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​Piano Lab Policies 

1. There is ​no food, drink​, ​or gum​ permitted inside the room. 
1. The piano lab is setup for Music Technology use only. There are no word processing programs on 
the computers. There is only one purpose for the lab and that is Music Technology. 
1. Do not adjust any settings on the computers. You are not the only class that uses these 
computers, and therefore you must leave everything as you found it. 
1. Shut off all equipment at the end of class and push your bench in. 
1. Each student will be assigned to a computer station. The students will remain at the same station 
unless instructed differently by the teacher. 
1. Each student is responsible for his/her station and all the materials therein. 
1. No writing in the piano books. 
Failure to follow these procedures will result in the following: 
First offense: verbal warning after class 
Second offense: verbal warning, daily grade reduction, lunch with the teacher 
Third offense: the above, plus phone call home 
Fourth offense & beyond: the above, plus referral to building administration 
We all make mistakes! When in doubt, just come talk - I want what’s best for you and have your best 
interest in mind, so if there’s any way I can help you to be successful, stop by! The door’s always open.