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UAL Awarding Body

Creative Production

Henley College (62441)

Jordan Jenkins (972825)
Creative Media Production (TV and Film)

Production Team: Jordan and Ben

Title of Production: Money over Passion

Deadlines –

Context- Thursday 21st March 2019

Research- Friday 5th April 2019

Pre-production- Friday 26th April

Production (Filming and Editing)-

First Submission- 10th May 2019

Final Submission- 17th May 2019

Pitch- Will be undertaken during the week of the 3rd June 2019

Evaluation- 7th June 2019

Terms and conditions of THC Vibe


• All criteria must be met (outlines in the following pages) for you to pass
• You will work on the re-submissions after each section and NOT at the end. As soon as
a section is completed, there will be no going back to it.
• Although all teachers are guiding you, you must always go to your ‘marking teacher’
for grades and written feedback (all teachers can guide and feedback verbally
during lessons however)
• For you to gain the highest grade possible you will be required to work outside your 11
lessons and be in on Wednesday afternoons
• Resubmissions for each section may be done on Wednesdays so you will be required
to attend in order to pass / improve
• Group work is permitted but only as pairs (with extra rules for groups)
• A deadline is a deadline – you are marked on your professionalism so late submissions
will go against your grade
• You will sign ‘hand in’ forms so we can track who has kept to each deadline
• You will be required to sign a letter of authenticity (to state all work is your own)
• There can be no extensions as this work is submitted to the exam board and if it is not
there on deadline day they will fail it
• If you are filming off campus, the marking teacher must approve BEFORE you are
allowed to go and the filming days must match your production schedule.
• Actors must be part of the course or have signed a declaration to say they will be at
the filming location – ‘no show actors’ will not be allowed as an excuse

Group work
• ALL research will be carried out individually – you must not submit the same research
• Production forms must be completed individually (someone else has them is not an
• You must ALL be at the filming of the production
• You must ALL be at the edit of the production
• In order to obtain an INDIVIDUAL grade you must log EVERYDAY with what you did in
that team and what your role was for that day. This also is marked after each section
and not at the end.
• You must all individually evaluate
• You must both be part of the pitch and presentation process (this can be a group
• Evidence of communication and meetings between you must also be uploaded
• You will be monitored and graded on your teamwork by the marking teacher who will
also keep a record of how you performed.

Production Schedule-

Date-Week Plan of action Evaluation

19th-22nd March 2019 9 am final project to be
WK1 handed out to year 1
Introduction to course
Deadlines and guidelines
Context until lesson 8 WK 1

Research begins Friday 22nd

March 2019
Plan- to be created which
explains what research will
be carried out each day
MEDIUM- Research into
chosen production format

25th-29thth March 2019 Research-

WK2 Genre- secondary research
to be carried out into codes
and conventions of a
Documentary as well as
video analysis to be done on
this type of production (two
Content- topic research to
inform the content

Artists- Looking at artists

within documentary’s to
allow us to develop a
understand of what style we
wish to portray – from
chosen Medium (Primary
and secondary research to
be sent out on social media)

1st – 5th April 2019 Audience Platform Research evaluation to be

WK3 carried out within the half
term- ensure these are

Interviewee, presenter and answered accurately and in

narrator a high amount of detail
Infographics and evaluation
write up

Easter holiday wk4 Improve and ensure that Research/ evaluation blog
research is detailed as
possible and that all
improvements have been
made within these 2 weeks.

Plan and create

preproduction documents
ensuring that everything has
been sorted and written up
in a large amount of detail.

Easter holiday wk5 Plan and create

preproduction documents
ensuring that everything has
been sorted and written up
in a large amount of detail.

23rd – 26th April 2019 wk6 Planning- Planning evaluation as well

If planning has been as working on feedback
created to a professional from teachers
standard, then begin filming
and gaining b-roll footage, if
not carry on with pre-
production documents and
ensure these are as detailed
and accurate as possible as
this will allow filming to flow
well with minimal issues.

29th April – 3rd May Begin filming with Ben I will

2019 be editing within free time
WK7 day by day to ensure
production has a good
flow and further more
makes sense to viewers
and creates a good

6th - 10th May wk8 Me and Ben will be filming I

will be editing within free
time day by day to ensure
production has a good flow

and further more makes

sense to viewers and creates
a good atmosphere

13th - 17th May wk9 Begin re-shoots Making

final editing adjustments to
ensure the codes and
conventions are shown

20th – 24th May wk10 Final evaluation to be Final Evaluation-

completed to a professional
standard ensuring this is as
detailed as possible.
Survey Monkeys to be send
out to gain a high amount of
reliable feedback.

WK 11 – Half term Marking occurs in order to

receive final feedback

3rd- 7th June Begin working on pitch with

wk12 Ben this will be presented
Wednesday 5th June – Friday
7th June

Final submission 7th JUNE


10th – 14th June wk13 Final marks and assessment

sheets summited

17th – 21st June wk14 Moderation Week-


Competition- Raindance

Deadlines- Submission dates- Shorts fees- Feature Music

fees- video

Early Deadline 26th April 2019 £25.00 £55.00 £25

Regular Deadline 17th May 2019 £35.00 £75.00 £35

Late Deadline 31st May 2019 £50.00 £100.00 £50


Categories for submission

• Narrative feature
• Documentary feature
• Narrative short
• Documentary short
• Animation short
• Music video
• Queer (feature)

• Virtual and Augmented virtual reality experience

• Web series

Raindance film festival also accepts the following lengths of productions such as
feature films over 45 minutes, Short films under 45 minutes and finally music videos
under 6 minutes.

Raindance film festivals aims to challenge the boundaries of film making through
finding unique, bold and innovative productions that do this.

Prize –

The winner of the competition for best UK feature, UK short and UK’s Best screen play
will receive an Inktip script listening to promote themselves and their scripts Inktips
entire network of producer, manager/agents.

Our choice – Me and Ben have chosen to create a Documentary short which will be under
45 minutes and most likely will average at about 8 minutes. We have chosen to create this
form of production as there are no limits in what we could present as Raindances terms and
conditions are quite vague, most likely to allow participants to has more space for creativity
as they have a large and limitless time scale to create this within apart from this being under
45 minutes.

Extended project idea/target audience- Money over passion

Me and Ben have both decided for our final major project (FMP) that we are going to create
an in depth documentary which asks the big question within the music industry, How has
auto-tune affected the music industry. We have several ideas as to who we are going to
interview and what information we could gain from these interviews as to how much this is
going to benefit our overall productions purpose. We have several ideas for interviewees
such as Steve B from a small rock band called Underdog. This person would be beneficial to
our production as they have a strong and in depth knowledge of what goes into making
music and the values that are needed to create music. I personally feel this would allow us to
get a reliable and knowledgeable opinion on our documentary’s subject that could
challenge viewer’s opinions on the subject and furthermore this point to be valid and
sophisticated, which shows passion as they know this industry very well.

Another interviewee we could question is Tyriq, who is a young rapper who is trying to make it
within the music industry, this interviewee could give a mutual opinion that would educate
young musicians into what it required to even have a vague chance at succeeding in this
rapidly growing industry and the issue that arise on this path. This interviewee could give an
opinion into how talent shows such as x-factor have benefited or challenged the youth
chances at succeeding. The use of auto tune within the rap genre and how this has
developed over the years and if this a positive and a negative and furthermore if this young
artist uses this music production tool and what extent this is used too. I personally believe to
this interviewee would benefit our production a large amount as they have new knowledge
as well as experience within the industry that can educate our viewers that may be
attempting this as too how difficult this industry is too get your name recognised.

Another interviewee we could gain reliable and trustworthy information from is Carol Decker
who had a number 1 in the charts within the 1980’s. This interviewee could give us highly
trustworthy and reliable information on the evolution of the music industry from the 80’s to the
prior day and her overall opinion of present day music and furthermore her valid opinion on
how she feels the use of auto tune is within the music industry and how talent shows such as
x-factor have enabled this due to less talented singers being so passionate about music they
use this tool to become big, which unfortunately gives music genres such as rap a bad name
as their passion does not equal out with their mindset as well as work ethic which allows them
to get to where talented singers such as this individual is. I personally feel that this individual
would be a very beneficial interview for our FMP, this is because they have unique and
valuable information that can educate viewers as well as young artists taking part what the
correct approach is within this industry in order to get successful and known and furthermore
the secrets for this success and finally what the negatives are currently within this music
industry giving us first hand information on these unfortunate issues.

The angle we are going to cover within this production is going to be a in depth analysis of
the music industry looking into subjects such as big talent shows for example Britain’s got
talent and X-factor and how the industry has turned presenters passion for music into more of
a money making scheme which has influenced their decisions on who gets big as an artist,
making the industry more about the performance aspect than the actual singing, this was
suggested in feedback by Sarah which I personally believe is a great perspective to build of
within our production as this will allow us to have a full in depth look into the development of
music and how this has become more about the outcome for example how much a song
makes as oppose to the overall production. This has caused a influx of artists who don’t have
the talent and passion that for example rappers such as Nas and 2 pac had as well as major
bands such as guns and roses and red hot chilli peppers. This means that the actual concept
of music having someone’s heart spilled out telling a story and using clever word play to
convey their life, is not that common anymore. We are going to investigate such subjects
that could be the reason for this such as auto tune and why this is used and how this has
created a generation of talentless musicians that rely on technology to make them seem
good. We are going to do this through finding and referencing music from for example the
90’s and comparing this with current 2018-2019 music. I suppose the real question is has
money caused the music industry to loose it’s core values.

Our overall angle- Our documentary is called money over passion and will be investigating
the music industry. We will have interviews with individuals within the industry who have made
it in the past and we will find out the reasons as to how they made it, if this is possible in the
modern day industry and what changed for example we will be looking at how auto tune
has had a strong and negative effect on music genres such as rap and rock as well as the
positives that come out of this as these individuals will have a strong, valid and trustworthy
opinion that will make us appear more reliable to an audience. We will also be investing and
looking into talent shows such as Britain’s got talent and X-factor to see the negative effect
this had on music as this is more based on the performance aspect rather than the singing
and creativity that goes into a song and how this as well as auto tune as caused a mass influx

of talentless artists who are just trying to make money rather than making music for the
people. We will be showing comparisons of prior and present day rappers through an
appropriate use of b-role. We will be going to location that represent this industry, where we
will interview artists and question them on their values towards music and asking them where
they believe if there’s any passion within the music industry now or if it’s just an easy way to
make money. This will tie off with a voice over from the narrator explaining to viewers whether
these issues will be resolved or whether the industry is going to become more fixed and the
these musicians will keep flooding in making the real artist with talent un heard. This
production will be aimed at 15- 50 year olds as this a globally loved topic (music) despite
age, the reason why we have said 50 as our end in the age gap is because this production
talks about modern technology which is more understandable to younger viewers as oppose
to an older audience e.g. 80. This documentaries purpose is to educate viewers on this
growing industry.