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GENERAL PROVISIONS Balance Valve Non-interferences

in the movement of air

1.5m (5 ft) Permanent Platform
Barometric Loop Loop of pipe rising
1.5m (5 ft) Yoke vent connection
approximately 35 feet
1.5m (5 ft) Plug or cupped of
Never Grease can be disposed in the
abandoned sewer from property line
kitchen sink?
1.5m to 4.6m Indirect pipe waste,
Never Your toilet should be running all
directly trapped not vented
the time
152mm Vent (firewall)
One-touch Faucet with a pullout spout
152mm Vacuum breaker also called

152mm Distance of hot water and Proper way of teflon Clockwise

cold water with the pipe facing you

0.3m or 1 ft Trench backfill 32mm vent pipe Waste pipe of a

fixture is 50mm
0.3m or 1 ft Metal pipe before CPVC
above water heater Ductile iron pipe Good corrosion
resistance, useful in underground
0.3m or 1 ft Union from regulating installations
6.4mm Caulked thickness 1.22 m Max height of a fire service
51mm Caulked depth from grade line

0.3m Vent (flashing) 0.46m Min height of fire service

connection from grade line
3 m Horizontal - vent form open
window 500 gpm Waste discharge for a
waste water treatment facility
0.9 m Vertical - vent from open window
1¼” Tailpiece for a lavatory
Tunnel 0.6m depth
Composition glove valve For steam
Two pipe larger Potable water and hot water
discharge to drainage
m.sq / sec Unit of kinematics in metric
Barrel Two pipe size system
750mm Horizontal – floor Pascal-sec Unit of dynamics in metric
cleanout system
450 Vertical – floor cleanout Rotary pump Positive displacement
White Color of pipe in high pressure pump
steam Asbestos Cement Shall not installed
Black Color of pipe for fuel oil division within 2 feet (0.6m) at any structure
122 mm Max height of fire service 1” (25mm) Supply - Urinal pedestal
connection from floor
3” (75mm) Drain/trap pipe
Electrolysis Reduce salinity
21 FU Connected to 75mm house drain
pipe with 4% slope
1/2” (13mm) Supply pipe
4% slope For 100mm house drain
with 100 to 114 fixture units 1½” (38mm) Drain/trap pipe
3% slope For 125mm house drain 30 gal. Daily consumption
with 203 fixture units
18 FU Connected to 75mm house drain
pipe with 2% slope 1/2” (13mm) Supply pipe

216 FU Connected to 125mm 1½” (38mm) Drain/trap pipe

house drain 3% slope 30 gal. Daily consumption
150 FU Connected to 125mm
house drain with 2% slope
50 mm Min depth of water seal
0.75 m Center to center
100 mm Max depth of water seal
0.375 m Center to side wall
160 mm Diameter of drum trap
0.38 m Height above floor line
200 mm Min length of drum trap
3/8” (10mm) Supply pipe
320 mm Max of length of drum trap
3” (75mm) Drain/trap pipe
3” (75mm) Vent pipe
3 to 5 gallons Flushing the water
closet 32mm (1¼”) Min diameter of individual
1.5m (5’) Max distance of vent to
URINAL trap seal
0.60 m Center to center 150mm (6”) Min. height of branch vent
0.30 m Center to side wall above the fixture it venting

0.38 m Height above floor line 150 mm Min. height of vent above
the highest level rim of the fixtures
1/2” (13mm) Supply - Urinal wall served before offsetting horizontally.
3/4” (19mm) Supply - Urinal stall
0.9 m Min. distance of vent away from SEPTIC TANK
any lot line, alley and street boundary
900 mm Min. width
1500 mm Min. length
4.6 m Min. length of any branch
requiring separate venting 1200 mm Depth
10 storey Min number of stories 600-1800mm Min and max depth
served by a waste stack requiring a
parallel vent stack 2/3 Digestive chamber

1/8 bend Type of fitting for yoke 1/3 Leaching chamber

Vent 508 mm Manhole access add
manhole for 3.7m

VENT 1.5 mts Length of 6 cubic meter

32mm (1¼”) Min diameter of individual 15.2 mts Distance supply well to
vent septic tank

1.5m (5’) Max distance of vent to 45.7 mts Distance supply well to pit
trap seal or cesspool

150mm (6”) Min. height of branch vent 30.5 mts Distance water supply to
above the fixture it venting disposal field

150 mm Min. height of vent above

the highest level rim of the fixtures Height from Finish Floor Line (FFL)
served before offsetting horizontally.
36” (910mm) Sink
0.9 m Min. distance of vent away from
any lot line, alley and street boundary 16” (410mm) Build in Bathtub
lines. 15” (380mm) Water Closet
4.6 m Min. length of any branch 31” (790mm) Lavatory
requiring separate venting
34” (860mm) Wash or Laundry
10 storey Min number of stories Tray
served by a waste stack requiring a
parallel vent stack 32” (810mm) Wall hung lavatory

1/8 bend Type of fitting for yoke 36” (910mm) Toilet Grab Bar
Vent 19” (480mm) Tissue Paper
6” (150mm) Vacuum Breaker
Type of Water Closet Double Check Valve Backflow
Washdown Noisiest, cheapest,
discharge in front, subject to clogging. 2 Check valves
Reverse Trap Moderately noisy, 4 Stop cocks
flushes through a siphon action
2 Gate valves
Siphon Vortex Extremely sanitary,
Pressure Vacuum Breaker
1 Air inlet valves
Siphon Jet Sanitary, Very quiet,
1 Check valve
Blowout Noisy but highly efficient
2 Stock cocks
6.1 meters Max distance of cleanout
from any access door and crawl space 2 Gate valves
15 meters Max length requirement to Reducer Pressure Backflow Prevention
have cleanout
2 Check valve
1.5 (or less) Length of horizontal drain
1 Pressure relief valve
which not require cleanout unless such
line is serving sink or urinal 4 Stop cocks
305 mm Min front clearance of 2 Gate valves
cleanout 51 mm or less
450 mm Max front clearance of
cleanout 51 mm or more STORM DRAIN

450 mm Min vertical clearance of 1.5 times of area of outlet pipe Min
cleanout in under floor piping extended total net inlet area of roof strainers
to or above floor finish or extended 2 times of area of outlet pipe Roof
outside the building deck strainer
750 mm Min horizontal clearance of 102mm/hr Rainfall intensity in Manila
cleanout in under floor piping extended
to or above floor finish or extended 1 FU In every 15 sq. ft (1.4 sq.m) of
outside the building roof dran

Backflow Prevention Device Vertical Wall Area

Assembly One wall Add 50% of wall area to
roof area
Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
Two adjacent walls Add 35% of wall
1 Body
area to roof area
1 Checking member
Two opposite walls (same height) No
1 Atmospheric opening additional
Two opposite walls (different height) 32 mm 38 11.5
50% of (A1 –A2) of wall area add
38 mm 38 11.5
to roof area. (top part of wall)
51 mm 64 8
Three side wall 50% of (A1 –A2) of
wall area add to roof area. (lower part of 76 mm 64 8
102 mm or larger 89 8
Four sides wall No additional
Sides of tall building Add 50% of expose
area to roof area Refrigeration Waste
32 mm 1 inlet serving not more
than 2.8 cu.m
51 mm 4-12 cu.m, 32mm inlet
Pipe size Distance to Vent
76 mm 13-36 cu.m, 32mm inlet
32 mm 0.76 m
38 mm 1.07 m
Instrument to use to Measure the
51 mm 1.52 m following
76 mm 1.83 m Fire Hydrant Pivot Tube
102 mm or larger 3.05 Water Flow Vesture Meter
Water Hardiness Part per Million
TRAP LOADING Organic content of water Chemical
Oxygen Demand (COD)
(Fixture Equivalent Units)
Acidity / Alkalinity PH Value
Pipe size Fixture Units
Pressure in Water Pressure Cock
32 mm 1
38 mm 3
51 mm 4
Kitchen Sinks Gauge #16 B&S or
76 mm 6
1.6mm thick
102 mm 8
Seamless drawn brass Gauge #20
B&S or 0.8mm thick
CLEAN OUT Copper sub pan lining Gauge #24
B&S or 0.5mm thick
Pipe Size C.O Size Threads per
25.4mm Hot water drainage Gauge #12
B&S or 2.77mm thick
Trap Gauge #17 B&S or 1.1fmm thick Once a year test of backflow assembly
Twice a year Test of water
1/3 of sludge Maintenance of
6 sets Signed and sealed by RMP
septic tank
1 set Admin
Change in Direction of Sanitary
2 sets Applicant or owner Drainage

1 set Jobsite
1 yr or 365 days If plumbing work 1/16 bend or 22.5 degrees
has not yet started from day it was
1/8 bend or 45 degrees
1/6 bend or 60 degrees
4 month or 120 days If it is not
started from the day it was suspended Horizontal to Vertical
50% of original fees Fee for renewal  Wye combination
 double sanitary tee
 sanitary tee
TEST AND INSPECTION  combination wye and 1/8 bend
Air Test Horizontal to Horizontal
Air compressor testing apparatus  45 wye branch
34.5 kpa (5 psi) Pressure  combination wye and 1/8 branch

15 minutes time Vertical to Horizontal

Water Test  45 branches

 long sweep 60 offset
Entire system Filled with water  combination wye and 1/8 branch
until point of overflow
Section system All opening shall be
closed or plugged 1-DFU

345 kpa (50 psi) Pressure 1 cu.ft / minute 7.5 gal / minute
28.3 liter / minute
3 meters Height / head of water
15 minutes Time
1.5 cu.ft / minute 11.5 gal / minute
72 hrs or 3 days Request before the 43.4 liter / minute
Fee is required, no payment, no
Others of a building to the junction with another
25mm (1”) Vent size for shower,
laundry, slop sink 8% min lead content in pipes for
potable water
38mm (1½”) Min. size of trap or branch
for a bidet. Sched 40 & 80 Schedule of uPVC
75mm (3”) Min size of trap and waste
branch for a pedestal urinal 12 psi Self-closing basin faucet needs
how many psi (pressure to be efficient
750 mm Max spacing of waste
outlets of one trap that serve three ¼ of length of ladder Away from
single compartment sink structure which the ladder leaning

600 mm Max length of tailpiece 16 feet (4.88m) Max height of horse

from any fixture support

25mm Min diameter of pipe sleeve 2m to 3m Alley

75mm Min pipe sleeve for 64mm 756 degrees Celsius Combustible
diameter uPVC pipe construction will be ignite

300mm Min distance of water Less than 1.4 cu.m Confined Space
piping from any regulating equipment, At least 1.4 cu.m Unconfined Space
water heater, conditioning tank and
similar equipment requiring union fittings 600 mm From last mobile home
3m (10’) Max spacing of pipe
supports at intervals 3 cu.m Grease interceptor
45° 1/8 bend below
1 to 4 fixtures Retain grease to
60° 1/6 bend below grease trap
2% Min slope of horizontal drainage Not less than
8 feet (2.43 meter) Horizontal branch
1% Min slope for pipe with more than are connected to stack
62 meters A way of public sewer line,
¼”: 1ft or provide septic tank
6mm : 300mm Slope requirement 45 degrees Zone of effluence line
for a house drain (trench)
26 guage Min gauge of galvanize 0.3m to 0.6m Building sewer,
sheet used for downspouts below finish ground
4 to 5 feet Length of house sewer
from the liner face of the foundation wall
0.6m Tunnel clear height above the Screwed valve Cheapest bonnet
pipe design of valve
½ depth Min length 1 kitchen sink Per 1 apartment
2.4m Max length 1 laundry tray Per 5 persons (for
chemical contamination)
One pipe size larger Driven pipe to be
laid 1 laundry tray Per 50 persons
0.3m Backfilled layer above the pipe 1 slop sink Per 100 persons
0.3m Slip joint access panel 1 drinking fountain Per occupied floor
19mm Water Service Pipe 1 drinking fountain For first 75 persons
and additional 1 unit for next 150
150mm Galvanize shall be above
the ground
4.9m Gutter spaced to other gutter
1.5 m to 4.6 m Length of indirect
waste pipe 1 water closet Per 25 persons
(female - elementary school)
450mm to 800mm Height of stand pipe
receptor (above its trap) for clothes 1 water closet Per 30 persons
washer (female - secondary school)
150 mm to 450 mm Height of traps for 1 water closet Per 75 persons
stand pipe receptors (female – worship places)
150mm (6”) Min size of building sewer 1 lavatory Per 5 persons (occupants)
149 to 427 C ° Flame of torch 1 urinal Per 75 persons (female –
elementary school)
0.2% lead In solder and flux is
Safe pan Not less than LAW
19.56kg/cu.m and 1.6mm thick
August 22, 1991 Sanitary Code is
Flashing/vent terminals Not less than Issued
14.63 kg/cu.m and 1.2mm thick
178 mm Diameter of closet flanges
PD 198 Provincial Water Utilities
38 mm Wide of closet flanges Act
6.4mm to 51mm Thickness of closet June 6, 1977 Philippine
rings Environment Code is signed
4 bolts Per water closet PD 1152 Environment Code
May 25, 1973 Provincial Water *STP for Condominium
Utilities Act signed
PD 1067 Water Code of the
Brass or Copper shall not be used for
Urinal Tailpiece or Trap
RA 386 Civil Code of the
The minimum distance bet.the Door or
PD 856 Sanitary Code
Entry to the drain opening is 1.2 meters
RA 9514 Revised Fire Code
RA 9275 Clean Water Act
The system shall be tight at all joints.
PD 296 Clear waterways
RA 8749 Clean Air Act
Air Test 34.5 kpa
RA1364 Sanitary Engineering
Water Test 344.5 kpa
PD 856 Sanitary Code
Left side Hot Water
Right Side Cold Water
The length of horizontal portion of a vent
may exceed 1/3 of the
Water pipes and fittings with a lead
Total length of vertical and horizontal
content that exceed
portions is limited by Table 7.5,
8% shall be prohibited and not used in
provided the vent is increased one (1)
potable piping system
pipe size larger for its entire length
Each PRV shall be an approved
automatic type with drain and each
Master Plumber
such relief valve shall be set at a
registered and licensed pressure not more than 1033 kpa (15
Journey Man
*end of the pipe should be 152 mm to
skilled and knowledgeable
0.60 m above the ground
and pointing downward, and it shall not
*Septic Tank for House (watertight)
Remember inlet pipe (min.)
The quantity of water required to be *Air Break (Waste)
supplied to every plumbing
fixture shall be represented by FIXTURE
One trap can served not more than 3
single compartment laundry sinks or
Remember laundry tubs having same elevation and
distances not more than 0.75 m apart
Water Service Pipe = 19 mm diameter
(min.) Note
1 Psi = 6.895 kPA No clothes washer or laundry tub shall
be connected to any trap of a kitchen
Things to Remember
*No galvanized wrought iron or
Galvanized steel pipe shall be used
underground, it shall be laid 152 mm The developed length bet. Closet ring or
above ground Closet Flange to the inner side of the
vent shall not be more than 1.8 m (max.)
*ABS and PVC DWV piping - used in
High Rise Buildings Note
*No Vitrified Clay pipes or fittings for Grease trap is not required for individual
building drain or sewer, shall be used units or for any private living quarters
ABOVE GROUND or when pipe is
Pressurized by a pump or ejector and
shall be laid at least 0.30 meter the The total capacity of fixtures discharging
ground level into such any grease trap shall not
exceed 2 1/2 times the certified liters per
*Drainage fittings shall be the same
minute flow rate of the grease trap
diameter as the pipes it serve and
compatible with it Read
Note 1. No more than 1 approved slip joint
fitting may be used on the outlet side of
If it is impractical due to the depth or
a trap
length of pipe to obtain 20mm/m or 2%
2. No tubing trap shall be installed
102 mm pipe diameter or larger can
without a listed Tubing Trap Adapter
have a slope of not less than 10 mm/m
or 1% Note
Note All required building sewer cleanouts
shall be extended to finish grade
*Air Gap (Potable) = 25 mm or 1" or
twice the diameter of the
Note 0.5% D=4.25(A x I x √(2 ) )^(3/8)
Joints between Lead and Cast iron, 2% D=4.25(A x I/√2 )^(3/8)
Steel or Wrought iron shall be by means
4% D=4.25 (A x I/2 )^(3/8)
Vertical Wall Area D=2.04 (A x 〖I)〗^(3/8
One wall Add 50% of wall area to
roof area
Sample Problem
Two adjacent walls Add 35% of
wall area to roof area 1. What power of pump is needed of
water to discharge 2 cu.m/sec at height
Two opposite walls (same height)
of 6 meters?
No additional
Two opposite walls (different height)
50% of (A1 –A2) of wall area add P = QWH
to roof area. (top part of wall)
P = 2(9.81)(9)
Three side wall 50% of (A1 –A2) of
wall area add to roof area. (lower part of P = 117.72 kilowatts or 0.2 Hp
wall) 1Hp = 0.75 kilowatts
Four sides wall No additional 2. What power of pump is needed of
Sides of tall building Add 50% of expose cost iron pipe weight 640 lb/cu.ft. What
area to roof area is the weight of cost iron block is
Storm Drain Formulas
Volume /12³
(14’x12’x18’) /12³ = 1.75(640) =
D=1.86 (A x 〖I)〗^(3/8) 1120 lbs

Horizontal Pipe 3. A pump station is used to lift a

water 50ft above the pump station to
1% D=1.86 √2(A x 〖I)〗^(3/8) storage tank. The pump rate is 500
gal/minute. If the pump has an efficiency
2% D=1.86√2 (A x I/√2 )^(3/8) of 85% and a motor has an efficiency of
4% D=1.86√2 (A x I/2 )^(3/8)
Find the following:
A. Water Horsepower
1% D=4.25(A x 〖I)〗^(3/8)
B. Brake Horsepower
C. Motor Horsepower X = (70kg x 9.81m/sec²) / (9810N/m³ x
D. Wire to water efficiency
= 0.175 x 100
= 1.75 cm
5. What force would be exerted on
A. Water Horsepower
the gate of a closed 6” gate valve if the
WHP = (Q x H x sp.gravty) / 3960 water pressure acting on it measured 46
= (500 x 50 x 1) / 3960
= 6.31 Hp
B. Brake Horsepower
= 46 lb/in² x (pi x 3²)
BHP = (Q x H x sp.gravty) / 3960
= 1300.62 lb
= (500 x 50 x 1) / 3960 x 85%
6. What is the maximum length of
= 7.42 Hp pipe for size 150 mm PVC that could
C. Motor Horsepower freely drain. Assume flow is equals to
15.9 liters per second, 0.9 m/sec
MHP = (Q x H x sp.gravty) / 3960 velocity and chezy constant at 55.
= (500 x 50 x 1) / Consider full bore for hydraulic mean.
3960 x 90% Given: Velocity =0.9m/sec, D =
= 7.01 Hp 150mmØ, chezy constant = 55, Q =
15.9 lit/sec
Solv for D
D. Wire to water efficiency
= (WHP / MHP) x 100
0.0159 = 0.9 m/sec x (pi x D²)
= (6.31 / 7.01) x 100
D = 0.15
= 90.01%
Solv for Length
4. A man weight 70 kg jumps on a
raft with an area of 4 sq.m that is = (c/v) ² x (D/4)
floating on a fresh water lake. Find the = (55/0.9) ² x (0.15/4)
rise of the raft.
= 140.0463 meters

7. What in the number of horse PRACTICAL
power required to raise 25,000 lbs of
water for a height 30 meters within 10
minutes? Tools
Solution Stillson Wrench Wrench with a
swiveling serrated jaw and knurled
Hp = FV
control knob
4” Recommended size of drainage
of water closet
= 25,000 x [(30x3.28) / 10)] Turn pin Tool used for expanding
the ends of lead pipe
2 sliding sections Extension ladder –
= 7.45 Hp
max sliding sections allowed
Yarning iron Instrument to use in
caulking oakum in the joints of cast iron
Dresser Made of boxwood, and
used for dressing or working sheet lead
Ratchet stocks Tool for threading
the end of pipe in trench or corner
60 feet Maximum length of the
ladder when fully extended of an
extension ladder
Compound leverage wrench
Patented plumbing tools, turning
force applied is multiplied.
Chain wrench Heavy sprocket
chain that is slipped around
Hex wrench Hexagonal jaw which is
Basket strainer wrench Used to
tighten the nut that secure the basket to
the sink
Bench yoke vise Hardened alloy
steel jaws and convenient pipe rest and
Stop box Adjustable cast iron box Curb cock Valve installed on water
that is flashing service to turn on or off of potable water
Circulation tank To boost the water Plug valve Adaptation of ball valve
pressure of hot water
Shielded coupling to connect 2
Rap wrench Occasionally used as a hubless cast iron pipes
Torque wrench Used to assemble
hubless joint
Caulking Plugging of opening with
Allen wrench Hexagonally
oakum and lead
shaped recess in its head
2 hours Length of time for plastic
Offset pipe wrench Easy entry
pipe joint
into tight space
Sand Practical material to be used
End pipe wrench Fast and easy grip
prevent fattening of pipe
used on constricted space
Tall building Wet standpipe generally
Valve seat tool Right angle bar with
one end for square nuts
Curb Stop Installed in water service
between edge of street and side walk,
36” (910mm) Kitchen sink – serve as control valve
height above the floor level
Tapping Cutting of internal threads
16” (410mm) Bult-in bathtub –
Lack of shoring Primary cause of
height above the floor level
troubles in excavation operations for
Supports water pipes
Pipe rest Support the water supply Metallic gasket for flange union in
riser oil and gasoline
1.5m Horizontal length cast iron be Rubber gasket for flange union in
supported to prevent sagging cold water
Fittings Flat face flange Metallic flanged is
bolted to a nonmetallic flange
Check valve & gate valve Prevent
contamination from the polluted water of 2’-1” (635mm) Max depth of trench
fire truck for sub-surface drain tile
12” Max length of nipple Dry standpipe Obsolete and is
seldom used
Gate valve Be used in between the
main supply line and pump line
Poor workmanship Damage to Countertop Type of lavatories is
property leaking point and water designed for group use
hammer in a water system
Siphonage Loss of trap seal due to
6” (152.4mm) Distance of vacuum unequal atmospheric pressure condition
breaker to floor level rim
Water meter location Right after
Circle Signage for woman comfort room the main distribution line connection
Low pressure Number one Turnbuckle A type of coupling or joing
reason why pumps cavitate device having internal screw threads or
nuts with opposite screw at the end
Escutcheon Term for a decorative
metal trim shield or flange located Central sewage booster Pump used
underneath a faucet handle. to eject sewage or liquid waste
72 hours Allowed gray water to be 6” CHB Wall is best suited if soil
used to flush a toilet or urinal pipe will run through it
500 ppm for 24 hours Chlorine Pipe chase Best location to put the soil
solution for disinfection of potable water pipe
200 ppm for 3 hours Chlorine Drywall Should NOT be used for a
solution for disinfection of potable water pipe chase
Thermoplastic Plastic capable 30-40 gpd Used in 2 Storey
softened by increase of temperature and residence water consumption
hardened by decrease of temperature
2” Min size of a swimming pool
Thermosetting Cannot be melted drain
after it is formed and cured
Near the curb Location of storm
Detail drawing Scaled view show sewer usually placed
shape and size of exterior walls and roof
Ceramic Classification of copper
of building.
Schematic piping layout Without
D2O Heavy water
regard to scale and exact location of the
fixture De-chlorination Need for swimming
pool water
DTI Pertaining to local trade and
government regulating body Mycotoxins Poisonous chemicals
produces by molds
Rim Point which is unobstructed open
edge of the fixture 50-100 lit Per capita consumption of
Pneumatic ejector Device suitable for
plumbing sewage from the deep Phosphate coagulation To remove
basement floor into sewer line the strontium
Part per million Is equal to Schedule 80 Wrought iron pipe
milligrams per kiligrams working pressure 600 psi
3 gpm Water demand of the water closet 85% Copper content for brass fittings
tank ballcock
5% Lead, zinc, tin for brass fitting
8 gpm Water demand of the wall hydrant
Pipe Pressure tight cylinder used to
4 gpm Water demand of the bathtub convey a fluid
Seamless pipes Pipe produced by
4 gpm Water demand of the shower piercing a billet followed by rolling.
White color The CPVC
3 gpm Water demand of the sink faucet
Nipple chuck Very short pipe is
¾ gpm Water demand of the threaded
drinking fountain
Close nipple Short pipe whose thread at
¾ “ Min nominal diameter of a water both ends meet
service line pipe
Short nipple Threaded at both ends
Pipes leaves a small amount of space
Black Tin Pipe Piping for beer, Shoulder nipple Threaded on the
brewery and liquor ends and has short unthreaded pipe in
the middle
Wrought iron pipe Red spiral line
painted on a pipe DWV copper Materials best for
vent pipes in an acid waste system
Wrought iron pipe Piping for heating
the concrete slabs to melting snow Gray color Color of communication
line piping
Wrought iron pipe Pipe usually used
as leaders in tall buildings Black color For piping of refrigerator
Wrought iron pipe Best for White color Color of steam pipeline
underground drains within the buildings
Gas pipe For Black steel pipe with
Copper pipe For hotel requires hot and galvanized malleable fittings
cold water supplies
5/8 “ Effective thread length of ¼” pipe
Cast iron pipe Consulted to install
7/8” Effective thread length of 1” pipe
piping system for water, gas, steam and
oil 2” Effective thread length of 10” pipe
8 thread per inch For 3”, 4” and 5” 27 no of thread For 1/8” pipe
diameter pipe
18 no of thread For 1/4” pipe
Schedule 40 wrought iron pipe
working pressure 300 psi, N = 100 P/S 14 no of thread For 1/2” pipe
11.5 no of thread For 1” pipe 20th century History of plumbing
8 no of thread For 2 1/2” pipe
Jamie M. Cabase NAMPAP President
spearheaded the updating of the
Well / Pump / Water Process RNPCP in 1996

Aeration Process of exposing water 1935 NAMPAP organized

in their films to the oxygen of the
Jan. 28, 1959 National Plumbing
Code of the Philippines promulgates
Coagulation Chemical process which and approved
the sediment to make it capable of
1966-1969 Approved by DepED at
combing into larger particle
Feati University
Filtration Water passed through
City Ordinance 2411 Plumbing
layers of sand and gravel in concrete
Code for the City of Manila
Fortunato H. Amosco Chairman of
Chlorination Method of chlorine to the
Board of Mater Plumbers (BOMP)
water in order to attain degree of
disinfection Hermogenes Pobre Chairman of
PRC where adopted RNPCP 1996
Sedimentation Suspended solid
are remove from water by gravity setting Dec. 21, 1999 RNPC 1999 was
and deposition approved
Flocculation Physical process in which Plumbing Code Most important
the sediment particles collide with each governances in modern and healthful
other human existence
Ozonation Commonly used in cooling
tower treatment
RA 6541 Building code of the
Code Philippines
History Nov. 28 1967 First approved
which inclusion of “asbestos cement
17th century Birth of the plumbing
profession in the Philippines
Section 4 RNPCP legality
Nov. 28 1967 First approved
which inclusion of “asbestos cement Section 5 Basic principles
DAO no. 34 series of 1990
18th-19th century The Filipino
Revised water/classification water
plumbers were assigned the task
quality criteria
DAO no. 35 series of 1990 Domestic Sewage Water waste
derived from the ordinary living
Revised effluent regulation of 1990
processes, free from industrial waste
Section 102.2 Mention that the
Drain Carries ground and surface
practice of RMP is limitless
water, storm water or waste water
Fixture branch Between the fixture
PWD supply pipe and the water distributing
1.7mx1.8m Min area of accessible
toilet compartment Fixture drain Drain pipe from the
trap of the fixture to drain pipe
Wheel chair access 2.25 sqm. Turning
space, 1500mm length, for water closet Fixture supply Water supply pipe
connecting the fixture with the fixture
450mm Min height of toilet seat branch
800mm Min height of lavatory Flood level Water begins to overflow
480mm Max height of urinal over the top rim of the fixture
Flood level rim Top edge of a
Flooded Fixture is flooded
Backflow Flow of water mixture into
the distributing pipes of a potable water Flush tank Tanks located above or
supply from any source. integral with water closet

Backpressure Backflow Occurs due Liquid waste Discharge from any

to an increased reverse pressure fixture, does not receive fecal matter

Back-siphonage Due to negative Pressure Normal force exerted by a

pressure in pipe homogeneous liquid or gas

Backflow preventer Prevent flow, Static pressure Without any flow

also called vacuum breaker Residual pressure Pressure dorp
Back water valve Installed in drainage Sanitary sewage Waste water
system to prevent reverse flow containing human excrement and liquid
Common Serve more than one household waste
appliance, fixture, building or system Sanitary sewer Receiving sanitary
Critical level Marking on a backflow sewage with or without industrial waste,
preventing device or a vacuum breaker and without admixture of rain water

Cross connection Ant connection or Seepage pit Loosely line excavation

arrangement, physical
Sewage Waste water containing 30.5m Min distance of water supply well
anima or vegetable matter to disposal fields
Single family dwelling Only dwelling 15.2 m Min distance of water
located on a parcel of ground supply well to building sewer
Water distribution pipe Potable 3.7m Min distance of seepage pit to
water from the building supply pie to cesspool
plumbing fixtures and water outlets
1.5m Min distance of seepage pit to
Water supply system Water septic tank
service, water supply line, water
1.5m Min distance of distribution box to
distribution pipe of potable water
disposal field
Yard Unoccupied space, unobstructed
3.0m Min distance of pressure public
from the ground to sky
water main to septic tank
Sewer Pipe for carrying sewage and
0.3m Min distance of domestic water
service to building sewer
Blow-off Controlled outlet of
2.4m Min distance of property line to
pipeline to discharge liquid
seepage pit/cesspool
Combustible construction
Siphon vortex Whirlpool-like action
Structural framework will ignite and burn
at 756 degrees
Corporation stop Stop valve of water
service pipe to the water main Flush valve Device located at the
bottom of the tank for the purposed of
Curb stop Control valve, located at
the sidewalk, street curb
Flushometer tank Integrated within an
Meter stop Water meter
air accumulator vessel
Water service pipe Form the water
Flushometer valve Device which
main or source of water
discharges a predetermined quantity of
70% Max percentage of suspended water into fixtures for flushing
solid of sewage is removed largely by
Gooseneck Return bend of small-sized
pipe, faucet for a pantry sink
Ground water Water that stands
Grease interceptor Interceptor of at
or passes through the ground
least 3 cu.m capacity
45.7m min distance of water supply well
Interceptor Installed to separate and
to cesspool/ seepage
retain deleterious, hazardous or
undesirable matter from normal sewage
Plumbing appliance Special class Intercepting / trunk line sewer Pipes
of device are laid underground to a minimum
depth of about 3 meters
Plumbing appurtenance
Tributary / contributing sewer Where
Plumbing fixture Receive and
pipe is made of either vitrified clay or
discharge (any liquid)
concrete pipe laid in open trench.
Receptor Receive discharge from
Sewage ejector Refer to pump that
indirect waste pipe
will discharge waste in the sump
Regulating equipment All valve
Yard catch basin Receptacle used to
controls used in plumbing system
catch surface water drained from,
Trap seal Max vertical depth of liquid courts, driveways and athletic fields
in trap, measure between the crown
weir and top of dip
Vacuum Air pressure less than
atmospheric Slip joint Compression nut, friction
ring, compression washer
Brazed joint Melts at a temp higher
than 449 degree centigrade
Continuous vent Vertical vent that is
Soldered joint Melt at temperature
a continuation of a drain
149-427 degree centigrade
Continuous waste Drain connecting
Welded joint or seam Joining of
the compartment of a set of fixtures to a
metals parts in a plastic molten state
Ball joint A ball shaped end is help
Group vent Branch vent that performs
in a cuplike shell
its function for two (2) or more traps
Screwed joint Used on galvanized
Primary branch Single sloping drain
steel pipe
Individual vent Known as “revent
Expansion joints King of joints that
and backvent”
shall be accessible
Individual vent Vent system above
Neoprene gasket Joints in vitrified
the fixture served
clay pipe
Dual vent Known as common and
IAPMO Joints for hubless cast iron
unit vent
soil pipe and fittings
Auxiliary Also known as Relief vent
Adapter fittings Screwed pipe to
and yoke vent
cast iron shall be caulked or threaded
Circuit vent May vent up to 8 traps joint
Flexible compression joint Inlet Plug type disc valve (globe valve
and outlet pipe connection type)Wide bearing surface producing
good resistance
Conventional disc valve (type of
globe valve) pressure tight bearing disc
Return bend Made of two 90 deg. Bend, and the seat recommended for cold
applied also to 180 deg. bend water

Shielded coupling Elastomeric sealing Composition disc valve (type of

gasket globe valve) for various type of service
on oil, gasoline, steam and hot/cold
Tailpiece The pipe connect the water
outlet of plumbing fixture to the trap
Foot valve Also known as “retention
Trap arm Portion of a fixture drain valve”
between a trap and the vent
Safety valve Used in pipeline with
178mm Closet rings or closet excessive pressure
Round type Kind of water closet for
Globe valve Highest frictional installation on limited space
Pail flush type Cheapest, smallest
Side-outlet elbow With third opening and water closet designed without water
perpendicular to the plain of the run tank
Full face flange Is have self-sealing
Valve (brass) For 51mm or less
size of valve Overhead feed system Large pipe of
the installation is installed at the top of
Valve (cast iron) For 102mm or the riser
larger size of valve
Up-feed system Large pipe installed
135 degrees Angle of additional building at the bottom of the riser
sewer cleanouts
Pump circuit system
Wedge shape (type of gate valve)
Used where the stems must be installed Recommended for large building,
pointing downward providing natural circulation of hot water
is encountered
Double disc valve (gate valve) Its
parallel face drop in a vertical position Hot water space heating system
and are forces apart by the disc
For low temperature
spreader. Used in sewage disposal
installation Hot water supply system For higher
Pipe 3.0 m Length of cast iron hubless
Hubless pipe Cast iron soil pipes 6.0m Length of Ductile cat iron
with plain ends
PE (Polybutylene) Oval shape, color
Upper portion of the round of seal
black, outside diameter
Word “registration and Licensed Master
PE (polyethylene) Circular shape. Plumber”
Color black. Outside diameter
Center Below the Name of seal
Asbestos cement pipe Superior for
Registration number
embedment in concrete structure
Upper of center of the round seal
SV type cast iron Generally used for
building installation Name of Registered and Licensed
Master Plumber
XV type cast iron Extra duty, used for
underground installation Approved Testing Agency
Bituminous fiber sewer pipe
primarily established for purposes of
Cheapest sewer pipe, used for house
sewer and septic tank
Vitrified clay pipe Made of clay, 750
mm length, for underground use
Galvanized steel pipe Mild steel, 6
m length,
Galvanized wrought iron pipe Better
than steel pipe, resistant to acid waste
Copper pipe NOT be used for
chemicals or industrial
Type M copper Used in water
piping, aboveground, underground
Rectangular pipe At least the same
cross-sectional area as its equivalent
around pipe
K type copper Heavy duty
L type copper Medium duty
DWV copper Medium / light duty
1.5 m Length cast iron hub type
Math Dodecahedron 12 regular
Petrie polygon Two consecutive
Triangle / Angles / Shapes
sides belong to a face of a regular
Similar Two sides of one triangle polyhedron
are proportional to two sides
Apeirogon Polygon with infinite sides
90 deg Angle inscribe in a semi-
Vertical angle Angle having the
same vertex Density Mass per volume or
specific weight of acceleration of gravity
Angle of elevation Angle that
measures from the horizontal upward Specific weight Weight of the
substance per unit volume
Scalene No equal sides
Explementary angles Two angles
whose sum is 360 deg. Relation
Isosceles triangle Two sides equal a+b = b+a Commutative law
Oblique angle More than 90 deg (x=y)+z = x+(y+z) Associative law
and less than 180 deg
x+0 = x identity property
Equilateral triangle All sire are equal
x+(-x) = 0 inverse property
Acute angle Less than 90 deg
x = x Reflexive property
Reflex angle More than 180 deg and
x=y and y=x Symmetric property
less than 360 deg
Complex angle More than 360 deg
1 radian Equal to 57.3 deg

Newton Law
Root Factor repeat to produce power
First Law of Motion An object at rest
Decagon 10 side polygon
remains at rest unless acted upon by a
Pentadecagon 15 sides polygon net force
Pentagram 5 pointed star Third Law of Motion Every action there
is an equal and opposite reaction
Nonagon Has 27 diagonals
Myriagon Has 10,000 sides
Gigantic prime Primer number Transverse axis Axis of the
exceeds 10,000 hyperbola that passes through the
center, the foci and vertices
Cousin prime Prime number differs from
another prime number by four Irrational number Could not be
expressed as a quotient of two integers
Clock prime Prime number an analog
clock Rhombus diamond
Economical number Prime number Dihedral angle Two planes
factorization is less than digit intersect with each other
Cylindroid Cylinder with elliptical
cross section
Cevian Line segment joining a
Arithmetic Is a numeral computation
vertex of a triangle to a point on the
Exponent Power to which a number opposite side
is raised
Torus Ring shape surface
Vacuum Space - Pressure is zero
Ellipse Eccentricity is less than one / two
Acceleration Inversely proportional to fixed point is a constant
the mass of object
Pi radians Is equal to one revolution
Terminal speed Vertical speed at
Annulus Bounded by two
which the force of air resistance is just
concentric circle
Arc length Is equal to 1 radian
Latus rectum Chord passing through the
focus of the parabola Collinear Points lying on the same
straight line
Apothem Perpendicular line drawn
from the center of the inscribed circle Coplanar Three or more point which
lie in the same plane
Great circle Sphere cut by a plane
through its center Congruent Two objects are congruent
if they have the same dimension and
Momentum Initially at rest, acted upon
by the same force for the same time
Quadrant One-fourth of a great circle
Chord Line segment joining two
points on a circle
Hyperbola Plane section cut from a Electrical
right circular cone
Current Rate of charge flow
Point of inflection Slope of the curve
is neither increasing nor decreasing
Kirchhoff’s current law The Differential coefficient Another
algebraic sum of current entering a node name for derivative
( or a closed boundary) is zero
Euclid Father of plane geometry
Siemens SI unit of conductance
Ambiguous case Given data leads to
1 ampere 1 coulomb per second two solutions
Tesla unit Is a magnetic induction Logarithm Numerator is the
differential of the denominator
Stirling approximation Formula
used to compute the value of n factorial
Sublimation Ice change into water –(!)
vapor (gas) without moving through the
Pole pitch The space on the stator
liquid phase
allocated to one pole
Brake horsepower The power
Force Producing a change in the motion
delivered by the motor to the pump
Dew point Air must be cooled at
Wire to water efficiency Term for the
constant temperature to produce
combined efficiency of a pump and
Displacement Change in position,
32.2 fps^2 Acceleration due to gravity
specified by a length and direction
in the English unit
Sodium Elements and compounds
57.3 deg Equal to 1 radian in
is unstable in its pure form
Valence electrons The outer shell
270 deg 4800 mils
Straight line Is equation y = a1 =a2x
Covalent bond Strong bond
One quarts Equal to 0.946 lit. between hydrogen atoms

Fibonacci number Sequence Inertia Property of a moving object to

(1,1,2,3,5,8….) continue moving

Trivial solution Roots of an Speedometer Measure the

equation are zero instantaneous speed of your car

Giga Opposite of the prefix nano Vector quantities Velocity and

Abscissa Distance of a point from Y-
axis Cardinal number 1,2,3…..1000….

Mode Measure of central tendency Ordinal number Position relative to

defined as the most frequent score an ordering
Complex number x=yi
Irrational number Cannot be Ordinary Numbers that states the
expressed into ratio of two integers position of individual objects in
Prime number Positive integer
Progression Always the same relation
between each quantity and the one Significant Digits/ Figures
succeeding it
The significant figures of a number are
Arithmetic progression Adding a those digits that carry meaning
constant known as the common contributing to its precision.
Identifying significant figures
Geometric progression Known as
- All non-zero digits are considered
the common difference
Harmonic progression The
reciprocals an arithmetic progression
For example, 91 has two significant
Permutation Ordered arrangement
figures (9 and 1), while 123.45 has five
Hipparchus First person of whose significant figures
systematic use of trigometry
- Zeros appearing anywhere between
Kinematics Study of motion without two non-zero digits are significant.
reference to the force
Center of gravity The resultant of the
Example: 101.1203 has seven
distributed gravity force
significant figures.
Ductility Resistance to shock or
- Leading zeros are not significant.
difficult of breaking
Compressibility Reciprocal of bulk
modulus Example, 0.00052 has two significant
Convection Movement of heated fluids
away from a hot body - Trailing zeros in a number containing a
decimal point are significant.
Pyrometer Measuring high
temperature gases
Hydrometer Measuring specific gravity Example, 12.2300 has six significant
of fluids figures:
Moment Is equal to ( force x time ) - For scientific notation, placeholder
leading and trailing digits do not occur.
Infinity Perpendicular to the x-axis /
slope is zero
Equation Which two thing are equal
Example, 0.00012 (two significant Specific Gravity - is the ratio of the
figures) becomes 1.2×10−4, and density of a substance to the density of
0.00122300 (six significant figures) a reference substance.
becomes 1.22300×10−3.
Specific Weight - (also known as the
unit weight) is the weight per unit
volume of a material.
Manometer - is an instrument that uses
a column of liquid to measure pressure
Orifice - is a device used for measuring Econ
flow rate.
Depreciation Decrease in the value due
Weirs - is a barrier across a river to the passage of time
designed to alter its flow characteristics.
Effective rate Specifies the actual rate of
In most cases, weirs take the form of
interest in the principal
obstructions smaller than most
conventional dams, pooling water Interest rate Ration of the interest
behind them while also allowing it to payment to the principal
flow steadily over their tops. Weirs are
commonly used to alter the flow of rivers Bid bulletin Issued prior to bidding
to prevent flooding, measure discharge, date
and help render rivers navigable. Deflation Reduction in the level of
national income and output

Nozzle - is often a pipe or tube of Annuity Series of equal payment

varying cross sectional area, and it can occurring at equal interval of time
be used to direct or modify the flow of a Market Place of buyer and seller
fluid (liquid or gas). Nozzles are together
frequently used to control the rate of
flow, speed, direction, mass, shape, Monopsony One buyer of an item, no
and/or the pressure of the stream that goods substitute
emerges from them. Deferred annuity First payment is
made after several periods, after
beginning of payment
Venturi Meter - are flow measurement
instruments which use a converging Breakeven no gain loss Total income
section of pipe to give an increase in the equal the total operating cost
flow velocity and a corresponding Gratuitous Obligation which has no
pressure drop from which the flow rate condition attached
can be deduced
Prime cost Direct labor cost, direct
Density - of a substance is its mass per material cost, the sum of these two
unit volume. direct cost
Acid-test ration Index of short term Book value Original cost less
paying ability depreciation
Depreciation Artificial expenses that Interest Money paid for the use of
spreads purchase price of an asset borrowed capital
Salvage value End of the useful Current assets Liquid assets such
life as cash and other assets
Physical inventory Actual counting or Economic life Length of time which
determination of the actual quantity of property
Escalatory clause Contract that
Annuity Series of uniform accounts indicates the possible adjustment of
over a period of time material cost labor cost
Supply Quantity of certain Depreciation recovery Present
commodity that is offered for sale worth of all depreciation over the
economic life
An asset Is classified as work-in
process Gross margin Gross profit, sale
less cost of good sold
Private Enjoy the right in their own
interest Book value Worth of the property as
shown in the accounting records
Partnership Operating a business as
co-owners for profit Monopoly One seller with many
Luxury Satisfy human want
Bilateral monopoly One seller and one
Market value Willing buyer will pay to
willing seller for a property
Bilateral oligopoly Few sellers and few
Perfect competition There is nothing to
prevent additional vendors entering the
market Duopsony Two buyers with many
Luxuries Product or service that
desire by human Discount Future value minus the
present value
Necessities Product or service that are
required to support human life and Salvage value Scrap value of an
activities asset or estimate life
Oligopoly Few individuals produce a Ordinary annuity Payments are made
certain product at the end of payment period starting
from the first period
Authorized capital Grand total of the
assets and operational Coupon bond Bond to which are
attached coupons
Law of supply and demand Value where directly used by the people to satisfy
supply is equal to the demand their want
Return of investment Ration of the Produce foods and services
income to the owner equity Produce consumer good and
Capitalized cost Is equal to first cost
+ cost of perpetual maintenance Necessity products and services
Products and services that are
Declining balance method Depreciation
required to support human life and
methods cannot have a salvage value of
Monopsony One buyer and no goods
Depletion Lessening of value of an
for substitutes
asset due to the decrease in the
quantity Debenture bond Without any
security behind them except a promise
Capital gain Increase in the value of a
to pay
capital asset
Downtime pay Payment is made
Fixed assets Are land, building, plant
for work not done
and machinery
Differential cost result of a change
Ordinary annuity Fi / (1+i) ^ n-1 for
in operation or policy
periodic table “A”
Dividend yield Index that gives the
Collective bargaining Negotiation
rate earned per share
of wage rates, conditions of
employment, etc. Pay off Replacement of the
original cost of an investment
Registered bond Bond where the
corporation owner name is recorded and Precipitation Cause the excess solute
the interest is paid periodically to the to settle to the bottom of the container
Elastic demand Decrease in selling
Breakeven point Output or sale at price result in a greater than
which is insufficient to equal operating proportionate
Inelastic demand Decrease in selling
Depreciation recovery Present price produces a less than proportionate
worth of all depreciation over the
Unitary elasticity demand Mathematical
economic life
product of volume and price is constant
Appraisal Determining the value of
Simple interest Calculated using
certain property for specific reason
principal only
Consumer goods and services
Compound interest Calculated on the
Products or services that are
principal plus total amount of interest
Book value Recorded current value of
an asset
Straight line method Amount to recover
is spread over the estimated life of the
Sinking fund method A fixed sum
of money is regularly deposited at
compound interest
Journal Accounting book
Bank note Paper current issued by
central bank