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EUROPEAN COMMISSION ARES 1 ano 3842694 Ta aN ED - ae proses, | 2006002 Lo) aa oe oe Iu HediCarnarmeninssons jose ‘ead DRAFT AUDIT REPORT AuatNo, REGCAI4CZ0133 buen: Enquiry Paning enor Thematic Auton the compliance of the management and control systems with the regulatory framework related to the measures to avoid confit of interests 2007-2013, 2014-2020 ERDF, CF and ESF Czech Republic ‘OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME: 2007CZ161PO0O4 Enterprise and Innovation OP 00707.161 PENN Favieonment OP 2014CZ16RFOPOOI Enterprise and Innovation for ‘Competitiveness OP 2014CZ16M10P002 Environment OP 2007CZ0SUPOOD Human Resources and Employment 2007CZ052PO001 Prague Adaptability OP 2014CZ0SMSOPOO! Employment OP Score) KEY REQUIREMENTS Compliance of the management and control systems AUDITED: ‘with the regulatory framework related tothe measures to avoid confit oF interests KR 2: Appropriate selection of operations KR 4: Adequate management verifications KR 16: Adequate auits of operations Avruoniries AuprreD: Bodies involved in the process of managing and allocating EU funds Horizontal bodies ‘+ ESIF Council (Rada pro ES! fond) ADDRESSEES OF THE REPORT: Dare oF Avprr: DG/UNtT Cute vere: Associate DGs: EXTERNAL FIRM: ‘This epor sets out ths provision findings, condusions and cecommendatons tthe Conminon dors ‘These may be mia inte ligt ofthe cbseratons snd fer ifesten recived fom te ati uonies Acorn, this report should be ened as nie tl the low-up procedre hs Been ‘ought final conlsion Ike whole or art of he rept trans to eras Corned by healt abl thm 1 provide omens, plese ener a he nfoaton st ut hs paragraph sceompes the + Council for the Common Strategic Framework (Rada pro fondy Spoleénsho.strategicksho imc) ‘+ National Coordination Authority. (Nirodné ‘organ pro koordinac) ‘+ Management and Coordination Committee (idieia koneolntvsbor) “Managing authorities and intermediate bodies: ‘+ Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs + City of Prague ‘+ Ministry of industry and Trade ‘© Business and Investment Development ‘Agency - Czechlavest (Agentura pro podporu odnikini a investi Cezchavest Agency for Business and Innovations (Agentura pro podnikin’ a novace) + Ministry of Environment + The State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic (Stéini fond Svotniho prosifedi Ceskérepublily) His Excellency Mr Jakub DURR ‘Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative ofthe Czech Republic Rue Caroly 15/Carolystrat 15, 1050 Bruxelles/Brusel, BELGIUM, 8 January to 15 February 2019 REGIO and EMPL AGRI Pogeze Table of Contents 1. LEGAL Basis. ~ ossecrives, ~ AUDIT SCOPE. ~ 3.1. AUDIT OF COMMON BODIES INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS OF MANAGING AND ALLOCATING EU FUNDS & 3.2, AUDIT OF THE ERDF AND CF PROJECTS GRANTED TO COMPANIES OF THE AGROFERT GROUP. ve 33. AUDIT OF THE ESF PROJECTS GRANTED TO COMPANIES OF THE AGROFERT GROUP ws 0 APPROACH... : " FINDINGS AND ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN/ RECOMMENDATIONS one 12 5.1, COMMON BODIES - HORIZONTAL SYSTEM FINDINGS. seve LEGAL BASIS AS REGARDS CONFLICT OF INTERESTS. ira 2. IDENTIFIED FACTS... sel 3. CONCLUSIONS. vel 52. ERDF AND CF FINDINGS AND ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN / RECOMMENDATIONS wat 52, ENVIRONMENT OP (2007CZ161POOOS) AND ENVIRONMENT OP (2014cz16M10P002) DS 52.1.1. SYSTEM FINDINGS. os o dS 52.12, FINDINGS ON THE OPERATIONS sensu 30 522, | ENTERERISE AND INNOVATION FOR COMPETITIVENESS OP (Ct 2014CZ16RFOPOO1) ~ PROGRAMMING PERIOD 2014-2020 38 522.1. _KR2- SYSTEM FINDINGS. 3 522.2, KR 4-SYSTEM FINDINGS. 3 52.2.3. FINDINGS ON THE OPERATIONS. as 523. _ ENTERPRISE AND INNOVATION OP (CCI 2007CZ161P0004) 2007 - 2013 55 53, ESF FINDINGS AND ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN / RECOMMENDATIONS.....59 53.1. EMPLOYMENT OP (CC12014CZ0SM90POO}) 9 53.1.1. FINDINGS ON OPERATIONS, 6. AUDIT CONCLUSIONS AND OPINION. 62. AUDIT CONCLUSIONS.

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