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We can be friends, can we?

Yes why not? Yes , we can
1. Who are you?
I am ___________________________________
2. Where do you live?
I live in_________________________________
3. What grade are you in?
I’m in Grade _______________.
4. What grade were you last year?
I was in Grade ______ last year.
Do you know our school officials?
Yes , we do.
1. Who is your teacher?
My teacher now is ____________________.
2. Who was your teacher last year?
My teacher last year was_______________.
3. Who is our school principal?
Our school principal is _________________.
4. Who is our district supervisor?
Our district supervisor is _______________.
5.Who is our division supervisor?
Our division supervisor is ________________
You have favourite, don’t you?
Yes, I do. / Yes I have

1. What gamedo you like to play?

I like to play _________________________.
2. What food do you like to eat?
I like to eat __________________________
3. What is your favorite flower?
My favorite flower is __________________
4. Who is your favorite teacher?
My favourite teacher is _______________.
5. Who is your favorite friend?
My favorite friend is _________________.
It’s a fine day, isn’t it?
Yes, It is
1. What day is today?
Today is ___________________
2. What time is it?
It’s ______________.
3. What is the first day of the week?
The first day of the week is_______________.
4. What days do we come to school?
We come to school on _________, _______,
__________, ___________, and __________.
5. What day comes before Friday?
____________ comes beore Friday.
You don’t live here,do you?
Yes, I do.
1. What is your barangay?
My barangay is ______________________.
2. Where is your barangay?
My barangay is in ___________________.
3.What is your town?
My town is _______________________.
4. Where is your town?
My town is in_______________________.
5.What is your province?
My province is _______________________.
6. Wher is your province?
My province is in Central Luzon.
It is the month of November, isn’t it?
Yes, it is.
1. What do you remember about November
I remember All Saint’s Day
2. Who do we remember in the Saint’s Day?
We remember the dead.
3. What do we do to honor them?
We pray for them.
4. Do we have to love the dead?
Yes. we have to love the dead.
Christmas is a special day. isn’t it?
1. When is Christmas day?
Christmas day is on December 25.
2. What do we prepare on Christmas Day?
We prepare gifts on Christmas Day.
3. What gift do you like to receive on
Christmas Day?
I like to receive ____________________.
4. Where do you go on Christmas day?
I go to church on Christmas Day.
This is a beautiful country, isn’t it?
Yes, it is.
1. What is our country?
Our country is Philippines.
2. What do we call the people living in the
We call the people living in the Philippines
as Filipino.
3. Are you a Filipino?
Yes. I am a Filipino.
4. Are you proud to be a Filipino?
Yes, I am A Filipino.
5. are you pruod to be a Filipino?
Yes I am proud to be a Filipino.
Do you remember important dates, don’t
1.When is your birthday?
My birthday is on __________________.
2. When is our town fiesta?
Our town fiesta is on ________________
3.When is New Year’s Day?
New Year’s Day is on ________________
4. When is Valentines Day?
Valentine’s Day is on _________________.
5. When is Independence Day?
Independence Day is on_______________.
It’s almost vacation time, isn’t it?
Yes. it is.

1.Where will you spend your vacation?

I’ll spend my vacation in ____________.
2.Where will you ride in going there?
I will ride on a ______________ in going
3.What will you bring along?
What will you do there?
I will
4. When will you return home?
I will return home on _______________.