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Arlene B. Diaz

Getting Personal

“You are brave, don’t be afraid.” said the 15 year old me to myself while I was dragging my feet towards the
restroom. My left hand clutching my lower abdomen, as a tear travel its way down my left cheek. At that time,
I am suffering from severe abdominal pain and I felt like fainting.

Grasping for air, I slowly made my way inside the restroom and slumped myself in the toilet bowl. I check myself
and continue my monologue, “Why is it so painful?” I just had my monthly period so feeling this immense pain is
completely unexpected.

I stopped. I sensed something. I touch myself and felt a lump of flesh just at the edge of my female genitalia.
Just imagine the terror I felt that moment. “What is that?”

I was a 3rd year high school student (9th Grade) when I was diagnosed with endometrium polyp. These polyps
are an overgrowth of the inside lining of the uterus which is called the endometrium. Although endometrial
polyps are almost always benign, it is possible that they can be premalignant or malignant.

I’ve never thought that I will suffer from such condition. I was thinking that maybe because I was careless, and I
never really take good care of my body was the main reason. And I am so guilty to that.

I was a very active student during those times. I played a lot. Run a lot. I do these crazy jumping, running, and
carrying heavy things while I have my monthly period. I really don’t mind if I forgot to change my sanitary
napkin. Actually, I recall that I was glad if I skip my monthly period. At first, it only skips a month, then two
months, three, until it never came for six months. I never complain. I did not inform my mother about it. I felt
free. I really don’t like monthly periods anyways.

Then that horrible moment came, I really don’t know what to do. I remember that it happened during our class
retreat. So I gather all the strength I have to get out in that restroom. I ask my best friend to call our teacher
because I was bleeding so badly. Yes, lots of blood is coming out as if my body is flushing out all the blood from
the last six months.

My mother came to fetch me and I was immediately brought to Los Baños Doctor’s Hospital. That night, I was
scheduled for an operation.

The removal of these abnormalities is best performed by hysteroscopy, which involves using a small scope that
is passed through the cervix into the intrauterine cavity so that the inside of the uterus can be visualized directly.
An anesthetic is utilized to eliminate any discomfort from the procedure. When an endometrial polyp is
removed, it is sent to the laboratory for review to insure that it is benign.

Thankfully, it was an outpatient procedure. After a day or two I was back to my old self again as if nothing
happened. But the terror it gives me will never fade away.

I want to share my experience to all young girls out there. Listen to your body. It will not hurt your self-image if
you stopped and think for the welfare of your body.

Never take things for granted until it was too late. You are not invincible.

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