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October 2015
1 hour 45 mins

Students answer on the Question Paper.


Write your name, the name of your school and your class/section in the spaces provided above.

Write in dark blue or black ink.

You may use a soft pencil for any diagram.
Do not use correction fluid.

Check that this document consists of 20 printed pages.

Any discrepancy in the document must be immediately notified to the responsible officer in your

This paper consists of two sections: Section A and Section B.

Section A
Answer all questions.

Section B
Answer all questions from any three options.

All answers must be written in the spaces provided.

The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part question.

The total of the marks for this paper is 100.


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Answer ALL questions.

Question 1

For each question, four options (A, B, C and D) are given. Choose and circle the
correct one.

(i) The operating system of a computer

A is the hardware which helps to manage the computer system.

B is the software which helps to manage the computer system.

C is the hardware which creates programs for use by the computer system.

D is the software which creates programs for use by the computer system.

(ii) What is a backup of a file?

A A password protected copy of the file on the same computer.

B A copy of the file on the desktop.

C A copy of the file stored away from the main computer system.

D A copy of the file on the same computer.

(iii) Why is it useful to use a password to protect a file?

A So that we always have a copy of the file.

B So that only people you share the password with can view and/or edit it.

C So that no one can edit it ever again.

D So that it is not lost.

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(iv) Which one of these is a portable device?

A A Super Computer

B A Personal Computer

C A Laptop

D A Mainframe Computer

(v) Data being processed by a computer is stored in





(vi) In a database, which one of the following holds a single piece of data?

A File

B Record

C Field

D Database

(vii) Which spreadsheet feature is best used to duplicate information from cell to cell?

A Autosum

B Fill handle

C Filter

D Save as

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(viii) Computer memory is measured in bytes. Which one of these has the largest
memory capacity?

A 1 kilobyte

B 1 terabyte

C 1 megabyte

D 1 gigabyte

(ix) Which one of the following statements about teleworking is NOT true?

A Teleworking cuts down on company costs.

B Teleworking means more travelling for employees.

C Teleworking requires employees to make use of technology.

D Teleworking allows people from a wide geographical area to be employed.

(x) The Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of

A Control Unit, Main memory and Secondary Storage.

B Input, Processor and Output.

C Control Unit, Arithmetic Logic unit and Main memory.

D Main Memory, Secondary storage and Output.


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Question 2

Complete the table below by stating one use of each of the devices listed when using a

Device Use





Hard disk drive



Question 3

Tick one box in each row to show whether each device is used for storage, input or

The first one has already been done for you.

Device Input Output Storage

USB flash memory






Bar code reader


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Question 4

Match Column A to Column B by drawing an arrow as shown in the example below.

Column A Column B

A company which provides the user with a

connection to the Internet.

A code that users must key in to get access

Search engine to his/her account in order to withdraw cash
from an ATM.

Program is a collection of one or more web pages.

A device used to capture data by passing

light over the image.

Website is an email address.

Scanner A tool to find information on the internet.

A set of instructions that directs a computer

how to solve a problem.

Question 5

Tick (  ) True or False next to each of these statements.

True False

(i) All information on the internet has been checked for accuracy.

(ii) Goods sold in a supermarket have a barcode. The piece of

information provided by the barcode is the item price.

(iii) A DVD is an example of an optical disk.

(iv) A browser is used to display web pages.

(v) E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services

via the internet.

(vi) ROM is used to start a computer.


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Question 6

Ruben’s French teacher has set up a video conference with an international poet and his

(a) What is video conferencing?

______________________________________________________________ [2]

(b) State TWO advantages of using video conferencing in this situation.

(i) ___________________________________________________________ [1]

(ii) ___________________________________________________________ [1]

(c) Apart from a computer, list TWO pieces of hardware that his teacher will require
for the video conference.

(i) ___________________________________________________________ [1]

(ii) ___________________________________________________________ [1]

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Question 7

A national newspaper uses a LAN (Local Area Network) with an internet connection.

Staff at the newspaper can also use the WWW (World Wide Web) to research articles
they are writing.

(a) Explain the difference between the internet and the WWW.




______________________________________________________________ [2]

(b) List two advantages to the newspaper of using a LAN.

(i) ___________________________________________________________

(ii) ___________________________________________________________ [2]

The internet is an example of a WAN (Wide Area Network).

(c) List two differences between a LAN and a WAN.

(i) ___________________________________________________________

(ii) ___________________________________________________________ [2]

The newspaper also uses the LAN to store personal details about its employees.

(d) Name one security measure they might employ to ensure data on the LAN is
kept secure from internal users.


______________________________________________________________ [1]

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Question 8

Priya works for the local Radio and TV station. She is responsible for photographs and
graphics. She is creating a “50 years Anniversary” page for the station.

(a) While creating the “50 years Anniversary” page, Priya’s computer breaks down.
She discovers that the computer has become infected with a virus.

(i) What is a virus?


_______________________________________________________ [2]

(ii) List two things Priya could have done to prevent the virus infection.

1. _____________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________ [2]

(b) Priya spends a long time each day working on her computer. This can lead to a
variety of health problems.

Two possible problems are backache and repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Give two solutions for each problem.


Solution 1

_____________________________________________________________ [1]

Solution 2

_____________________________________________________________ [1]


Solution 1

_____________________________________________________________ [1]

Solution 2

_____________________________________________________________ [1]


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This section consists of four options: Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database and
Program Flowchart.

Answer ALL the questions from any three (3) options.

Option 1 : Word Processing

Table 1

The Nicolière Wild Side

Outdoor Activity Centre
Grande Rosalie
200350 Villebague

May 15th 2015

Dear Member

We want to inform you of some of the new activities that will be available to those who use
The Nicolière Wild Side Outdoor Activity Centre this summer.

The new activities are

Activity Level Extra charge

Pony Trekking Beginner Rs 400.00 per day

Rock Climbing Beginner, Intermediate Rs 360.00 per day

Water Rafting All levels Rs 350.00 per week

We hope that your children will want to take part in these activities as well as in all the other
sports offered. Don’t forget that there is a discount for early booking this year. The
discount is 17.5% for activity sessions booked before the end of August.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Ray
Centre Manager

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Question 1

(a) For each question from (i) to (vii), four options (A, B, C and D) are given. Refer
to Table 1, choose and circle the correct option.

(i) The font style used for the centre address is

A bold and underlined.

B bold and italic.
C regular.
D plain.

(ii) The date of the letter is

A justified.
B right aligned.
C left aligned.
D centred.

(iii) The main text of the letter is

A justified.
B right aligned.
C left aligned.
D centred.

(iv) The lines describing the new activities are laid out using tabs. What type
of tab has been used to align these items?

A left
B right
C centre
D decimal

(v) The text for the headings of the columns of new activities is

A italic and underlined.

B bold and underlined.
C lower case text.
D regular text.

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(vi) The logo at the top of the letter is a clip art which was stored as

A a text file.
B an image file.
C a database file.
D a spreadsheet file.

(vii) The image at the bottom of the letter is a copy of the logo that has been

A reduced.
B enlarged.
C cropped.
D rotated. [7]

(b) (i) What is the difference between a header and a footer?

Header: ___________________________________________________

Footer: ____________________________________________________ [2]

(ii) Explain briefly how you can create a header or a footer in a word



___________________________________________________________ [2]

(iii) The document in Table 1 is in Portrait page orientation. Describe

how you will change the page orientation to Landscape orientation.


___________________________________________________________ [2]

(iv) Explain two ways of importing a graphic into a word document.

1. ________________________________________________________


2. ________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________ [2]

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Option 2 : Spreadsheet
Question 1

A small bookshop has kept details about sales of books as shown in Table 2.

(a) For each question from (i) to (vii), four options (A, B, C and D) are given.
Refer to Table 2, choose and circle the correct option.

Table 2



2 Moby Dick 150 15 7 8 1050
3 Lorna Doone 250 10 6 4 1500
4 Mr Chips 75 15 4 11 300
5 Tara Street 270 25 20 5 5400
6 Lad of the Mist 300 15 10 5 3000
7 Tailor of Bath 220 15 10 5 2200
8 Happy Prince 120 20 12 8 1440
9 Ali Baba 250 20 8 12 2000
10 First seven years 125 15 11 4 1375

(i) The use of bold on the spreadsheet helps to

A correct errors.
B create a graph.
C hide information.
D emphasise on data.

(ii) The formula in cell E7 is

A =D7-C7.
B =C7-D7.
C =C7*D7.
D =C7+D7.

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(iii) If all the copies of ‘Tailor of Bath’ were sold, which cell would display 0?

A B7
B C7
C D7
D E7

(iv) If the value in cell C10 is changed to 18, this automatically changes values
displayed in cells

A C10, D10 and F11.

B D10, E10 and F11.
C D10, F10 and F11.
D E10, F10 and F11.

(v) A chart showing the value of sales for each book will use cell range A2:A10
for the data labels. Which cell range will be used for the data values?

A F1:F10
B F1:F11
C F2:F10
D F2:F11

(vi) Which feature could be used to list the book titles in alphabetic order?

A Find
B Sort
C Search
D Replace

(vii) Which formula should be used to find the cheapest book?

A =MAX(B2:B10)
B =MIN(B2:B10)
C =SUM(B2:B10)
D =MIN(C2:C10) [7]

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(b) (i) Write down the formula that should be entered in cell F11 to calculate the
total VALUE OF SALES (Rs).

________________________________________________________ [2]

(ii) Explain how the cells A11 to E11 have been formatted to allow the label
TOTAL VALUE OF SALES IN OCTOBER to occupy all the cells.

________________________________________________________ [2]

(iii) Give two advantages of using formulae in the spreadsheet.

1. _____________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________ [2]

(iv) The name of the author of each book has to be inserted in the
spreadsheet. Explain clearly how you will do so.

_______________________________________________________ [2]

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Option 3 : Database
Question 1

ABC Store has kept details about its staff in a database as shown in Table 3.

Table 3

Payroll Surname First Title Job Description DOB Full / Available

No. Name Part for extra
time shifts
120922 David Erwin Miss Clerk 14/05/1966 F No
140671 Davies William Mr Stacker 20/10/1995 F Yes
130096 James John Mr Checkout Operator 01/12/1989 P Yes
110012 Jones Helen Miss Manager 05/05/1972 F Yes
140822 Khan Abdul Mr Stacker 15/09/1990 P No
130745 Lewis Rosie Miss Stacker 31/05/1992 P Yes
130492 Omar Shakeela Mrs Checkout Operator 10/03/1991 F No
110134 Pattar Kumar Mr Assistant Manager 25/02/1991 F No
120626 Rosette Rebecca Miss Clerk 06/11/1985 P No
130073 Williams Natty Mrs Checkout Operator 05/11/1969 P Yes
110201 Williams Owen Mr Personnel Manager 22/06/1979 F No

(a) State the number of records shown in the staff database.

______________________________________________________________ [1]

(b) State the number of fields shown in the database.

______________________________________________________________ [1]

(c) State one reason why ABC store would add a record.

______________________________________________________________ [1]

(d) State one reason why ABC store would edit a record.

______________________________________________________________ [1]

(e) State one reason why ABC store would delete a record.

______________________________________________________________ [1]

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(f) State the key field used in the database.

______________________________________________________________ [1]

(g) State the purpose of the key field.

______________________________________________________________ [1]

(h) The Full / Part-time field in the database is coded ‘F’ for full-time, and ‘P’ for part-

State two advantages of using coded data in a computer database.

(1) ___________________________________________________________

(2) ___________________________________________________________ [2]

(i) State two data types other than text.

1. ______________________________ 2. _____________________________

(j) Write down all the Surnames which will be listed when the following search
condition is used.

(Title = ‘Miss’ AND Job Description = ‘Clerk’)

______________________________________________________________ [2]

(k) Write a search condition to list all staff members whose dates of birth are before
1976 and who are full time.

______________________________________________________________ [2]

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Option 4: Program Flowchart
Question 1

(a) Francesca is writing a program which simulates a dice game played with three
ordinary 6 sided dice. When the player rolls the three dice, the player is given
points according to the algorithm expressed in the flow chart below.


YES Are all three NO

dice equal?

Score = sum on the 3

YES Are two of the NO
dice equal?

Score = sum on the 2 equal dice Score = 0

Score = Score – (the number on

the other die)


[Note that the three numbers 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321 gives the same score and
is considered to be only one set of test data.]

State the value of the score if the numbers on the three dice rolled are

(i) 345 Score : .........................

(ii) 444 Score : .........................

(iii) 1 1 2 Score : .........................

(iv) 5 6 5 Score : ......................... [4]

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(b) Some rolls of the dice result in a negative score.

State two sets of three numbers which can be used to test whether the algorithm
produces a negative score when it should, and state the expected output for your
test data.

Set of test data 1: _________________________________________________

Expected output: __________________________________________________

Set of test data 2: __________________________________________________

Expected output: __________________________________________________


(c) What is the maximum and least score that can be obtained? Justify your answer
with a set of three numbers in each case.

Maximum score:_____________________________________________________

Minimum score:______________________________________________________


(d) A taxi uses a computer to communicate with central office and to calculate
customers’ fare based either on tariff A or tariff B. If the distance travelled is less
than 25 km, then tariff A is chosen, otherwise tariff B is chosen. Before writing
the program the programmer writes an algorithm to solve the problem.

The algorithm uses the three basic control structures sequence, selection and

State whether the operations below use sequence, selection or iteration.

(i) Performing a series of operations or instructions one after the other.

………………………………………………………………………..…..….… [1]

(ii) Keep entering all customers’ details until the last customer in the list has
been read.

…………………………………………………………………………..…...… [1]

(iii) Deciding whether to use tariff A or B to calculate a customer’s fare.

………………………………………………………………………….…….… [1]

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(e) Draw a suitable diagram to represent the control structure stated in part (d) (iii)
using the appropriate flowchart symbols.  


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