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Despite the macroeconomic challenge the In recent years we have seen how local and
industry is facing, brands work hard to stay also multi national brands are competing each
relevant to achieve their number one priority, other, to win the consumer’s heart.
which is GROWTH. Finding New Shoppers is Key.

The competition landscape is heating up as well Brand Footprint indicates five strategic levers
with an increased number of new players entering for growth and it is highly recommended for
the market and the rise of strong local players. any brand to pull on as many of these levers in
order to find new shoppers and find them fast.

More moments is all about staying relevant,
whether it’s in the form of direct communication of that moment or
introducing new flavors to boost curiosity and creating the moments,
staying relevant means a higher likelihood of the brand being chosen. A
good example is one of the biscuit players that attracted the health
conscious breakfast on the go type. A snack player also created more
flavors and new sharing occasions to go with them with the help of
social media

New needs refers to discovering and establishing a new need
among consumers.
If a brand succeeds in establishing a new need, they can benefit
from the first-to-market advantage. A yoghurt brand recently
established this by creating the need for an on-the-go yoghurt pack.
This lever is all about stretching the brand across categories,
which creates the opportunity for the brand to attract buyers who’s
needs have not been met by the existing brands. Sample cases include
powder milk brands, that also extend their product to liquid milk. Another
example, milk that targets men, introduces a Whey Protein bar Product
for consumers who priorities protein intake.

More presence is all about expanding a brand’s geographical
reach or location where shoppers can choose the brand.
This isn’t as simple as expanding, but also require an amount of
localization to be done to the brand. Great example from an ice
cream brand that has unique product portfolio and competitive
pricing, where this brand applied strong distribution through General
trade and home to home channels.

This refers to attracting new buyers who do not currently purchase
the brand or category.
This can be achieved through new product variants and a good case
example of this could be found in the biscuit category, where a biscuit
brand originally targeted at kids are now targeting a more mature
audience with new variants.

With as many of these levers pulled on, a brand is

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These five levers show reason for optimism as the
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