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Liturgical Leaflet for an Active Participation in the Celebration of the Eucharist


Let There Be Peace on Earth!

Happy and Peaceful New Year to one and all! There is no better wish we
can exchange on this day, for we need peace in our hearts, our families,
our nation, and throughout the world. So many resources are misused
or squandered. So many lives are destroyed by hatred and war.
But we are aware that real and lasting peace can come only if people
obey God’s law and if God blesses their efforts. And we know that He is ready
to grant us this most precious gift at the intercession of our Blessed Mother,
whom we honor today as “Mother of God” and “Queen of Peace.” May she
bring the warring factions and nations to lay aside all hatred and start work-
ing together to build a civilization of love, justice, and peace. Let this be the
main intention for which we offer this Eucharist at the beginning of the New

and sisters in need: Christ, One, you alone are the Lord, you
have mercy! alone are the Most High, Jesus
All –Christ, have mercy! Christ, with the Holy Spirit, in the
P –For the times we have failed glory of God the Father. Amen!
Entrance Antiphon
(To be recited only when no to worship and love you as
Collect (Opening Prayer)
Entrance Hymn is sung.) you deserve: Lord, have
mercy! P –O God, who through the
Hail, Holy Mother, who gave All – Lord, have mercy! fruitful virginity of Blessed
birth to the King who rules Mary bestowed on the human
heaven and earth for ever. P –May almighty God have race the grace of eternal sal-
mercy on us, forgive us our vation, grant, we pray, that we
Greeting sins, and bring us to ever- may experience the interces-
lasting life. sion of her, through whom we
P –Blessed be God who gives All – Amen!
us a new year and calls us to be were found worthy to receive
His partners in the building of Gloria the author of life, our Lord Jesus
the Kingdom. May His grace and Christ, your Son.
peace be with you all! All –Glory to God in the high- Who lives and reigns with
All – And with your spirit! est, and on earth peace to people you in the unity of the Holy Spir-
of good will. We praise you, it, one God, for ever and ever.
Penitential Act we bless you, we adore you, we All – Amen!
P –My dear brothers and sis- glorify you, we give you thanks
ters, as we start a new year, let us for your great glory, Lord God,
pause for a while to realize how heavenly King, O God, almighty
much we need God’s forgiveness Father.
for our past sins. (Pause) Lord Jesus Christ, Only Be- 1st Reading Nm 6:22-27
gotten Son, Lord God, Lamb of The beautiful “invocation”
P –For the times we have failed God, Son of the Father, you take
to appreciate the precious- we are about to hear was used by
away the sins of the world, have the priests in the Temple to bless
ness of time: Lord, have mercy on us; you take away the the people at the conclusion of
mercy! sins of the world, receive our religious services. It is surely most
All – Lord, have mercy! prayer; you are seated at the right appropriate at the beginning of
P –For the times we have ne- hand of the Father, have mercy the New Year, when we observe
glected to help our brothers on us. For you alone are the Holy “World Peace Day.”
R – A proclamation from the the law, to ransom those under Homily
Book of Numbers the law, so that we might re-
The Lord said to Moses: ceive adoption as sons. Profession of Faith
As proof that you are sons, (Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed)
“Speak to Aaron and his sons
and tell them: This is how you God sent the Spirit of his Son All –I believe in one God, the
shall bless the Israelites. Say to into our hearts, crying out, Father almighty, maker of heaven
them: “Abba, Father!” So you are no and earth, of all things visible and
‘The Lord bless you and longer a slave but a son, and if invisible.
keep you! The Lord let his face a son then also an heir, through I believe in one Lord Jesus
shine upon you, and be gra- God. Christ, the Only Begotten Son of
cious to you! The Lord look The Word of the Lord! God, born of the Father before all
upon you kindly and give you All – Thanks be to God! ages. God from God, Light from
peace!’ Light, true God from true God,
So shall they invoke my Gospel Acclamation Heb 1:1-2 begotten, not made, consubstan-
name upon the Israelites, and All –Alleluia! Alleluia! tial with the Father; through him
I will bless them.” In the past, God spoke all things were made. For us men
The Word of the Lord! to our ancestors through and for our salvation he came
All – Thanks be to God! the prophets; in these last down from heaven, and by the
days, he has spoken to us Holy Spirit was incarnate of the
Responsorial Psalm Ps 67 through the Son. Virgin Mary, and became man.
Alleluia! Alleluia! (All genuflect and pause after
R –May God bless us in his reciting this sentence.) For our
mercy! Gospel Lk 2:16-21 sake he was crucified under Pon-
R. M. Velez Today’s Gospel passage in- tius Pilate, he suffered death and
cludes two events of the “Infancy was buried, and rose again on
       
Narrative”: the episode featur- the third day in accordance with
 ing Mary and the shepherds, and the Scriptures. He ascended into
that of Jesus’ circumcision, the heaven and is seated at the right
May God bless us in his mer-cy!
rite through which he officially hand of the Father. He will come
became a member of the Chosen again in glory to judge the living
* May God have pity on us People. and the dead and his kingdom
and bless us; may he let his face will have no end.
shine upon us. So may your P –The Lord be with you! I believe in the Holy Spirit,
way be known upon earth; All – And with your spirit! the Lord, the giver of life, who
among all nations, your salva- P – A proclamation from the proceeds from the Father and
tion. R. holy Gospel according to the Son, who with the Father
Luke and the Son is adored and glori-
* May the nations be glad All – Glory to you, O Lord! fied, who has spoken through
and exult because you rule the the prophets.
The shepherds went in
peoples in equity; the nations I believe in one, holy, catholic
haste to Bethlehem and found
on the earth you guide. R. and apostolic Church. I confess
Mary and Joseph, and the
infant lying in the manger. one Baptism for the forgiveness
* May the peoples praise of sins and I look forward to the
When they saw this, they made
you, O God; may all the peo- resurrection of the dead and the
known the message that had
ples praise you! May God bless life of the world to come. Amen!
been told them about this child.
us, and may all the ends of the
All who heard it were amazed
earth fear him! R. Prayer of the Faithful
by what had been told them by
2nd Reading Gal 4:4-7 the shepherds. And Mary kept P –Today is World Peace Day.
Jesus Christ is the point of all these things, reflecting on Aware of the great need for peace
arrival of God’s plan. He comes them in her heart. Then the throughout the world, let us im-
to us through a human mother shepherds returned, glorifying plore this precious gift from God
– Mary Most Holy – thanks to and praising God for all they through the intercession of Mary,
whom the divine plan to save the had heard and seen, just as it the Queen of Peace. Let us pray:
world could be carried out “at had been told to them.
When eight days were All –Lord, make us instru-
the appointed time.” ments of Your peace!
completed for his circumcision,
R –A proclamation from the the baby was named Jesus, the C –For the whole Church, God’s
Letter of Paul to the Gal- name given him by the angel family on earth: May she ever
atians before he was conceived in the more become an instrument of
Brothers and sisters: womb. reconciliation and solidarity for
When the fullness of time The Gospel of the Lord! all mankind. Let us pray! R.
had come, God sent his Son, All – Praise to you, Lord Jesus C –For the Holy Father and all
born of a woman, born under Christ! other religious leaders: May they
1 January 2019
succeed in their constant efforts Preface of BVM I Communion
to promote peace throughout the P –The Lord be with you! P –Behold the Lamb of God,
world. Let us pray! R. All –And with your spirit! behold him who takes away the
C –For all nations on earth, es- P –Lift up your hearts! sins of the world. Blessed are
pecially those ravaged by war: All –We lift them up to the those called to the Supper of the
May they discover in their com- Lord! Lamb.
mon brotherhood the ground P –Let us give thanks to the All – Lord, I am not worthy
on which to build a harmonious Lord our God! that you should enter under
relationship. Let us pray! R. All –It is right and just! my roof, but only say the word
and my soul shall be healed.
C –For our society, character- P –It is truly right and just,
ized by strident inequalities and our duty and our salvation, al-
ways and everywhere to give
Communion Antiphon
the pursuit of selfish interests: (To be recited only when no
May all citizens grow in social you thanks, Lord, holy Father,
Communion Hymn is sung.)
awareness, respect for the rights almighty and eternal God, and
of others, and concern for the to praise, bless, and glorify your Jesus Christ is the same
common good. Let us pray! R. name on the Solemnity of the yesterday, today, and for ever.
Motherhood of the Blessed ever-
C –For all Filipino families, Virgin Mary. Prayer after Communion
especially those whose mem- For by the overshadowing
bers are no longer at peace with P –We have received this heav-
of the Holy Spirit she conceived enly Sacrament with joy, O Lord:
one another: May the grace of your Only Begotten Son, and
this season help them overcome grant, we pray, that it may lead us
without losing the glory of vir- to eternal life, for we rejoice to
the present difficulties. Let us ginity, brought forth into the
pray! R. proclaim the blessed ever-Virgin
world the eternal Light, Jesus Mary Mother of your Son and
C –Let us pray in silence for our Christ our Lord. Mother of the Church.
personal intentions. (Pause) Through him the Angels Through Christ our Lord.
Let us pray! R. praise your majesty, Dominions All – Amen!
adore and Powers tremble before
P –Father, set our hearts at peace you. Heaven and the Virtues of
with You and with one another, heaven and the blessed Seraphim
that we may become instruments worship together with exultation.
of reconciliation and harmony in May our voices, we pray, join
our families and communities. with theirs in humble praise, as P –The Lord be with you.
We ask this through our Lord we acclaim: All – And with your spirit!
Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, All – Holy, holy, holy Lord, God
who lives and loves for ever and of hosts. Heaven and earth are P –Bow your heads and pray
ever. full of your glory. Hosanna in for God’s blessing. (Pause)
All – Amen! the highest! May the Lord fill you with
Blessed is he who comes in His love and mercy!
the name of the Lord. Hosanna All – Amen!
in the highest! P –May the Lord let His face
shine upon you, and be gra-
Memorial Acclamation cious to you!
Preparation of the Gifts
P –The mystery of faith! All – Amen!
P –Pray, brethren . . . All –When we eat this Bread P –May the Lord look upon you
All –May the Lord accept the and drink this Cup, we kindly and give you peace!
sacrifice at your hands, for the proclaim your Death, All – Amen!
praise and glory of his name, O Lord, until you come
for our good and the good of again! P – May almighty God bless
all his holy Church. you: the Father, and the
Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Prayer over the Offerings All – Amen!
P –O God, who in your kind- P –Go in peace to love and
ness begin all good things and serve the Lord throughout
bring them to fulfillment, grant All – Our Father . . .
P –Deliver us, Lord . . . this New Year.
to us, who find joy in the So- All – Thanks be to God!
lemnity of the holy Mother of All –For the kingdom, the
God, that, just as we glory in the power, and the glory are
beginnings of your grace, so one yours, now and for ever.
day we may rejoice in its comple- Sign of Peace
Through Christ our Lord. Breaking of the Bread
All – Amen! All – Lamb of God . . .
Mary, Mother of God – World Peace Day
“Lord, Grant Us Your Peace!”
eace is a tree of many diverse leaves, Jesus came to our war-torn world through
flowers, and fruits. It strikes its roots in a woman – Mary – who is the Queen of
the hearts of people and grows through Peace. She spent her earthly days in peace-
the moisture of deep personal convictions, filled communion with her Son. And from
commitment, and perseverance in the that intimacy, she derived the moral
face of opposition and obstacles strength that she needed to be al-
of every sort. Peace is brightened ways available to cooperate with
and strengthened by the sunshine God, attentive to the needs of her
of a sincere and universal love that neighbor.
refuses to bow to the destructiveness of The duty to promote peace
hatred and vengefulness. is the legacy of Jesus and his
Peace is the aspiration of Mother to all those who pro-
all those who have not been claim to believe in God, and
perverted by the devil, the especially to those who profess
wrecker of all peace. It is pro- to be disciples of Christ, the
moted by its great champions, Prince of Peace.
but it cannot succeed without the We are all called to
cooperation of millions, and ultimately promote peace by doing the
the whole of humankind. “works of peace” – attitudes and
Peace is a fragile fruit. It is easily dam- actions that bring out the best in
aged and even destroyed by envy, selfishness, people; console the afflicted, welcome the
pride, lust, aggressiveness, insensitivity, and strangers, protect the oppressed; uphold what
cruelty. Peace is destroyed by sin when- is right and promote justice and education as
ever we turn against God or lift our hands basic conditions for peace to be genuine and
against our brethren. God grieves immensely lasting.
when He sees us, human beings, undermine Sometimes there may even arise the need
and destroy our own peace. to defend peace against those who are trying
From the beginning, peace has been to destroy it. It is the challenging enterprise
God’s dream and plan for the human family. of doing so by peaceful means that reject
His Kingdom is a Kingdom of peace. The violence in principle and in practice. The
greatest sign of God’s “peace initiative” is shining examples of Jesus himself, Francis of
the incarnation of His own Son, the Eternal Assisi, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Teresa
Word. He came as the Man of Peace – peace of Calcutta, John Paul II, and Pope Francis
between God and us; peace among all hu- should be our greatest encouragement. God’s
mans. When he was born, the angels wished grace will empower us to do what our weak-
peace to all men of goodwill. Before he left ness would be unable to accomplish. Amen!
this world, his greeting was: “Peace!” Amen!
Jess P. Balon

A grace-filled,
peaceful & prosperous
to one and all!!!

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