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I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson the students are expected to:

 Identify correctly the adjectives and its six types

 Justify the importance of Adjectives in everyday life.
 Compose a thank you letter to their favorite teacher.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Adjectives and its six types

Reference: English textbook for Grade 7 / Adjective by Gina Taranato

Internet: https://www.grammarly.com/blog/adjective

Values: Understanding, Cooperation and Participation

III. Instructional Materials

PowerPoint presentation

Projector and computer

Cartolina, board marker and quiz sheets.

IV. Procedure
A. Engagement
The teacher will ask the students: “What best describes you as a person? You can
tell something about yourself.

 Motivation

The class will read a dialogue posted on the board.

Belle: Mom, I have something to tell you.

Mother: Yes, what is it about?

Belle: I’m shy to share it to you.

Mother: Don’t be hesitant. Is there something that bothers you?

Belle: I met Ben and he is amazing.

Mother: Hmm, your face shows that you are happy.

Belle: I am mom. I feel so inspired. There’s something on him that is


Mother: Oh’ I see! What does he look like?

Belle: He is brown-eyed, intelligent and kind.

Mother: He really seems attractive! Let me meet him soon!

B. Exploration

The teacher will ask the students:

1. Who are the characters mentioned in th e dialogue?

2. Who is the character being described by Belle?
3. What do you think is the emotion being presented by Belle in the dialogue?
4. What are the words that describes Ben?

C. Explanation

Adjectives describe something but it also has 6 types.

Types of Adjectives Definition Examples

1.Quality Describes the quality of a I have a nice Teddy.
Noun/pronoun (Brown, small, fluffy)
2. Quantity Describes the quantity of a I have enough money.
noun/pronoun. It answers (some,more, little)
“how much”
3. Number Describes the exact number He has four apples.
of a noun/pronoun. (“an” as an exact amount)
4. Interrogative The “Wh-questions” used Which book is yours?
with nouns to ask questions. (what, where, who, whom,
5.Possesive The words used to show Joe left his bat at home.
ownership (My, our, hers, their, yours.)
6.Demonstrative It points out of the person, This book is mine.
thing, and animal. (That, there, these, those)


Compose a thank you letter to your favorite teacher. Divide the class into 4
groups. Think at least 10 adjectives and use it in your letter. Choose a group leader
to present output in the class.
D. Enrichment

 Application/Games

Direction: Each group will be given a small balloon with a piece of paper in it. All of
us will sing a song while the balloon is being passed on to all the members of your
group. It will stay in rotation within the members until I say “Stop” and everyone
stops singing.

The member who’s holding the balloon when the music stopped will prick it and
read the sentence that’s written on the piece of paper. He/she will identify the
adjective and its type presented in the sentence.

 Generalization / Valuing

Can you imagine English subject without adjectives? Why do you think it is

What do you think is the benefit of knowing adjectives?

E. Evaluation

10 Items identification type of quiz

Direction: In each sentence, identify first the pronoun and determine what kind of
adjective is being referred to.

IV. Assignment

For the continuation of our lesson in adjectives, study the degree of adjectives
which are the positive, comparative and superlative and give 15 examples