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Blue King Brown

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Blue King Brown

Performing on stage, Portland, June 2011

Background information

Origin Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Genres Reggae, roots

Years active 2003–present

 Roots Level

 Lion House

Associated acts Skin

Website bluekingbrown.com
Members  Nattali Rize

 Carlo Santone

 Salvador Persico

 Sam Cope

 Julian Goyma

 Cesar Rodrigues

 Javier Fredes

 Lea Rumwaropen

 Petra Rumwaropen

Blue King Brown are an Australian urban roots ensemble formed in 2003 in Byron Bay by
mainstays Nattali Rize and Carlo Santone. They have released three studio albums, Stand
Up (October 2006), Worldwize Part 1 - North & South (August 2010) – which reached the ARIA
Albums Chart top 50 – and Born Free (November 2014). They have toured nationally and
internationally; and supported concerts by Carlos Santana, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Damian
Marley, the John Butler Trio, the Cat Empire, Silverchair, Dispatch and Powderfinger.


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Blue King Brown were formed by Nattali Rize (lead vocals, lead guitar, co songwriter) and Carlo
Santone (bass guitar, co songwriter) in Byron Bay in 2003 as an urban roots ensemble.[1][2] As multi
instrumentalists, they'd performed as percussionists on the streets for years, including with
percussion group Skin featuring Greg Sheehan.
To complete the line up of Blue King Brown, the duo moved to Melbourne and recruited Julian
Goyma (drums), Latin percussionist Salvador Persico, Sam Cope (keyboards), Cesar Rodrigues
(lead guitar) with Javier Fredes regularly performing as a second percussionist. Rize recalled their
sound, "When it was me and Carlo it was just drums, very rhythmic, very percussive and that's what
we love. We really brought a lot of that into Blue King Brown, which is why we feature two
percussionists on the front line." The ensemble's line up has varied from a five-piece to an eleven-
piece, and now features The Black Sistaz from West Papua on Backing Vocals.
The beats driven collaboration formed connections in the Australian roots scene guesting on
percussion for the John Butler Trio (JBT).[3] They have also supported performances with a number
of local and international touring artists, including the Cat Empire.[3] Peter Dawson of Diaspora
Worldwide felt the group were "a funky 5-piece roots-reggae outfit which has quickly established
itself on the National touring circuit. Under Nattali and Carlo's strong direction the band has
developed a strong fan base around the country."[3]
Blue King Brown's track, "Water", appeared on their six-track debut self-titled extended play in
September 2005, and was added in high rotation on national youth radio, Triple J.[4] Dawson
described the track as "Bright and bouncy [it] is pure funk, with [Cope]'s Rhodes piano and
[Persico]'s timbales playing hit 'n' run."[3] Blue King Brown won an Australian Independent Record
(AIR) Award for Best Performing Single/EP in 2006.[5] In mid-2006 they supported Michael Franti &
Spearhead's tour of Australia.[6] Santone described the music video for "Water", which had been
made for $200, "it was inspired from time we spent out in remote communities in central Australia
where Traditional Owners of the land were being kept from their sacred sites and precious water
Blue King Brown issued their debut album, Stand Up, in October 2006 through their own label, Roots
Level Records; in Japan it appeared on Village Again/Sideout with a bonus track.[7][8] It was recorded
at Big Jesus Burger Studios, Sydney with Rize and Santone co-producing; all the tracks were written
by Rize including six co-written with Santone.[7] A Triple J reviewer described the group, "With their
rootsy reggae and funk, they're currently packing out venues and are faves on the festival
circuit."[9] Stand Up was nominated for the 2006 J Award[10] and their track, "Come and Check Your
Head", was listed at No. 100 on the Triple J Hottest 100, 2006.[11] In 2006, aside from performing at
the Woodford Folk, East Coast International Blues & Roots Music and West Coast Blues & Roots
Festivals, they also performed in Fiji and Japan.[9] By 2008 Goyma had been replaced on drums by
Peter Wilkins.[12]
Their second album, Worldwize part 1 - North & South, was released in August 2010, which peaked
at No. 44 on the ARIA Albums Chart.[13] The two discs were reviewed by Layla Clarke of AU Review;
she felt the first disc, North, showed that "steady reggae guitar and drums form the base for the
weaving of vocals, brass, strings, piano, and other percussion to create the sounds that make up an
individual song."[14]The second disc, South, was a set of "dub tracks" which were "more instrumental
and [the disc] is a worthy companion to the first."[14]
At the ARIA Music Awards of 2011 it was nominated for Best Blues and Roots Album.
Their third album, Born Free (November 2014) had been partially recorded in Kingston's Tuff Gong
Studios.[15] AllMusic's Steve Leggett opined that it "finds the band in full passionate flight, delivering
contemporary reggae that sounds urgent, necessary, and vital" with the group "quickly becoming a
force on the international jam band urban roots scene, mixing reggae with Afro-beat and Latin
rhythms and layering them beneath lyrics that cry out for positive social change."[15]
In January 2015 Blue King Brown toured Australia to promote Born Free with the line up of Cope,
Fredes, Persico, Rize, Rodriques, Lea and Petra, and Santone.[16] Bobby Goudie of The
Clothesline caught their performance at The Gov, "They get their audience grooving and absorbed
with their up-beat tunes and messages of hope, peace and standing up to oppression around the
world... [and are] a skilled, experienced band that has been spreading their ideas and conscious
music for over 10 years. Enjoyment is not solely based on how many of the songs you recognise or
can sing along to. They are an incredibly accessible live band to people who don’t know their music
as it evokes so much hopeful energy and cool grooves."[16]

 Nattali Rize – vocals, guitar, percussion
 Carlo Santone – bass guitar, percussion, backing vocals
 Salvador Persico – percussion, timbales (2005–present)
 Julian Goyma – drums (2005–07)[3]
 Sam Cope – keyboards, piano, organ, synthesiser (2005–present)[17]
 Cesar Rodrigues – guitar
 Javier Fredes – percussion, congas
 Damien Lines – synthesiser
 Lea Rumwaropen – backing vocals (2013–present)[18]
 Petra Rumwaropen – backing vocals (2013–present)[18]


 Stand Up (14 October 2006) – Roots Level Records (bkb 002)

 Worldwize Part 1 North & South (Lion House Records, 20 August 2010) No. 44 AUS
 Born Free (Lion House Records, 7 November 2014)
Extended plays[edit]

 Blue King Brown (12 September 2005) – Roots Level Records (bkb 001)

 "Moment of Truth"
 "Water"
 "Come Check Your Head (download single, Roots Level Records)
 "Stand Up" (Roots Level Records, 3 March 2007)
 "Women's Revolution (download single, Roots Level Records, 11 June 2010)
 "Never Fade Away" (Lion House Records, 20 August 2010)
 "The March Feat Jah Mason" (Lion House Records, March 2012)

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External links[edit]
 Official website
 Blue King Brown discography at MusicBrainz
 Blue King Brown at Australian Music Online


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