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take care of the household work, make

Religion: dough, bake bread and clean the house.

Ali in return vouched to take care of the
outside work (such as gathering firewood
and bringing food stuff.)

Fatima (A), the Mother

It is sufficient to say that Fatima raised
two boys, Hasan and Husain, the leaders
Fatima-AI-Zahra of the youth of paradise who were the
purified and Infallible Imam.
Fatima (A), the Daughter She raised two daughters; Zanib and
After the death of her mother ,she Umme-Kulthum. Hazrat zianab who
attended to the prophet [S.A.W] even carried on Imam Husain’s mission to the
more often and consoled him during time court of yazid bin mu’awiya and ensured
of hardship, so much that called her its success.
``UmmiAbiha `` .
Hazrat Anis bin Malice‘s mother said;
‘’Fatima was like a moon on its full night,
or the sun covered by no clouds.
Qandozi reported that hazrat Ayesha said
‘’whenever the prophet returned from a
trip, he would kiss Fatima’s throat and
say; ‘from her I do smell the fragrance of

Fatima (A), the Wife

The home environment was an example
of hormony, peace, tranquility, and
modesty. She helped her husband in his
worldly and religious affairs, and
cooperated with him in achieving his
exalted mission.
Hazrat Ali said; when I looked at her,
depression and sadness would be

Imam-Al-Baqir said; Fatima vouched to

4-It is attributed to Imam Sadiq(A) that he
Fatima(A) , the Teacher heard his forefathers thatHazrat Fatima
(A) had said that; “The man who is
observing a fast would not gain any thing
when his tongue, ears , and limbs are not
safe from sin”
5”Allah fixed the reward for His obedience
and torment for His disobedience so that
He may restrain His servents from His
Wrath and Fury and lead them to
Being brought up the prophet (S.A.W) of 6-“you the servants of Allah are the ones
Allah and company of her husband it is to maintain His injunctions and
easy to understand why she was highly prohibitions , and carry His religion and
enlightened in the knowledge of the His revelations , and are the trustees of
Quran and the Islamic law. Allah upon your souls, and propagators of
His religion among other nations”.
Fatima’s (A S) genius is considered an
example of a Muslim woman’s adherence 7-Allah rendered alms for the purity of
to noble traits. She is a perfect example of yours souls and for flourishing and
how a daughter, a wife, and a mother expansion of your sustenance.
should act while keeping her decency and
pure character. She also shows us the
Muslims women’s role in social fields
within the limits of confirms that Islam
does not deprive women of acquiring
scientific cultural and literary knowledge.

Quets From Fatima:

1_The book of Allah is the guide to its
followers towards the pleasure of Allah
.Listening to it leads to the salvation. The
enlightened and conspicuous evidences
and proofs of Allah can be obtained
through it..
2_And (Allah made ) kindness to the
parents as a protection (shield) to His
‘’wrath and displeasure.’’
3”-And Allah made the row performing
(fulfilling of vows) as a medium for
Too often at events or parties, guests are
attached to their smartphones tweeting
or texting, but no one is truly engaging or
interacting with the people around them.

As more generations are born into the

social age, social media will continue to be
the favored communication form among
young people. However, this shift may
Social media effects our begin to affect their ability to
Interpersonal properly communicate in person with
May/June 2013 Issue:
By ED Keller

Face booking , tweeting and texting are

not only the prevalent but also the
preferred forms of communication for
many college students and young adults

Social media interaction now dominates

both online and offline conversations. In a
society where interacting and over-
sharing online is the norm, you’re
probably more likely to speak to friends
and family through electronic devices than Social media vs.
But are social media and modern communication:
technology destroying our interpersonal
social skills? Recent research and studies “Communication is constantly evolving.
say so. Some people are as used to seeing their
friends’ online avatar as they are their
A study conducted for online casino face,” Yazino founder Hussein Chahine
Yazino found that one in four people said in The Telegraph. “People increasingly
spend more time socializing online, via prefer quick and frequent engagement
sites such as Facebook and Twitter, than with instant updates on news than a
they do in person. prolonged chat and are also finding new
ways to catch up with friends from the Keller-Fay’s Talk Track research study also
comfort of their sofa.” suggests that 90% of the influential
conversations that we have every day
The study also found that even when happen offline, while only 8% are online.
there is an opportunity to see people
face-to-face, on weekends for example, “Social media is big and growing, but it is
up to 11% of adults still prefer to stay at still dwarfed by the analog world in which
home and communicate on their devices people live and interact,” explain Keller
instead. and Fay.

“People tend to want to show others that Although being in the know and active on
they are having fun than actually having social media is amusing, hip and
fun themselves,” said University of South convenient, socializing online should be
Florida graduate Mark Clennon. done in moderation when in the presence
of friends at a gathering. You’ll gain much
“There’s a greater desire to share with more from having an in-depth
other people you barely know, than conversation with a friend, rather than
actually hanging out with friends and tweeting back and forth with them.
making memories,” he added.

At the end of the day, nothing can replace

face to face conversation and interactions.
Despite the explosion of online
endorsements and social media dialogue
between individuals and brands,
researchers have found word-of-mouth
exchanges and in-depth conversation are
still most influential.

According to the Talk Track research used

in Ed Keller and Brad Fay’s The Face-to-
Face Book: Why Real Relationships Rule in
a Digital Marketplace, our conversations
in person are much more powerful than Step away from the
those online.
smart phone: Can’t seem to put
your mobile device down when mingling
“…The decisions we make are based on
with friends? Try these suggestions
true interpersonal influence: social
to engage more with your peers.
influence, which happens most often, and
most powerfully, face-to-face,” Keller and
1. For those who like to share their
Fay note.
locations online using Foursquare and
Facebook check-ins, check in before the the end of the night anyway.
party, concert or event even starts.
Checking in and tweeting in the middle of
the festivities not only takes away from
your fun but also distracts you from
socializing with friends and party-goers.

2. If everyone in your crew is attached to

their phones when hanging out, make it
entertaining by placing a bet or creating a
game. Try making everyone put their cell
phones away, and the first one to give in
and use theirs pays for dinner. Or, have
everyone place their phones in a common
area at your next party; the last one to use
their phone that night wins a prize or
bragging rights.

3. With the increased popularity

of Instagram, we all know how important
it is to show everyone the fun you’re
having through pictures. Why not post
your pics on Facebook and Instagram at
the end of the night, or after leaving an
event or party? This way, you aren’t
missing out on a good time with friends
while frequently uploading pictures. You’ll
have more great pics to choose from at
who won the most awards , sported the
SHOWBIES: color.

By Maria B;
‘’Don’t be into trend. Don’t make fashion
own you, but you decide what you are,
what you want to express by the way you
dress and the way to live.’’

The popularity of this shade is in

alignment with the color of year,
‘greenery’, announced by Pantone colour
Institute. According to some fashion
experts, emerald green suits almost all
skin tones. Emerald and black is one of the
best pairings and looks extremely
sophisticated and charming. Pair emerald
attire with gold or platinum jewellery to
complete the look. While it is advisable to
wear light- makeup, one can opt for gold,
In recent times, many noted female
red lipstick to add a dramatic effect.
personalities have begun to play a key role
in transforming the way people perceive
women, fashion where globally. Whether
it is a classic and conventional look, or
bold and over the top, contemporary
women are not afraid of experimenting
with their appearance or changing their
styles. This is evident in the way
celebrities dress during award shows.The
59th Grammy awards in February 2017
proved this. While the men looked dapper
as always, women took dressing up to a
whole new level. Be it Lady Gaga’s
unconventional and dramatic look or
Chrissy Teigen’s gothic look, the ladies
certainly made sure the bold in the way to
Let us explore the best fashion picks
inspired by the unique dresses at the 2017
Grammy Awards.
Elegant, Feminine gowns: Jennifer Lopez’s
Shades of emerald: Emerald green made
pastel Ralph and Russo gown was one of
its presence. Even British singer Adele,
the best dresses at the event. The multi
talented celebrities looked stunning. She
paired with diamond rings by Botany,
heels by Christian Louboutin and a silver
clutch. Feminine gowns are the most
common and classiest dresses in fashion
wear. A feminine dress is timeless and can
upgrade one’s style quotient without
much effort.

“When pictures
didn’t have filters The actor savoured a throwback moment
when she hash-tagged the photo “I look
pissed but I’m not.”TheHumsafar star is
or pouts” says the undeniably a natural beauty as she looks
just as captivating with minimal make-up,
no filters and styling.Here is an adorable
caption of Mahira video of the Raees beauty from her VJ-ing
days to tease your nostalgic nerves.
Khan’s latest
update on
Politics: Pakistani politics current
The article initially provides a brief
If we observe the political situation of
overview about current political situation Pakistan, much of the politics is based on
of Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing different ethnic groups. Its fair to say that
country and it is politically unstable but current political situation of Pakistan is in
we live in the world where everything is dire need of substantial changes if we
possible. Democratic governments have compare it to the political systems of
always failed to complete their tenure leading nations in the world.
which eventually results in a long lasting
dictatorship reign. In Pakistani politics, Role of political parties
there is a clear domination by few families
only and these families have never in Pakistan:
produced long lasting fruitful resultsThe
chair of head of state has been a war
between the head of army staff and a few
noticeable political leaders. There had
been a struggle between the army and
Nawaz sharif for quite some time. During
his second term as Prime Minister in the
early 1990’s Sharif attempted to remove a
military chief but instead had to resign
himself. In 1999, sharif replaced then
army chief Pervez Musharraf, but army
Pakistani politics almost every party
commanders launched a coup against
represents a particular ethnic group,
sharif , and Musharraf came to power. By
therefore no party has got the support in
2016 Sharif faced much the dilemma.Who
every region because the role of political
has suffered? Well, you guessed it right,
parties in Pakistan is very much based
the nation!
upon different ethnic groups they
represent. This is one of the major
reasons of slow development in some
specific areas as compared to others.
Pakistan’s political system is broken: its
political parties are ineffective ,
functioning for decades as instruments of
two families, the Bhuttos and the Sharif’s
two clans both corrupt. There are a
number of key problems in political
system of Pakistan & the list grows on and
on with every passing minute.
Pakistani politics:
Pakistani politics has started to take an
adverse route as the layman pursues to
struggle in the rut. The current situation in
Karachi and Baluchistan is worse than
ever. The blame of these riots clearly is on
Read the News: Nawazsharif has become politicians who are just manipulating
a better person. Nawaz Sharif demands different groups to get benefits for
America to stop drone strikes Real Face themselves. Id the current political
Mian Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto situation in Pakistan does not change, the
high court appraises Mian Shahbaz country would keep on suffering at the
Sharif’s Dengue work. hands of monarchs and waderas! The role
youth in politics seems to b missing in this
PML (N) MPA arrives at Assembly Hall on
scenario and needs to be looked upon if
motorcycle to take oath Nawaz Sharif:
the country is to strive for betterment.
Corruption would not be tolerated
One possible underlying problem is to
Shahbaz Sharif: We would continue from improve the problems of education
here we left off. system that erodes as every day falls
behind. “Words, without power, is mere
Shahbaz Sharif: Our government would
reduce expenditures
Let’s join hands, let’s walk together, let’s
Dr Abdul Qadir: PPP was corruptwhere as
make Pakistan a better nation!
Shahbaz Sharif did development work
Pakistan to produce electricity from Coal,
orders Nawaz.
BEAUTY TIPS: 3. Suffering from frizzy hair?
By Dr. Umme Raheel Try this simple, quick and easy-to-make
spray. Take slices of two lemon and
1. For dull, oily and combination skin Simmer in two cups of water until it
Massage the skin with iced yoghurt and reduces to half the amount. Pour the
sprinkle some sugar along with it. Now liquid
Take orange halves and scrub gently until into a spritz bottle and spray on your hair.
the granules melt. Wash the face with Not only will there be a wonderful
natural sheen but static and fly away hair
iced water and see the difference.
will be gone!

2. For dull, tired and dry skin

Massage the skin with papaya. Then make
a scrub by mixing oats and honey
along with a little cold milk and scrub the 4. For natural hair colour
skin. Wash off with ice cold milk and
water and pat dry. If you have a brownish tinge in your hair
and don't have the time to henna or
it, then take a few sprigs of rosemary from
the kitchen shelf and simmer them in 2
cups of water along with 2 tsp black tea a cucumberand massage around eye area
until it reduces to half the quantity. Mix and then lie down with the tea bags on
with 1/4cup of shampoo and every time your eyes for 10 minutes.You will find an
you shampoo, use this mixture. Leave the instant difference in the way your eyes
shampoo in your hair for about 15 look and feel.
minutes and see the difference it makes.

5. For a smooth back

Planning to wear a low back blouse,
backless dress or choli, but have no time
go in for a body scrub to show off a
smooth back? Here's a quick home
Take 1 cup of sea salt and mix it with half
a cup of olive oil. Add 5 drops of
sandalwood oil and mix well. Store in a jar
and scrub the areas of your body you
want to flaunt. Wipe off with a wet towel.

6. Dealing with under eye bags and dark

Take used chamomile tea bags and store
them in the freezer. Grate half
fourteen, of which there are 40 million in
Pakistan, according to a survey last year
by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, funded
by International Labour Organization’s
IPEC (International Programme on the
Elimination of Child Labour). This means
that nearly half of all children are working.
This is unacceptable given that a principle
of policy in Pakistan is to provide free
Child Labour in Pakistan: education and rid the country of illiteracy.
In many cases, the parents of child
child labour is a reality in Pakistan. Many labourers cannot afford an education for
their children or they believe that
organizations have estimated that there
education does not lead to marketable
could be anywhere from 8 to 19 million
skills. However, statistics show that most
child labourers in the country. The age of
child labourers go on to have children that
a child is defined from age five to age
do not attend school and the cycle of
fourteen, of which there are 40 million in
poverty continues. This article will be
Pakistan, according to a survey last year
divided into three sections: the first will
by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, funded
discuss the laws regarding child labour
by International Labour Organization’s
and why child labour continues to be a
IPEC (International Programme on the
reality; the second will look at different
Elimination of Child Labour). This means
industries where children work and how
that nearly half of all children are working.
they affect the wellbeing of those
This is unacceptable given that a principle
children; and the third will examine
of policy in Pakistan is to provide free
possible solution.
education and rid the country of illiteracy.
In many cases, the parents of child
labourers cannot afford an education for
their children or they believe that
education does not lead to Child labour is
a reality in Pakistan. Many organizations
have estimated that there could be
anywhere from 8 to 19 million child
labourers in the country. The age of a
child is defined from age five to age
Laws Governing Child:
First, a definition of child labour is in
order. The definition given by the
International Labour Organization (ILO) is
fourfold: working during early age;
overwork or giving too much time to
work; lots of pressure to work; and lastly,
a readiness to work for low pay. Article 11
of the Pakistani Constitution prohibits
slavery, trafficking and the participation of
children under 14 in hazardous
employment. Hazardous employment
includes many different occupations such
as transport, factories, mines, work
involving agricultural machinery and
pesticides, and carpets. In 1995, the
government passed the Employment of Working conditions of
Children Rules, which mandates, among
other things, that work places have to be
Child labor presents agirm pitcher of the
ean and that proper ventilation has to be
socio economic of a large section of our
provided, according to The State of
Pakistan’s Children 2006 report by
In a large overgrowing family where there
otection of the Rights of the Child
is hardly a square meal a day the young
(SPARC) marketable skills.
child is compelled to go work to earn
out on those good –for-you parts-go for the
whole grain instead.

Coffee and tea:

Tea and cofee may wake you upend keep your
focused but don’t overdo it on the caffeine –it
may trigger migraine or IBS in people who are

Green vegetables:
When it comes to leafy greens you get a

Food and health:

green light to eat as much as you want
that’s how good they are for you.

You know that certain foods can help you lose

weight and lower your risk for disease _but do
you know why?

Discover your path to better health and

nutrition read why certain nutrients, vitamins,
and minerals naturally food in food can
improve your health help you live a long
active life.

Oil and fats: Cheeses:

There are many different cheeses in the
Fat is not a four letter word learn to choose world and in your supermarket-but the
the right fats to add flavor and boost your healthiest choices are cheeses that are
lower in fat and sodium. Dairy Dairy
products are great sources of calcium and
protein but if you are consuming full- fat
dairy you may be increasing your risk of
some conditions.

Refined grains: refined

grains are missing fiber and key nutrients that
their whole grain counterpart retain.dont miss
drown them in butter.
Beef and pork: Go for lean
cuts of meat and don’t beef up your

Fruit and vegetable

Fruit juice is a highly concentrated source
of fruit sugar. This can raise your blood
sugar quickly, and that’s why juice is not
recommended for people with type 2 Alcohol:
diabetes. Alcohol may have some heart healthy
benefits excess drinking can lead to
weight gain and at greater risk for
Starchy vegetables: additional health problems.

Starchy vegetables are high-quality crabs

that contain valuable nutrients but they
are more calorie dense then non starchy, Herbs and spices:
water-rich varieties, so be sure to each Using herbs spices and other seasoning
them in moderation will flavor your food without adding extra
sodium calories sugar or fat.

Alliums vegetables:
They may be best known for their pungent
are but these potent veggies onions, go
and leeks have powerful effect on your

Fish and selfish:

Fruits of the sea, like fish and selfish, are
some of the best choices of lean protein
available-as long as you don’t fry them or
top countries that have registered a high
growth rate in internet penetration.
Overall, it has the 27th largest
population of internet users in the world.

 Education is a lifelong process
therefore anytime anywhere access to
it is the need
 Information explosion is an ever
increasing phenomena therefore
Technology: there is need to get access to this
The article is about information
 Education should meet the needs of
technology in Pakistan. For an overview of
variety of learners and therefore IT is
modern science and technology in
important in meeting this need
Pakistan. Information technology is a
 It is a requirement of the society that
growing and rising industry that has a lot
of potential. Matters relating to the IT the individuals should posses
industry are overseen and regulated by technological literacy
the Ministry of Information and  We need to increase access and bring
Broadcasting of the Pakistan. The IT down the cost of education to meet
industry is regarded as a successful sector the challenges of illiteracy and
of Pakistan economically, even in financial poverty-IT is the answer of questions
crisis.[3] The government of Pakistan has about technology.
given numerous incentives to IT investors
in the country during the last decade; this
resulted in the development of the IT
sector. In the years 2003-2005 the
country's IT exports saw a rise of about
fifty percent and amounted a total of
about 48.5 million USD. The World
Economic Forum, assessing the
development of Information and Importance:
Communication Technology in the country
ranked Pakistan 111th among 144  access to variety of learning
countries in the Global Information resources
Technology report of 2014
 immediacy to information
As of 2011, Pakistan has over 20 million
 anytime learning
internet users and is ranked as one of the
 anywhere learning IT has provided immediacy to education.
Now in the
 collaborative learning
 multimedia approach to education Now in the year of computers and web
 authentic and up to date information networks the pace of imparting
 access to online libraries
 teaching of different subjects made
 educational data storage
 distance education

 Any time learning

Now in the year of computers and web
networks the pace of imparting
knowledge is very very fast and one can
Significance of IT in be educated .One can study whenever he
wills irrespective of whether it is day or
education: night.The advantage of using information
technology is that time-consuming work
 Access to variety of learning routines can increasingly be performed by
resources: In the era of technology. IT means of this technology and time can
aids plenty of resources to enhance the thus be devoted instead to
teaching skills and learning ability. With communicating and informing, to the
the help of IT now it is easy to provide processing of information and the
audio visual education. The learning production of knowledge.
resources are being widens and widen.
Now with this vivid and vast technique as
part of the IT curriculum, learners are
encouraged to regard computers as tools
to be used in all aspects of their studies.
In particular, they need to make use of
the new multimedia technologies to
communicate ideas, describe projects,
and order information in their work.

 Immediacy to information
sustained growth in agricultural production
is imperative for a rapid development of
economy and poverty reduction in the

Science And Technology

Based Agriculture Vision The important factors that may
contribute to a higher agricultural growth
Of Pakistan: include expansion in cultivated area,
enhanced use of water and other
agricultural inputs, increase in cropping
Agriculture is the largest income and intensity, technological change, and
employment-generating sector of technical efficiency. Various studies show
Pakistan’s a positive growth in total factor
economy. About o third population of the productivity for agriculture in Pakistan.
country resides in rural areas and directly However, the estimates differ widely and
or range from 0.37 [Kemal et. al (2002)] over
indirectly depend on agriculture for their the period
livelihood. The sector provides raw 1964-2001 to 2.3 [Ali (2000)] for the
materials to the period 1960-1995. Chaudhry et al (1996)
industrial sector and is an important estimated
source of demand for its products. The a total factor productivity growth of 0.48
past experience for crop sub-sector over the period 1950-
shows that periods of high/low 1995;
agricultural growth have generally the growth in aggregated inputs
coincided with periods of accounted for about 80 percent of the
robust/poor performance of the national total increase in
economy [Ali 2000]. The share of crop output growth and the rest was
agriculture in contributed by improvement in
GDP of the country has though declined agricultural
overtime as a result of ongoing process of technology.
structural It is widely maintained that the potential
adjustment, its performance still have a for allocating more land and water
major impact on the overall performance resources to agricultural production
of the and/or scope of further increase in
economy because of its linkages with the cropping intensity
rest of the economy. Therefore, a higher
is limited in Pakistan. Moreover, use of during 2002-03; fisheries and forestry sub-
inputs like fertilizers and pesticides cannot sectors contributed just 3.5 and 1.1
be percent
increased beyond certain limits and also respectively. The respective shares of
because of national health and major and minor crops in total value
environmental added in
concerns. Therefore, the country would agriculture stood at 40.5 and 16 percent.
have to depend more heavily on The four major crops namely wheat, rice,
technological cotton,
change and improvement of technical and sugarcane contributed 37 percent to
efficiency for the desired rapid agricultural the overall agricultural income and
growth. around 9 percent
Technological change is the result of of the GDP.
research and development (R&D) efforts, Therefore,
while technical efficiency with which new more diversification in the agriculture
technology is adopted and used more sector is crucial both for stability of
rationally is affected by the flow of agricultural
information, better infrastructure, income as well as GDP. Though the
availability of contribution of minor crops has been
funds and quality inputs, and farmers’ small relative to
managerial capabilities. The national major crops, they have the highest growth
agricultural research system (NARS) is potential particularly for vegetables,
poorly funded, ill equipped, weakly linked fruits, and
with international and national flowers along with livestock and fisheries
stakeholders, thinly staffed with mostly sub-sectors. The following sub-sections
low capacity and unmotivated scientific discuss
manpower, lack autonomy, and generally important issues confronting agriculture
mismanaged. in general and crops sub-sector in
particular and
assess the roles that various factors can
play toward a rapid growth for the sector.

In Pakistan, agricultural output is
dominated by crop and livestock
production, which
respectively accounted for 56.5 and 38.9
percent of the total valued added in
yields and the best practice yields. Applied
Low Yields and Large research programs, if successful, will close
Unachieved Potentials: this
The national average yields of various gap (and will thus open up the extension
crops are far below their potential yields gap). Thirdly, science gap, the difference
realized at the progressive farms and that between
demonstrated at research stations. science potential and the research
Moreover, potential yields. The agricultural
research potential yields are lower than productivity growth
the potential demonstrated in many of would thus require frequently shifting of
the developed T3 and T2 yields2 thus widening the
and developing countries. Evenson (2002) “research gap”
discusses four yield levels and three yield and continually bridging this gap by
gaps enhancing the best practice yield (T1)
associated with them. The first level is through applied
actually realized yield on the average research.
farmer’s fields
(T0). The second is the “best practice”
yield (T1), which can be realized using the
available technology (Figure 1). It is
possible that some farmers obtain best
practice yields
but the average farmer does not. The
third yield level is the “research potential”
yield (T2),
i.e., it is the hypothetical best practice
yield that would be expected to be
attained as a result
of a successful applied research program
directed toward this crop. The fourth is
potential” yield (T3). This is also a
hypothetical yield. It is the research
potential yield
attainable if new scientific discoveries
(e.g., in biotechnology) are utilized in
applied research
Associated with these four yields levels
three “gaps” are defined. Firstly,
gap, the difference between best practice
and average yields. The extension
programs are designed to close this gap.
Secondly, research gap, the difference
between research potential
need their best wishes”.
Pakistan win World Team Snookers
Championship in Egypt: Pakistan
won the World Team Snooker
Championship in Hurghada, Egypt on
Thursday, International Billiards and
Snooker federation reported. The final of
the tournament was played between two
Pakistan teams Pakistan 2 won against
Pakistan-1 by 5-4 frames. The winning
team having former world champion
Muhammad ASif and current world No 4
,World 6 Reds Babar Masih edged out
Pakistan-1 of Muhammad Sajjad and
Asjad Iqbal. Team Pakistan-2 gave a good
start and capitalized first two frames but
after that in doubles Sajjad and Asjad
made 60 points breaks and won the
frame. The match swung both ways in
Pakistan beat Wales in semi-final, while
subsequent frames as both the teams
Pakistan-2 outplayed Ireland to reach the
entered in the deciding frame. Though
final in the 36 team event. Babar had lost
Pakistan-1 had a good start but Pakistan-2
his semi-final in the individual
countered well and curtailed them to 28
championship to India’s Kamal Chawla,
points to go ahead and clear the table
however, he said that he wanted to win
scoring 70-28 to claim the title. It was for
the team championship even more after
the first time in the team Snooker
the result in the individuals’ event.
category that two teams of the same
Sajjad has been revived his form this year,
country played the final.
after struggling for almost three years to
make his mark internationally again,
however, behind his success this year,
there is a tragedy. He lost his wife earlier
this year in an accident. He dedicated his
win at the Asian championship to his late
It happened, and things go on, I have got
Snooker to focus on, I believe I can keep
‘’ It was a tough competition for me and my form.
for other players ‘’ Babar said. ‘’I want to
dedicate this win, the performance in
both events, to my parents and all
Pakistanis who supported us. We’ll always
We trained hard before coming to Egypt.

ASif said ‘’ our players are doing well

despite the lack of resources and the
government should have the reward
system for Snookers players too’’ like they Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played
do for Cricketers,’’ between two teams of eleven players
each on a cricket field, at the centre of
which is a rectangular 22-yard-
They need to recognize us too. It is the long pitch with a target called
first time in the history that both finalists the wicket (a set of three
were from the same country in an IBSF wooden stumps topped by two bails) at
each end. Each phase of play is called
an innings during which one team bats,
attempting to score as many runs as
possible, whilst their opponents field.
Depending on the type of match, the
teams have one or two innings apiece
and, when the first innings ends, the
teams swap roles for the next innings.
Except in matches which result in a draw,
the winning team is the one
that scores the most runs, including
any extrasgained.