answer key 1
3 sings; listening to music remembering things. I’d love to have an
4 map reading; painting amazing memory. It’s so useful.
KAREN Yes, except you’d remember all of the
4 The person is J.K. Rowling. She’s a writer / an bad things, too.
author. MIKE True. Good point.

5 1 They are good with words / at writing.

2 They enjoy giving talks. Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action
3 They love reading. 1 1 music 2 engineering 3 math 4 biology
4 They enjoy storytelling. 5 psychology 6 art 7 sports 8 geography
5 They are good at learning languages. 9 English 10 law

2 1 homework; advice 2 furniture; equipment

Lesson 3 3 knowledge; stuff 4 news; information
1 1 memory 2 relax 3 Exercise
4 brain; stressed 5 tips 3 1 a little of 2 some 3 a lot of 4 any

2 2 herself 3 myself 4 itself 5 themselves 4 1 down 2 up 3 up 4 down 5 up 6 up

6 himself 7 ourselves 8 yourselves 7 up 8 down
The hidden word is: reflexive
5 answer, question, reply, sound, drink, call,
3 1 itself 2 myself 3 herself 4 themselves dance, need, test
5 himself 6 yourself / yourselves
6 1 really 2 pretty 3 incredibly
4 1 yourself 2 Food 3 Water 4 stress
5 Play 6 test 9 1 I think 2 really 3 Me too 4 amazing
5 I disagree 6 Me neither 7 awful 8 I agree
5 1 b 2c 3a 4a 5b 6c 7b
Transcript 05
Transcript 04 KATHY I think it was an absolutely fantastic
MIKE What are you reading, Karen? show. I really enjoyed it.
KAREN I’m reading an article about someone AMY Me, too. The actors were all amazing
with an amazing memory. Her name’s and the songs were terrific.
Louise Owen, and she lives in New MATT I disagree with you. I thought the actors
York. She’s thirty-seven years old, and were terrible. None of them could sing.
she’s a musician. She plays the violin. I didn’t enjoy it at all.
MIKE What’s so special about her memory? NICK Me neither. I hated the whole show. It
KAREN Well, you can say a date, for example was awful.
the January 2nd, 1990, and she KATHY How can you say that? It was wonderful.
remembers everything about that day. AMY I agree. I loved it.
She can remember every day of her
life since her eleventh birthday. She
doesn’t try to memorize things; she just Unit 2
remembers them.
MIKE So she can remember what she had for Lesson 1
breakfast on that day and things like 1 1 start; finish 2 pass 3 start 4 get 5 move
that? 6 buy 7 go 8 meet
KAREN Yes, everything! She can remember
all her conversations. Scientists call it 4 2 Where did you go to college?
“Superior Autobiographical Memory” 3 What did you study?
because she remembers every detail of 4 When did you finish college?
her life, Mike. 5 Where did you meet your husband?
MIKE Wow, she’s lucky. I’m horrible at 6 When did you get married?

2 Answer key
7 What did you do then? Transcript 06
8 When did you do a sponsored bike ride? CLAIRE Hi. You’re home late. What were you
9 How much money did you raise for charity? doing when I called you?
MATT I was training for the marathon next
5 1 finished 2 went 3 finished 4 did 5 met week, so I switched my phone off. It’s a
6 got 7 gave 8 lived 9 traveled 10 was very tough run.
11 visited 12 went 13 raised 14 made CLAIRE We’re not the only ones with big goals.
15 had Listen to this. Last fall, one small bird
left the Shetland Islands off the coast
of Scotland. And where do you think it
Lesson 2 flew to? Come on! Guess!
1 1 c 2b 3h 4a 5e 6i 7d 8f 9g MATT OK. It went somewhere warm. Did it fly to
a Mediterranean country? Spain or Italy?
2 1 hot air balloon 2 camper van 3 cruise ship CLAIRE No. It flew further than that!
4 rescue helicopter 5 mountain bike MATT Did it fly to the Arabian Sea?
CLAIRE No. It flew further than that, too.
3 1 were driving; got MATT I give up then. Come on. Tell me.
2 was buying; stole CLAIRE It flew all the way to the Galapagos
3 was roller-blading; broke Islands. Then in the spring, it flew back
4 was swimming; attacked to the Shetland Islands. That’s a huge
5 was kayaking; lost trip - 25,000 kilometers or about 15,500
6 was crossing; missed miles!
MATT That’s further than I drive my car in a
4 climbing year! How did they know it flew that far
5 1 It took four years and three months. CLAIRE It was carrying a very small geolocator.
2 He was running (in the Marathon des Sables). When it returned, scientists plugged the
3 He walked across India. geolocator into a computer. Then they
4 It was cold and it was snowing. could see the bird’s route. I watched
5 It took him a week. a video of some wild geese, too. They
flew over the Himalayas at a height of
about 9,000 meters or almost 30,000
Lesson 3 feet. They even flew over Mount
1 a 6 mask b 7 storm c 2 wave d 5 shark Everest! It was freezing cold – minus 60
e 8 sleeping bag f 1 jellyfish g 4 tent degrees Fahrenheit. Your marathon is
h 3 wetsuit nothing compared to their flight!

2 1 tent 2 mask 3 jellyfish 4 wetsuit 5 wave

6 sharks 7 sleeping bag 8 storm Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action
1 1 the Rockies 2 the Orinoco
4 1 What were you doing when I called you 3 the Atlantic Ocean 4 Vesuvius 5 New York
last night? 6 Egypt 7 the Andes 8 Lake Titicaca
2 Why were you talking to the police when I
called you? Transcript 07
3 What were you doing when the motorcycle HELEN Hi, James. I’m looking through some

knocked her over? old vacation photos. Guess which

4 What was she wearing when she had the places they are. We went skiing in these
accident? mountains in Colorado in the US. We
5 How many other people were sitting there stayed in a beautiful cabin.
when it happened? JAMES Well, it looks like The Rockies.
HELEN Could be, could be… Hey, look at this

5 1 training for a marathon 2 Scotland one – we’re canoeing down a river in

3 geolocator 4 25,000 km 5 low Venezuela.

Answer key 3
JAMES That’s the Orinoco then. It goes all the
way to the Atlantic Ocean. 2 1 was 2 grew up 3 moved 4 was studying
HELEN Correct! We’re in Naples here. We 5 met 6 was finishing 7 finished
took a chairlift to the top of this 8 didn’t find 9 decided 10 moved
JAMES That’s Vesuvius then! 3
HELEN Yes, it is. We’re on the subway here School subjects University subjects
– it looks really uncomfortable – so math law
many people!
JAMES That’s New York! history psychology
HELEN Yes, easy! Hey, look! It’s a photo
of you on a camel in front of the sports
pyramids. And where were you?
JAMES I was in Egypt.
HELEN We’re trekking here – across these 4 1 Me, too 2 Me neither 3 Really
mountains to get to Machu Picchu. 4 Actually, I thought 5 I agree
JAMES Yes, those are the Andes. Beautiful!
Did you go to Lake Titicaca?
HELEN No, we never got there, unfortunately. Unit 3
2 2 motorcycle 3 raincoat Lesson 1
2 1 colleagues 2 boss 3 experience; earn
3 1 Come in 2 came back 3 came in 4 don’t like 5 company
4 Come on 5 came up to
3 1 Jake’s going to look for a new job.
4 1 dark 2 strong 3 waves 4 voice 5 faster 2 Sam and Amanda are going to set up their
6 scared 7 screamed 8 stupid own company.
3 I’m not going to leave my job.
Review quiz 1–2 4 Is your boss going to give you a raise?
5 Are you going to earn more money in your
1 1 b 2a 3c 4a 5c 6a
new job?

2 1 b 2a 3c 4a
4 1 design purses 2 afford to pay
3 planning to look for 4 want to leave
3 1 was studying; explored
5 intend to ask 6 agreed to give
2 was traveling; crossed
3 was looking; disappeared
4 was living; wrote Lesson 2
1 Charles Darwin 2 Marco Polo 1
3 David Livingstone 4 Gertrude Bell –or –(e)r –man
actor producer cameraman
Transcript 08 editor photographer businessman
day want act director writer
2 1 tablet 2 watch 3 roller blades 4 lot
5 top 6 amazing 7 travel –ist –ive
journalist detective
Check your progress 1
2 2 Tim is doing some research on Tuesday.
1 1 Matt likes playing word games. 3 Helen is discussing the new script on
2 My brother doesn’t enjoy being on his own. Wednesday.
3 Helen and Jane are very good at singing. 4 Tim is going to an interview at 9 a.m. on
4 Yusuf doesn’t like playing team games. Wednesday.
5 Sally’s bad at sitting still for a long time.
4 Answer key
5 Tim is having lunch with his boss on 5 1a 2a 3c 4c 5c
6 Helen and Tim are meeting friends after Transcript 11
work on Friday. HOST Our guest on the Good Food Show
7 Helen and Tim are going swimming on today is a chili pepper farmer. He
Saturday. has worked in Mexico and South
8 Tim is having dinner at Susan and John’s on America, but. he’s from the west
Sunday. coast of the US, near San Luis
Obispo in central California. Please
4 b welcome to the show our very own
chili pepper farmer, David Cooper.
5 1 France DAVID Good morning.
2 1850 HOST Good morning, David, and thank
3 They work for themselves. / They are self- you for coming in on this “chilly”
employed. November morning. I hope you can
4 He’s flying to New York to meet a client. warm us up with a few chili pepper
5 He’s following a company director in stories.
Chicago. DAVID I’ll certainly try.
6 He finds debtors or lost friends and family. HOST Why did you decide to grow chili
DAVID Well, I worked as a photographer
Lesson 3 in Mexico, and I loved chili peppers.
1 1d 2e 3f 4c 5b 6a When I came back to California, I
couldn’t find the same peppers here,
Transcript 10 so I decided to grow them myself.
FRIEND What are you doing tomorrow after HOST Is it difficult to grow the peppers
work, Lucy? here with the fog on the coast?
LUCY I’m going to the dentist’s. DAVID Everybody said, “It will be
FRIEND Poor you! What about the day after impossible. Chili peppers won’t
tomorrow? grow here!” They were wrong. In
LUCY I’m going out with Jane. There’s a new the first year, all the plants produced
comedy show on at the Playhouse. thousands of chilis. I now grow
FRIEND Cool. That sounds fun. Well what about more than seventy different varieties
next week? Are you busy next week? of peppers.
LUCY No, I don’t have any plans for next week. HOST And what do you do with all those
FRIEND Hmm. I’m very busy next week. What chilis?
about the week after that? DAVID I make hot spicy sauces, and I sell
LUCY I’m going on vacation. I’m going to them through my company, A
Maui in Hawaii with some friends. Thousand and One Chilies.
FRIEND Are you doing anything special next HOST Do you have any plans for the future?
month? DAVID Yes, the plan is that I’m going to
LUCY Yes, actually. I’m getting married! produce chili oils and chili mayonnaise.
FRIEND Oh, yes, of course. I forgot. Sorry. HOST Well, we wish you success with
Congratulations again. that, and thank you very much for
LUCY Thank you. coming on the show. Let’s hope our
FRIEND What about the following month? Do viewers will go out and buy your
you have any plans? wonderful sauces. On the show
LUCY Yes. We’re moving into our new house, next week we’ll have Sam Smith. He
so we’ll be very busy with that. grows tea on an island in Hawaii.

3 1 ‘ll see 2 will be 3 will write 4 ‘ll enjoy

5 won’t stay 6 will like 7 Will (Jerry) get
along with

Answer key 5
Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action 2
1 2 promised to 3 arranged to 4 refused to For Since
5 managed to; seems to 6 am expecting to a few minutes 1999
a year last year
2 1 1 out of work two weeks the 27th
2 looking for ten years yesterday
3 part-time half an hour two o’clock
4 salary June
2 1 at work 2 employer
3 1 working on 2 work out 3 1 I’ve lived in the same place since …
4 go in 2 I’ve worked for this company for …
5 deal with 3 I’ve known my best friend for …
4 I’ve lived in … since …
3 1 ask 2 need 3 would like 4 tell 5 Tell
6 make 7 help 8 teach 5 1 She’s known him since 2005.
2 They live (on a mountainside above Olu
4 2 Let me think Deniz) in Turkey.
4 that’s a promise 3 He’s always liked classic cars.
6 first thing 4 His dad.
7 take a look at 5 She started her company four years ago.
1 sure thing 6 It’s at the back of her yard.
5 No problem 7 He worked for a bank in New York.
8 He studied landscape gardening at a small
college in Connecticut.
Unit 4
Lesson 1 Lesson 3
1 1 printer 2 e-reader 3 Facebook 1 1 fridge 2 freezer 3 kettle 4 iron
4 hardware 5 download 6 online 7 plug 5 vacuum cleaner 6 trash can 7 washing
8 hashtag 9 YouTube 10 blog 11 text machine 8 dishwasher
Mystery word: technophobe
2 2 Kate hasn’t cleaned out the fridge yet.
3 2 Julie broke a cell phone two days ago. 3 Max has just emptied the dishwasher.
Antonio has never broken a cell phone. 4 Max hasn’t cleaned the kitchen floor yet.
3 Julie has never had a job interview via 5 Julia has already vacuumed the living room.
Skype. 6 Ben has just emptied the trash cans.
Antonio had a job interview via Skype last 7 Kate has already cleaned the bathroom
week. sink.
4 Julie has taken part in an interactive 8 Julia has just cleaned the shower.
Antonio has never taken part in an 3 1 Have (you) cleaned
interactive webinar. 2 ‘ve emptied
5 Julie has never driven while talking on a cell 3 ‘ve done
phone. 4 Has (Tom) made
Antonio has driven while talking on a cell 5 ‘s vacuumed
phone. 6 use
7 haven’t done
8 Have (you) washed
Lesson 2
1 1 house 2 town 3 countryside 4 city 4 1c2a3c4b5a6c
5 buildings 6 mountain 7 river

6 Answer key
Transcript 12 2 1 married 2 for 3 single 4 relationship
KATE Last year we asked two thousand 5 boyfriend 6 love 7 get 8 wedding
moms and dads in America to take
part in a survey. We wanted to find 3 1 out 2 to 3 out 4 for
out how many children helped with
the housework. Which chores – jobs Transcript 13
– they liked doing and which chores A Are you going out with Tim?
they really hated doing. Here to talk B Yes, he’s my new boyfriend.
with us today about the results of A He goes to my school.
the survey is Melissa Spoon. Good B Yes, I know. He told me. We’re going out
morning, Melissa. this evening if you want to come.
MELISSA Good morning, Kate. A I’m not sure. Where are you going?
KATE Let’s start with the all-important B To that new place on Market Street. Come
question – how many children on. Go for it!
in America actually help do the
household chores? My guess is around 4 1 C 2O 3O 4O 5C 6O 7C 8O
fifty percent. 9O 10 C 11 C
MELISSA No. You’re wrong there. The figure’s
actually very high. It was surprising 5 1 Let me introduce myself.
for us, too. Eighty-seven percent of 2 Do you have time for a quick chat?
children help with household chores. 3 Let’s get together soon.
KATE Really! So what is the average age
they start doing the household chores? Transcript 14
My guess is four or four and a half. 1
MELISSA Yes, you’re right. The average age is A Let me introduce myself. I’m Sam Harris.
four and a half. B Hello, Sam. Pleased to meet you. I’m Pelin
KATE Next question – how many children Ulusoy.
complain about doing household 2
chores? I’d say all of them. A Do you have time for a quick chat?
MELISSA Yes, nearly all of them. Ninety-six B I’m afraid it’s a little busy here at the
percent of children complain about moment. Can I call you back in half an
doing household chores. Now that hour?
wasn’t a surprise! 3
KATE So which are children’s least favorite A It’s been nice talking to you.
chores? I know what mine was – I B Yes. Let’s get together soon.
hated doing the dishes.
MELISSA The answer is cleaning the bathroom
and ... doing the dishes. Review quiz 3–4
KATE Ha! I’m not the only one then. Next 1 1 a India and Brazil 2 c Thailand
question – which are children’s favorite 3 b India 4 c India 5 c Katy Perry
chores? Well, I know mine was baking
cookies. That didn’t seem like a chore. 2 1 unemployed 2 qualifications 3 experience
MELISSA Again, you’re not alone. Children’s 4 colleagues 5 salary 6 employees
favorite chores are helping cook meals
and feeding the pet. 3 1 Turn on 2 on 3 onto 4 on; close 5 up
KATE Last question – Which chore do most
adults remember doing as a child? Transcript 15
MELISSA Again, it’s doing the dishes! three syllables: salary, editor, assistant, creative,
unemployed, manager, agency, businessman,
dishwasher, producer
Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action
1 1 file name 2 close 3 off 4 volume
5 password

Answer key 7
four syllables: experience, relationship, 4 Does an actor have to understand technical
competition, technology, generation, information? No, he/she doesn’t.
photographer, comedian 5 Does a pilot have to stay calm under
pressure? Yes, he/she does.
five syllables: qualifications
Lesson 2
Check your progress 2 1 guide book 2 aftershave 3 backpack
1 1 My boss isn’t going to give me a raise. 4 moneybelt 5 iron 6 shower gel 7 suitcase
2 What are you going to do? 8 hairdryer
3 I’m going to look for a new job.
4 When are you going to start applying for 2 1 packed; weigh 2 check in 3 unpack
new jobs? 4 are traveling 5 check out
5 First I’m going to write a new resume.
3 1 will probably go 2 may rain 3 may be
2 1 haven’t emailed 2 ‘ve been 3 ‘ve (just 4 will probably go out 5 might need
bought 4 ‘s moved 5 moved haven’t visited 6 might not be
7 wrote 8 did 9 Have (you) done
4 1 You might see some small clouds of smoke.
3 1 emptied 2 done 3 cleaned 4 vacuumed 2 It is 1,524 meters (or 5,000 feet) above sea
5 made level, so it gets cold in the afternoons.
3 The guide can help you with (the) prices.
4 1 Could you help 4 Coffee grows there.
2 Could you tell 5 You can walk up to Cerro La Cruz or climb
3 I’d like you to come one of the volcanoes.
4 Can you tell 6 It takes two or three hours.
5 When can you look
Lesson 3
Unit 5 1 1 eye mask 2 earplugs 3 a neck pillow
4 watch 5 sweater 6 scarf
a 5,6 b 2 c 3 d 4 e 1
Lesson 1
1 1 h 2d 3e 4b 5a 6c 7g 8f 2 1 should 2 shouldn’t 3 should 4 should
5 should 6 shouldn’t
2 I am confident and friendly.
I have a degree in medicine. 3 2 You shouldn’t take too many bags as/
I am good with people. because you might forget one.
I have experience working in a team. 3 You should put a luggage tag on your
I am good at listening. suitcase so you can recognize it as/because
I am fluent in French and English. you might pick up the wrong bag.
I can work long hours. 4 You should go to the airport early as/
because something might happen on your
4 1 don’t have to have a first-aid certificate. way.
2 must/have to have six months’ experience.
3 can’t smoke. 4 1 b 2c 3a 4c 5b
4 don’t have to have a degree.
5 have to/must speak two languages. Transcript 16
My Embarrassing Flight Story
6 2 Do actors and pilots have to work well in a My brother, Simon, has to fly a lot for his job.
team? Yes, they do. He’s a scientist, and he gives talks at
3 Does an actor have to have good listening conferences around the world. He sometimes
skills? Yes, he/she does. flies to two or three countries in the same
8 Answer key
One time, Simon was flying from Washington 2 beautiful, little, black
National airport in Washington, DC, to 3 horrible, big, blue
Heathrow in London. From Washington, he
had a connecting flight in New York. His flight 6 The correct order is: 3 1 2 5 7 4 8 6
from Washington took off late.
“I’m going to miss my connecting flight,” Transcript 17
Simon told the flight attendant. “I have to A I can’t find my hairdryer. I’m sure I packed
catch the flight. I have a conference in London it.
the next morning.” B It may be in my suitcase.
“Don’t worry,” said the flight attendant. A No it isn’t. I’ve already looked.
“We can get a wheelchair for you, and it will B It might be in my carry-on then.
take you directly to the departure gate for A Yes, it might be. I’ll look. No, it’s not there.
your flight to London. It’s a lot quicker in a B It’s possible that you didn’t pack it after all.
wheelchair!” A What am I going to do without it?
“Really? OK. That would be great,” said B Oh, look! There it is on the bed.
Simon. “Thank you.”
The plane landed at the airport in New York. It
was half an hour late, but they whizzed Simon Unit 6
through the airport in a wheelchair. He caught
his connecting flight to London, and he was Lesson 1
happy. 2 1 cell phone 2 blanket 3 bottle of water
But before they landed in London, the flight 4 first-aid kit 5 phone charger 6 whistle
attendant came over to him and said, “Your 7 flashlight 8 gloves
wheelchair will be waiting for you when we
land, sir.”. 4 1 c 2e 3d 4b 5a
“It’s OK. I don’t need a wheelchair. I can walk,”
said Simon, and he explained the situation. 5 2 If there is smoke, you should get down and
“I’m sorry, sir,” said the flight attendant. But crawl along the ground.
you had a wheelchair in New York, so the 3 If the door is hot, you shouldn’t open it.
airline insists that we have a wheelchair for 4 If you open a door, you should open it slowly.
you in London, too. There’s nothing we can 5 If there is heavy smoke or fire, you should
do about it. You’ll have to wait until all the close the door again.
passengers have gotten off the plane.” 6 If you can’t escape, you should try and
So Simon waited and waited, and then he got keep the smoke out of the room.
off the plane and sat in the wheelchair. The
wheelchair took him to passport control. He
stood up and thanked the man. Then the man Lesson 2
watched him walk away without a problem. 1 2 floods 3 storms 4 burn 5 Temperatures
He looked confused, and Simon felt very 6 North Pole 7 heatwaves 8 Acid
embarrassed. 9 mosquitoes 10 Droughts

2 2 A What will happen if there are more

Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action floods?
1 1 matches 2 laptop 3 jewelry B If there are more floods, people will
4 sunglasses 5 toothbrush 6 adaptor leave their homes.
7 passport 8 cash 9 phone charger 3 A What will happen if temperatures are
10 comb 11 hairdryer 12 make-up higher?
B If temperatures are higher, some crops
2 1 Absolutely 2 plenty of 3 Just in case. won’t grow.
4 fit inside 5 It’s a pain to
3 1 His dream is a walkable city.
4 1 travel 2 buy 3 catch 4 receive 2 There will be big parks with footpaths and
bike paths connecting all areas of the city.
5 1 two, small, red, stylish
Answer key 9
3 Children will walk or bike to school. 2 2 Keep still
4 If people walk, there will be less obesity 3 keep quiet
and heart disease, and less pollution. 4 keep calm
5 You can find them in Germany. 5 Did (the sweater) keep (you) warm
6 The center of the new city will be
completely car-free. 3 1c 2d 3e 4b 5a

4 1 Are you with me so far?

Lesson 3 2 Is that clear?
1 Across: 1 salamander 5 gorilla 6 turtle 3 Now, do you have any questions?
Down: 2 leopard 3 rhino 4 whales 6 tiger 4 Yes – another question?

2 1 pets 2 skin 3 horn 4 forests; fur Transcript 19

5 bones INSTRUCTOR Usually a sting from a bee is
painful, but it isn’t dangerous.
3 2 A rhino is a large animal which/that has a First, calm the child down. Then, if
single horn. you can see the sting, brush it off.
3 My father is a scientist who works for the You can use a credit card for this.
WWF. Are you with me so far?
4 A salamander is an amphibian which/that STUDENT Yes. I’m with you. But what if I
has a wet skin. don’t have a credit card?
5 A leopard is a big cat which/that has very INSTRUCTOR Use something flat, but please
beautiful spotted fur. don’t use tweezers. You may
6 Mountain gorillas live in groups which/that squeeze more poison into the
have a leader. wound. Is that clear?
STUDENT Yes, that’s clear. What do I do next?
5 1 c 2b 3b 4a INSTRUCTOR You should apply an ice pack to
the sting for ten minutes. If the
Transcript 18 child is still in pain, go and see
The Akyatan Lagoon a doctor. Now, do you have any
My name is Burcu Beyaz, and I work as a questions?
volunteer for the WWF in Turkey. At the STUDENT Yes. What happens if the sting is in
moment, I am working on a project which the mouth or the throat?
protects the green turtle in the Mediterranean. INSTRUCTOR That can be dangerous. If it swells
The green turtle is an endangered species. One up, the child won’t be able to
of the turtles’ most important nesting beaches breathe. You should give the child
is the Akyatan Lagoon in Adana. It is one of an ice cube or a popsicle to suck.
the seventeen turtle nesting beaches on the Yes - another question?
Mediterranean coast of Turkey. We monitor STUDENT What if I don’t have an ice cube?
the beach, which is 22 kilometers or 13.7 INSTRUCTOR You can give them a glass of cold
miles long. We count turtle tracks. We find the water to drink.
nesting sites and we install protective devices.
There are other endangered wild animals also
living in the area. There is the red fox, the Review quiz 5–6
golden jackal, and the jungle cat. 1 1 a, c, d 2 a, b, d 3 a, b, d 4 a, c, e

Transcript 20
Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action
lots /s/ animals /z/ devices /z/
1 1 box of matches 2 hat 3 radio 4 map
tights bags toothbrushes
5 rope 6 pocketknife 7 compass 8 candy
giraffes signals sunglasses
9 sleeping bag 10 sunscreen
guidebooks plugs
a 7 b 10 c 4 d 2 e 9 f 1 g 5 h 3
i6 j8

10 Answer key
Check your progress 3 4 brave, creative, English, Italian, ninth, sick,
1 1 must 2 must 3 don’t have to 4 must only, Oriental, African, dangerous, Western,
5 don’t have to famous, first, old, long, many, short,
2 1 which/that 2 who 3 who 4 which/that 5 1 Introductory paragraph
5 which/that 2 Childhood and education
3 Trips and writing
3 1 is 2 will 3 is 4 should 5 wear 6 won’t 4 Final paragraph
7 don’t go out 8 won’t catch 9 Can
10 stay 3 1 friendly, punctual, creative, motivated,
responsible, organized
4 1 backpack 2 money belt 3 guidebooks 3 1 Personal details
4 pocketknife 5 hair dryer 2 Professional experience
3 Education and training
5 2 might be in your backpack. 4 Hobbies and interests
3 will / ‘ll probably arrive at 8 p.m. 5 Skills
4 might be at work. 6 Referees
5 may be in the hotel. 4 1 He’s an IT professional./He works in IT.
6 will / ‘ll probably come with my friend. 2 He’s motivated, responsible, organized,
and friendly.
3 He studied Computer Science.
Writing 4 He was Technical Manager at EMC
1 3 1 She’s 30. Corporate Solutions.
2 She loves meeting and talking to people. 5 He speaks Spanish and Russian.
3 She enjoys visiting art galleries and going to 6 He likes current affairs , reading sci-fi
the theater (with her sisters). novels, and volunteering at the local library.
4 They like swimming, surfing, and riding horses.
5 He’s good at map reading. 4 2 Because: sentence 3
While: sentences 1, 2, 4
2 1 1 What was his/her name? 31b2a3d4c
2 What was his/her nationality? 4 1 a catchy title
3 When was she/he born? 4 a question for the readers
4 Where was she/he born? 2, 6 informal language
5 What did his/her parents do? 3, 5 positive adjectives
6 What kind of education did she/he have?
7 Which countries did she/he travel to? 5 1 1 g 2 j 3 a 4 i 5 h 6d 7b 8c
8 How did she/he travel? 9 e 10 f
9 Did she/he write any books or articles? 2 and, and; but, but; so, so
10 How old was she/he when she/he died?
6 1 3, 2, 4, 1
2 2 1g 2d 3a 4e 5f 6b
PRESENT PAST PAST 3 1 First 2 Then 3 After that
travel traveled was traveling
live lived was living
climb climbed was climbing
find found was finding
die died was dying
write wrote was writing

3 Italy, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran,


Answer key 11