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Monday-Sunday 3:00am– 12:00am

Come and Stay until

your day is sunny
side up!

A family finer for any time

of the day!

Phone: 412 385 6429

Fax: 412 385 5728

412 E Carson Street Pittsburgh PA 15222

Sides Entrees Soups
The little portions off our diner for you to snack Our full meals to enjoy when you are VERY hungry! Our hot soups will make you so happy that
on while you are either waiting for your food or you are warm inside!
even when they come with your meal.
Star Fries 1.50 Moon Burger Chicken Noodle 3.00
Perfectly fried and cut fries shaped as Juicy meat patty with lettuce, cheese, Diced tender chicken, celery, car-
stars tomato, and pickles with a side of you
StarFries 0.00 rots, and noodles
Onion ringsfried and cut fries 1.50 choice
Breaded onions fried to perfection Cream of Potato 3.00
0.00 Potato, milk , cheese
Baked potato
A brief description of the dish.
Heated and cooked over the grill and
Sun Strips Cream of Broccoli 3.00
seasoned White meat chicken tenders with crispy Steamed broccoli, cream, cheese
Item broccoli 0.00 breading with a side of your choice
Steamed 0.50
A cupAofbrief description
broccoli steamed of just
the dish.
the right Chili
amount Beef, beans, red sauce
Item 0.00 7.50
Sweet bacon
A brief description of the dish.
Bacon salted with caramel dip and
Sunny Side Up Bisque
Lobster, cheese, milk

maple syrup Sunny Side Up eggs with sausage or ba-

con and toast with a side of your choice French Onion 3.00
FruitItem 0.00
1.25 Bread topping, onion, broth
description of the dish.can-
taloupe, strawberries, and grapes

Salad 1.50
Sun Waffle 6.95
A small portion of salad with a dressing
of your choice Crispy waffle with sweet syrup and ba-
con or sausage with a side of your Sweet Treats!
Beverages choice
Chocolate Cake 2.95
Fountain Drinks 1.50 Rich chocolate slice of cake with
Pepsi, sprite, root beer, orange Fan- mini chocolate chips on top
Super Salad Pie 1.50
Tea 1.00 Fresh lettuce with optional tomato, onion, Oreo, Apple, Lemon
Raspberry, Peach, Sweetened, olives, croutons, peppers, cheese and
more Muffins 0.75
Coffee 2.50 Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana,
Hot , cold Chocolate Chip, and apple cinna-
Milkshakes 2.50
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, oreo
Cupcakes 0.75
Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet,
Water 0.50 Happy Ham and Almond

3 slices of thick juicy ham, sweetened Cookies 1.00

2 fresh, chocolate chip, sugar,
with maple syrup and topped with pine- oatmeal cookies
Juice 1.00
Orange, apple, grape, cranberry apple with a side of your choice
Ice Cream 2.00
2 perfect scoops of creamy choco-
late and vanilla ice cream