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1) A multiple-tone modulating signal consists of 1kHz, 2kHz and 3kHz frequency components.

The bandwidth of resulting amplitude modulated signal having carrier frequency of 1 MHz is
A) 2 kHz B) 4 kHz
C) 6 kHz D) 12 kHz
2) An AM transmitter supplies 8 kW power to the antenna when unmodulated. The total power
radiated when the signal is amplitude modulated to 30% is
A) 8 kW B) 8.15 kW
C) 8.36 kW D) 8.72 kW
3) Circuit which is used to suppress the voltage spikes caused by the circuit's inductance
when a switch, electrical or mechanical, opens is
A) Snubber circuit B) SCR
C) Chopper D) Inverter
4) For a wideband FM signal, when the frequency of a single-tone modulating signal is
doubled, the transmission bandwidth
A) Does not change B) Reduces considerably
C) Increases slightly but does not become double D) Doubles
5) ___________ noise is also called as white noise.
A) Atmospheric B) Transit-time
C) Thermal D) Flicker
6) The number of different symbols produced by a differential binary phase shift keying
modulator is
A) 2 B) 4
C) 8 D) 16
7) In 8086, what is the address line for TRAP interrupt?
A) 003CH B) 0024H
C) 0034H D) 002CH

A) B)
C) D)
9) What is the function of gate signal in 8253 timer?
A) Enabling or triggering the count B) Operating the Counters
C) Selecting the Modes D) Performing Read/Write
10) A stable multivibrator is also known as
A) Gating Circuit B) One shot multivibrator
C) Free running multivibrator D) Schmitt trigger
11) Which of the following logic family has the highest packaging density?
12) 5
The value of 3 in hexadecimal number system is
A) 153 B) F3
C) 3F D) E3
13) Length of the antenna is related to its directive gain as
A) Directly proportional B) Inversely proportional
C) There is no relation between the two D) Directive gain will be infinite if we
increase the length of the antenna
14) The Fan out for 7400 series TTL logic family is
A) 7 B) 8
C) 10 D) 12
15) A universal shift register can not
A) Shift left B) Shift right
C) Parallel load D) Serial add
16) A CRO measures which of the following values of an A.C. voltage?
A) R.M.S., Peak and Average values B) R.M.S. value only
C) Peak value only D) Average value only
17) For the measurement of low resistance, which method will give highest accuracy?
A) Kelvin’s Double bridge B) Shunt ohm meter
C) Ammeter voltmeter method D) Potentiometer method

A) B)
C) D)
19) A given memory chip has 12 address pins and 4 data pins. Find the capacity.
A) 16K B) 4K
C) 8K D) 2K

A) 6CH B) 72H
C) 70H D) 5FH
21) If 1A current is flowing through a series circuit having 100 resistors of each having
resistance of 1 . What will be the current in the circuit when these 100 resistors are
connected in parallel?
A) 0.01 A B) 1 A
C) 100 A D) 10000 A
22) An inductor at t=0+ with zero initial conditions acts as ______.
A) Short circuit B) Open circuit
C) Current source D) Voltage Source
23) A resistor used in colour television has the following colour bands: Yellow, Violet, Orange
and Silver. Its nominal value is
A) 4.7 ± 10% 4.7 B) 47 ± 10% 4.7
C) 4.7 ± 5% 4.7 D) 47 ± 5% 4.7
24) The main purpose of using fuse in the circuit is to
A) Prevent the flow of excessive current B) Save battery
C) Increase the flow of current D) Open the circuit
25) A 6V battery with a capacity of 2 AH is used to energize a torch light rated at 1.2 W. If the
torch light is turned on, for how long will the battery last?
A) 1 hour B) 2 hours
C) 10 hours D) 12 hours
26) Laplace transform of a unit impulse is _______.
A) 1 B) s
C) 1/s D) 1/s2
27) If x(t) is a periodic signal with period T seconds. Then the period of x(2t) is
A) T/2 B) T
C) 2T D) 4T
28) The minimum sampling rate required to reconstruct the signal x(t)=9cos(2000t) from its
samples without any aliasing is ________ Hz.
A) 1000 B) 2000
C) 4000 D) 8000
A) B)
C) D)
30) VHDL is a __________.
A) Case sensitive language B) Case insensitive language
C) Case insensitive language except std_logic (Z, X, D) Compiler dependent language
W, H, L, U)
31) VHDL identifiers are classified as ______.
A) Basic and extended identifiers B) Logic and extended logic identifiers
C) Logic and std_logic identifiers D) Logic and std_ulogic identifiers
32) The IEEE 1164 standard defines the data types:
A) std_logic and std_ulogic B) std_logic and std_logic_vector
C) std_ulogic and std_ulogic_vector D) std_logic, std_ulogic,
std_logic_vector and
33) An example of edge sensitive sequential design is
A) Flip-flops B) Latches
C) Muxes D) Encoders & decoders
34) _______ Type is used to describe the user defined operations in VHDL.
A) Enumerated B) Float and void
C) Float and double D) Char and void
35) The internal details of an entity (in VHDL) are specified by an _____ body.
A) Architecture B) Function
C) Procedure D) Task
36) The generate statement in VHDL is used to replicate one or more concurrent statements
and has two forms:
A) For and if B) If and wait
C) Wait and return D) If and exit
37) “Transistor is in quiescent state” means
A) No signal is applied to the input B) Transistor is unbiased
C) No currents are flowing D) Emitter junction bias is just equal to
collector junction bias
38) MOSFET is a __________.
A) Transformer B) Current controlled resistor
C) Voltage controlled resistor D) Current controlled current source
A) B)

C) D)

40) Relationship between mobility and electric field of MOSFET is_________.

A) B)

C) D)

41) N-well CMOS circuits are superior to P-well because of ___________.

A) Both the lower substrate bias effects and lower B) The lower substrate bias effects
parasitic capacitances associated with S and D only
C) The lower parasitic capacitances associated with S D) The requirement of higher
and D only threshold voltage
42) Supernode analysis is based on
A) KCL, KVL and Ohm’s law B) KCL and Ohm’s law Only
C) KVL and Ohm’s law Only D) KCL and KVL Only

A) B)

C) D)

44) Which one of the following statement is NOT TRUE for series resonance?
A) Current is maximum at resonance. B) Impedance offered by circuit is
C) At resonance voltage across inductor or voltage D) Current and voltage are in phase.
across capacitor is greater than the source voltage.

A) 5A B) 10.33 A
C) 1A D) Data is insufficient
46) Transistor action takes place in
A) Emitter Region B) Collector Region
C) Base Region D) Emitter and Base Region
47) Hall voltage is
A) Positive for p type semiconductor B) Positive for metal or n type
C) Negative for intrinsic semiconductor D) Zero for p type semiconductor
48) In a voltage multiplier circuit, diodes and capacitors are suitable for -
A) Low voltage low current device B) Low voltage high current device
C) High voltage high current device D) High voltage low current device
49) Circuit which can be used to shift or fix the DC level of the input voltage at a specific level is
A) Clamper Circuit B) Clipper Circuit
C) Rectifier D) Voltage Doubler
50) Ideal value of CMRR is ________.
A) 1 B) 100
C) 0 D) Infinite
51) Distribution of current on half wave dipole is ________.
A) Sinusoidal B) Square
C) Triangular D) Constant
52) Which of the following is NOT the variable type in C?
A) int B) char
C) Real D) Float
53) An instruction in 8085, when executed, complements the contents of accumulator without
affecting the status of any of the flag. What is the size of the instruction?
A) 1 Byte B) 2 Byte
C) 3 Byte D) No such instruction exists

A) Only 3 B) 1 and 2
C) 1 and 3 D) 1,2 and 3
55) Unit of information rate is ________.
A) Unit less B) Bits/message
C) Bits/sec/hertz D) Nits/sec
56) How is signal to noise ratio related to information capacity?
A) Directly proportional B) Indirectly proportional
C) Information capacity does not depend on SNR D) Information capacity is exponential
function of SNR
57) In PCM ,
A) Probability of error is high B) Additive noise effect is high
C) Quantization error is high D) Step size is low
58) A two port device which provides maximum attenuation from port 2 to port 1 but small
amount of attenuation from port 1 to port 2 is
A) Circulator B) Isolator
C) Phase Shifter D) Polarisor
59) For amplitude modulation if modulation index is changed from 0 to 2, then how does the
total power get affected?
A) 66.6% increase B) 66.6% decrease
C) 200% increase D) 200% decrease
60) Which class of amplifiers operates with least distortion?
61) Which of the following is the preferred type of flip-flop for designing a binary counter?
A) T flip-flop B) J-K flip-flop
C) D flip-flop D) SR flip-flop
62) In an ammeter, the shunt resistance is usually _____________ meter resistance.
A) Equal to B) Greater by 10 times than
C) Less than D) Greater by 5 times than
63) Scratch pad memory is a ____________ memory.
A) Last in first in B) First in first out
C) Local permanent D) Local temporary
64) The length of a half-wave dipole used at a frequency of 300MHz is _____ m.
A) 0.5 B) 1
C) 3 D) 10
65) The device which can be used to isolate the control circuit from the load is
A) Toggle switch B) Relay
C) Circuit breaker D) DPDT switch
66) VHDL basic statements are ______.
A) Declaration and concurrent statements only B) Concurrent and sequential
statements only
C) Declaration and sequential statements only D) Declaration, concurrent and
sequential statements
67) Which of the following is 7 bit code?

A) B) ad = bc
C) ad > bc D) ad < bc
69) The coefficient of x6 in the expansion of (x+1)10 is
A) 252 B) 210
C) 431 D) 330

A) 0 B) 1
C) 2 D) -1

A) B)

C) D)

72) The S.I. Unit of Work is

A) Newton B) Newton/meter
C) Joule D) Newton/meter2
73) “For a fixed mass of gas at constant pressure, volume of a gas increases on increasing
temperature and decreases on cooling.” This statement corresponds to:
A) Boyle’s Law B) Avagadro’s Law
C) Gay- Lussac’s Law D) Charle’s law
74) Taj Mahal is getting damaged due to the effects of
A) Global warming B) Green house effect
C) Acid rain D) Carbon monoxide
75) A simple pendulum has a time period of 1 s. When the mass of the bob is doubled and the
length of the pendulum is increased by a factor of 4, its period becomes
A) 1/2 s B) 2 s
C) 1/4 s D) 4 s

A) B)

C) D)
77) A shopkeeper allows a discount of 12.5% on the marked price of a shirt & makes a profit of
20%. If the shirt costs Rs. 420 to the shopkeeper. What price should be marked on the
A) 676 B) 476
C) 376 D) 576
78) In a 10 kg ghee pack, 60% is pure ghee and 40% is vanaspati. If 10 kg of pure ghee is
added, then the percentage of vanaspati is
A) 15% B) 25%
C) 20% D) 30%
79) If NUMBER is coded as 1361425229, then how is MIRACLE coded?
A) 1418826241522 B) 1418926241522
C) 1518826241522 D) 1518926241522
80) In the following, a number series is given with one term missing. Choose the correct
alternative that will continue the same pattern and fill the blank space.

4, 6, 12, 14, 28, 30, _______

A) 32 B) 60
C) 62 D) 64
81) The average score of a group of students is 75. The brightest 28% of them secured an
average score of 85 and the dullest 27% of them secured 38. The average score of
remaining is?
A) 91 B) 88
C) 93 D) 85
82) A refrigerator is available for Rs. 14,168 including sales tax. If the rate of sales tax is 12%.
Find the marked price of the refrigerator?
A) Rs. 12,650 B) Rs. 13,650
C) Rs. 14,650 D) Rs. 15,650
83) A, B and C enter into a partnership business investing Rs. 1,800, Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 1,200
respectively. If the total profit is Rs. 500 then the profit share of A is
A) Rs. 200 B) Rs. 300
C) Rs. 500 D) Rs. 400
84) The present ages of Shmithika and Krithika are in the ratio of 4:3. Four years ago the ratio
was 2:1. What is the present age of Krithika?
A) 5 B) 6
C) 12 D) 7
85) A train covers 400 meters distance in 24 seconds. Its speed is?
A) 30 km/hr B) 45 km/hr
C) 60 km/hr D) 75 km/hr
86) Three persons are walking from A to B; their speeds are in the ratio of 5:4:3. The time ratio
to reach B will be
A) 5:4:3 B) 3:4:5
C) 20:15:12 D) 12:15:20
87) A man can do a work in 8 days and with the help of his son he can do it in 5 days. In what
time can the son do it alone?
A) B)

C) D)
88) If ‘METAPHER’ is encrypted as ‘EMATHPRE’, how is ‘NORMAL’ encrypted as?
89) A team has won 16 matches and lost 5. If these matches represent 70% of the matches to
be played, how many more matches should the team win so as to have a record of 80%
A) 5 B) 6
C) 8 D) 4
90) (801/9+1)/[30x(3/5)]+2-(435/3)+(100/4)=?
A) -162 B) -140
C) -113 D) -115
91) The State of Mysuru was renamed as Karnataka in
A) 1956 B) 1947
C) 1973 D) 1961
92) th
Who was the Chief Guest at the 68 Republic Day celebration 2017?
A) Nicholas Sarkozy B) Francois Hollande
C) Md bin Zayed Al Nahyan D) Uhuru Kenyatta
93) When is the International Day of Non-Violence observed?
A) 24th October B) 3rd April
C) 2nd October D) 8th July
94) Cricketer Virat Kohli has become the brand ambassador for which of the following banks?
A) Karnataka Bank B) Punjab National Bank
C) Bank of Maharashtra D) Axis Bank
95) ___________ is also known as “Nightingale of India”.
A) Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit B) Indira Gandhi
C) Sarojini Naidu D) Sucheta Kriplani
96) In which State of India will you find the country’s highest waterfall?
A) Kerala B) Assam
C) Jammu and Kashmir D) Karnataka
97) The state of Telangana was officially formed in ________.
A) 2016 B) 2015
C) 2014 D) 2011
98) ________ is India’s first dedicated space observatory launched by ISRO.
C) Chandrayan I D) Chandrayan II
99) First Indian woman to win an Olympic medal is ________.
A) Saina Nehwal B) Mary Kom
C) P.V. Sindhu D) Karnam Malleswari
100 ____________ was the first musician to be awarded the “Bharat Ratna”.
A) Ravi Shankar B) Lata Mangeshkar
C) Bismillah Khan D) M.S. Subbulakshmi