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Term: Midterm 2ND Course Code:

University of Makati sem. Applied Subject

AY 2018-2019
Language Department PURPOSES

Directions: Read the question in each item carefully. Select the letter of the correct answer from the
given choices. Shade the bubble corresponding your answer on the Scranton sheet. (Do not write
anything on the Test Questionnaire.)

1. Evaluate the given sentences, which one is most acceptable in academic writing?
A. You need to back up your argument with data.
B. The kids who were interviewed were also asked to answer the test.
C. The newly-installed system enabled the offices to dismiss their outdated files.
D. Participants of the study identified taking care of the children, looking after their clothes and
other stuff as their common chores.
2. Below are the characteristics of an academic text except one, which is NOT?
A. Academic text is an educational text.
B. Academic text is basically anything that is used in schools or classrooms.
C. Academic texts use jargons or specialized language of the field.
D. Academic text is opinionated, backed up with information that is not valid and reliable, and
usually cites further references.
3. Among the types of academic texts stated below, which is not considered an essay?
A. Article C. Research paper
B. Critique paper D. Review
4. Plagiarism occurs when an author uses the language of another writer and claims it as his/her
own; which of the following is not a type of plagiarism of language?
A. Plagiarism of ideas C. word for word plagiarism
B. Patchwork plagiarism D. plagiarism of language
5. What type of paraphrasing is applied in the sentences below?
Actual sample: Animation is an activity where you draw several pictures to make it into a movie
film, or a comic magazine.
Revised: A process where you illustrate several pictures to make it into a movie film, or a comic
magazine is called animation.
A. Alternative paraphrasing C. Literal paraphrasing
B. Alternate paraphrasing D. structural paraphrasing
6. Which of the sentences shows impersonality in writing an Academic text?
A. We were shocked by the result of the study because it was alarming.
B. The people who answered the survey were very accommodating.
C. The research assistant failed to observe the guidelines in gathering data.
D. The questions were badly formulated.
7. Which of the sentences shows impersonality in writing?
A. The findings revealed how grateful the participants were.
B. The result revealed that the teachers encountered negative experiences.
C. The participant awfully explained his reasons on why he did not participate in the
D. The high scores in the post-test suggest the outstanding performance of the lovely and
dedicated teachers.
8. Read and analyze the sentences. Which among the sentences shows formality in writing.
A. This paper will determine the factors affecting writing.
B. It’s going to be ages before you realized your mistakes.
C. You shouldn’t always believe what you read in magazine.
D. Our plans to continue our studies fell through when the professor disapproved our research
9. Read and analyze the sentences. Which among the sentences shows formality in writing.
A. It’s a bit scary to walk alone at night.
B. My paper will determine the problems encountered by ESL teachers in teaching reading.

C. Studies carried out by linguist show that words and expressions are chosen to suit the
academic writing.
D. Cabinet ministers discussed yesterday the proposed amendments on the laws on workers’
10. Read and analyze the sentences. Which among the sentences shows formality in writing.
A. I will do it through surveys and interviews.
B. Your paper talks about the reasons behind school attrition.
C. This study will determine the factors affecting reading and writing.
D. I’ve studied a range of books to identify the reading and writing problems.
11. Which of the following sentences does NOT show objectivity in writing?
A. I badly need to conduct a research.
B. The investigator did not expect the results.
C. The researchers need to conduct the experiment.
D. This study aims to measure the communicative competence of Bilingual learners.
12. Among are the reasons why writers used hedging in writing, which is not included?
A. It is when the writer wants to open up possibilities for discussions.
B. It is when they are highlighting a negative part on their work or study.
C. It is when there are exceptions to the findings or results which are inconclusive.
D. It is when the writers are sure about what they are saying but want to appear more modest
or show deference to their readers or colleagues.
13. In hedging in writing, writers used expressions like according to, on the basis, or based on,
when a writer wants to _____________.
A. express caution C. avoid making a strong claim
B. show some certainty D. distance himself from the findings
Read and analyze the sentences. identify the hedging devices used in the following sentences.
14. The results of the experiment indicate that students exposed to music while studying seemed
to get higher scores.
A. Indicate C. Seemed
B. Exposed D. While
15. Generally, students in this class tend to be speaking more in a bilingual language.
A. Generally C. tend
B. More D. class
16. The use of Swales’ CARS Model (2009) appears to be a practice in a few universities.
A. Appears C. few
B. Practice D. use

17. There is probably a biological difference between how male and female children learn.
A. Biological C. difference
B. Between D. Probably
Analyze the sentence and choose the appropriate transitional word.

18. The government is trying its best to uplift the people’s lives. _________ its’ efforts, many
Filipinos do not show some care for the country.
A. Despite C. However
B. In spite of D. Moreover
19. The result was questioned by the members of the thesis review panel. _________, data about
them had to be disregarded.
A. For example C. As a result
B. Generally D. However
20. Spoken Communication uses simple words. __________, written communication is more
lexically dense.
A. In fact C. Nevertheless
B. In contrast D. Generally

21. The questionnaire should be distributed immediately after the activity. __________, they
should be retrieved by the researcher herself.
A. As mentioned C. Moreover
B. In the end D. Therefore
22. Some of the participants failed to attend the second session. ___________, data about them
had to be disregard.
A. So far C. Therefore
B. Generally D. However
23. Surveys show that the satisfaction rating of the president is decreasing. __________, several
members of the Senate still support him.
A. Moreover C. Without a doubt
B. In fact D. However
24. The employees’ working hours will be reduced. ___________, the company will be able to
save on thousands of pesos.
A. Even though C. As a result
B. Nonetheless D. Then
25. The pre-test scores of the experimental group were slightly lower than the post-test scores.
_________, the scores of the control group were higher in the pre-test.
A. Therefore C. In contrast
B. In addition D. So
26. In order to reduce the number of the students with low achievement scores, the school
formulated an intervention program. _________, the parents’ organization donated several
units of LCD projectors for classroom use.
A. In like manner C. No doubt
B. Similarly D. Surely
27. The decision will lead to massive repairs in various parts of the city. ____________, people will
continue to experience water shortage.
A. In fact C. Suddenly
B. Consequently D. Typically

28. _________ is defined as the copying of verbatim of language and ideas of other writers and
taking credit for them.
A. Citation C. Paraphrasing
B. Direct Quotation D. Plagiarism

29. “ Educators believe that the education sector should address the material conditions of
schools to improve teaching and learning.” (Danao, 2011, p.7). _________ is an example of
note-taking technic.
A. Author-oriented citation C. paraphrasing
B. Direct quotation D. Text-oriented

30. Which of the statements is an example of a text-oriented citation?

A. “The Matchmaker” (Spencer, 2009) accurately captures the trials and tribulations of fame
and fortune of artists making it big in show business.
B. According to Mendoza (1990), by the end of the century, our fuel reserves will be reduced
to half, and scarcity of energy supplies will be a big problem.
C. Spencer’s (2009) “ The Matchmaker” shows the different experiences of artist when they
struggle wit stardom and deal with the consequences of fame and fortune.
D. Unless educators realize the importance of reading and writing across subject areas,
problems in comprehension of subject matter will be a prominent issue in the teaching
learning process (Estacio, 2010).

31. It is the central idea or the argument of planning essays and presentations, what is this?
A. Outlining C. Topic sentence
B. Paraphrasing D. Thesis statement

32. In general the, the critique should be organized in the following manner, except one; which is
not included?
A. Strengths and weaknesses should be part of the critique.
B. Remember that the critique should be accessible to the audience.
C. The next part should be part should provide a summary of the concept.
D. The first part should provide readers a sense of ideas you want to tackle.
33. It is a part of an essay that tackles about the topic, coverage and thesis statement.
A. Body C. Ending
B. Conclusion D. Introduction

34. _______________ is an important rhetorical pattern in academic writing as they present a

balanced view of things.
A. Critic C. Review
B. Critique D. Reaction

35. The following are parts of a Review paper, except one; which is NOT included?
A. Introduction C. Review
B. Conclusion D. Recommendation

36. When can we say that the language used in the written text is formal?
A. If the writer follows his own rules and style in writing.
B. If the written text follows the accepted rules of writing in a particular writing community
C. When the writer and the reader correlate with one another through a certain written work.
D. When the writer gives advices to those who aspire to be great writers in the future.

37. What formal word is best to be replaced the underlined word in the sentence, “Annie given the
opportunity to carry out the task”?
A. accomplish C. bring
B. show D. hover

38. It is a language being used in mitigating the strength of the proposal by decreasing its
illocutionary force through.
A. cautious language C. formal language
B. transition language D. exceptional language

39. When do some writers use hedging devices in writing?

A. When they are not sure about the details of what they are writing.
B. Why they want to open up possibilities for discussions.
C. When they need some feedbacks from different sources including those non-academic
D. When the ideas of the readers are better than what he has written
40. Which among the Hedging words is best used when a writer wishes to ‘distance’
himself/herself from the findings.
A. appear C. provide
B. review D. locate

41. Which of the following statements BEST describes Academic Texts?

A. Academic texts are research-based and creative/imaginative.
B. Academic texts are factual and use the first-person point of view.
C. Academic texts refer to writings that are formal and intended for a lay audience.
D. Academic texts use opinions of educated scholars rather than that of the author’s.

42. Which among the transitional devices is used to show additional idea?
A. although B. because C. furthermore D. thus

43. Which of the following sentences exhibits Impersonality in Writing?

A. Honestly, the researcher’s assistants did a lousy job in gathering data.

B. The researchers declined to provide explanations for the failure of the experiment.
C. The research’s assistant miserably failed to observe the guidelines in gathering data.
D. The result revealed that the teachers encountered experiences which even made the
researcher cry.

44. What factor that shapes Academic Writing is exhibited in the scenario, “Tom is writing an
academic essay on the effects of global warming and considers the arrangement of his ideas
and arguments.”?
A. audience B. flow C. organization D. presentation

45.Which among the sentences is NOT structurally correct?

A. Findings revealed that the participants considered their output an achievement; they also
believed it enhanced their self-esteem.
B. Findings revealed that the participants considered their output an achievement, they also
believed it enhanced their self-esteem.
C. Findings revealed that the participants considered their output an achievement they also
believed it enhanced their self-esteem.
D. Findings revealed that the participants considered their output an achievement: they also
believed it enhanced their self-esteem.

46.What formal word can be used to correct the underlined word in the sentence, “Daniel’s test
results are pretty low which resulted to his exclusion from the list of scholars.”?
A. adorable B. beautiful C. handsome D. quite

47. What factor that shapes Academic Writing is exhibited in the scenario, “Catherine is not
confident about her grammar, so she seeks help from her English teacher before publishing her
case study on the latest transportation trends.”?
A. audience B. flow C. organization D. presentation

48. What common sentence construction error refers to the incorrect use of a comma [,] in joining
two complete thoughts or ideas?
A. comma fragment B. comma splice C. Oxford comma D. sprawl

49. What factor that shapes Academic Writing is exhibited in the scenario, “Kyle uses a formal
tone in writing the editorial section of their school paper and he utilizes acceptable formatting
components for his article.”?
A. audience B. flow C. style D. system

50. What aspect of professional and academic language enables a writer to express his
perspective on claims that have not been acclaimed yet by discourse community?
A. Complexity B. Formality C. Hedging D. Objectivity



Answer Key

1. D 31. D

2. D 32. B

3. A 33. D

4. A 34. B

5. D 35. B

6. C 36. B

7. B 37. A

8. A 38. A

9. D 39. B

10. C 40. A

11. A 41. D

12. B 42. C

13. C 43. B

14. C 44. C

15. A 45. A

16. A 46. D

17. D 47.D

18. B 48.B

19. C 49. C

20. B 50. C

21. C

22. C

23. D

24. C

25. C

26. B

27. B

28. D

29. B

30. D