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Quality assurance measurement


If Scout understand that
Late for Online being
he will be late for online
Scout must arrive to venues time and Support is
being time, but not for
not late then 30 minutes not informed -> -11pts
Online being time Market Opening, he
before kick-off. At this time he Late for Online being
must inform Support by
must send Jersey colors, time and Support is
calling Hotline or
weather and pitch conditions. informed -> no
sending a free text
When match is not started Jersey colors can be GCs not sent
Scout must send JC and GC changed during first 3-5 accurately -> -6pts
correctly. minutes after kick-off.
and pitch)
Late opening of
Scout must open the market
market (more than 10
by pushing BetStart button
minute) -> -21pts
Market Opening not late that 15 minutes
Late opening of
before the
market (less than 10
minute) -> -11pts
Pre-Game Events need to be
reported accurately before If Players are coming
each game period, most out or Game about to
Pre-game events
importantly Players are start is not sent or
coming out and Game about wrongly sent -> -6pts
to start.
Not informing the
Support immediately
Sending the KO correctly about a KO for the
Kick-off for wrong implies choosing the correct wrong team -> -11pts
team team and sending the KO the KO for the wrong
moment it takes place. team, but Support
informed immediately
-> -6pts

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Late match start and
If there was some
Hotline is not
connection problems
informed about actual
because of what Scout
Scout must send Match start match time -> -51pts
has missed the actual
Kick-off event exactly at the right time Late match start and
kick-off time, he must
when it takes place. Hotline is informed
call Hotline and inform
about actual time
Support about actual
during 1 minute ->
time of the match.

If a Category 1 Event is Category 1 Event sent

entered for the wrong verifiably and
Category 1 events are the
team but cancelled at significantly with a
Category 1 events most important and must be
once, it will be delay -> -22pts
(Goals, Red Cards, sent by Scout exactly at the
registered as a Category 1 Event sent
Penalties) right time when they takes
significant delay of the with a significant
correct reporting of a delay (more then 1
Category 1 Event. minute) -> -51pts

Category 2 event
missed/wrong ->
If there is a delay of Corner or YC too
Category 2 event many, missed or for
because of possibility of the wrong team, but
Category 2 events are
delaying Category 1 the Scout noticed the
Category 2 events important also, but they can
event Scout must mistake him/herself
(Yellow Cards, be delayed if there is a
inform about that by and the event time
Corners) possibility to delay Category 1
calling Hotline or could be adjusted
sending a free text during the same game
massage with delay period -> -6pts
indication. Category 2 event
delayed but Support is
informed -> no
Shot on, Shot off, Missed/wrong free
Free kick, kick or substitution ->
Substitution -6pts

Category 3 events Missed/wrong

(Goal kicks, Category 3 event ->
throw-ins, offside) -1pts

BCS Quality Assurance Measurement Page 2

Shots are a dangerous
Shots without
Dangerous attack situation anytime, that’s why
Dangerous Attack ->
before shots before them match status
must be in Dangerous Attack.

Corner is a dangerous
Corner without
Dangerous attack situation anytime, that’s why
Dangerous Attack ->
before Corner before it match status must
be in Dangerous Attack.
Goal kick anytime is a safe
situation for the team which
Ball safe before Goal kick without Ball
is in the possession, that’s
Goal kick Safe -> -1pts
why before goal kick must be
sent ball safe.
In period of
If there is no clear Missed/late injury
Injury time indication of Injury time time indication ->
Scout must send Injury time
Scout must send +0min -6pts
added by referee.
If there will be Extra
As soon as referee blows the Time or direct penalty
Extra Time instead of
whistle of Match End Scout shootout Scout must
Match End -> -11pts
Match End must send it by pushing push Extra Time button
Match End instead of
Second end button on the and inform Support
Extra Time -> -51pts
menu, then Match End. about continuation of
the game.
PDA and/or mobile PDA and/or mobile
Scout must charge PDA and
phone not fully phone not fully
mobile phone fully before the
charged or charged or forgotten
forgotten -> -51pts

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