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Hanna Nouressadate

5538 Las Virgenes Rd. Unit 140

Calabasas, CA, 91302



Physiology/Anatomy Teacher

Calabasas High School

22855 Mulholland Hwy, Calabasas, CA 91302

Calabasas, CA, 91302

Dear Mr./Ms. ________________________________:

I am writing to you today to ask for consideration for this job. I am hoping to acquire the
position of a teacher with credentials from a medical field. I heard about this job opening as a
teacher through a job hiring website.

I'm interested in working for this specific employer because of the educated work
environment and the thorough curriculum topics. I am perfect for this position because with my
specific knowledge and passion for working with present students that will grow into future
generations. My experience, shown on my resume, has shown me how much I enjoy teaching
children about things they never thought existed. Growing up with 5 other siblings around the
house, 4 younger, I have taken the responsibility of helping my siblings learn and grow when my
parents were too busy. Life Sciences have always been a strong subject for me and was always
genuinely interesting. So, with the combination of my love of anatomy/physiology and passion to
educate this job is definitely my dream job. The benefit I can provide is understanding
communication and being familiar with the thought processes of younger children. This can help
me, help them to succeed in the class.

My resume is enclosed and I desire to meet with the employer. Alternate dates and times
have flexibility with the time and place if contacted. To reach me, use either my email,​, or my work phone, 818-714-5830. I can meet for alternate
interviews anytime if contacted in order to follow up on any job updates. Thank you for your time.

(​Your Signature in blue or black ink​)

Hanna Nouresadate