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Division of Cagayan de Oro City

28th Street, Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City

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__________1. Which of the following is NOT attached in the motherboard?
a. RAM b. Video Cards c. CPU d. Hard Disk Drive
___________2. What is the permanent memory built into your computer called?
a. CPU b. ROM c. RAM d CD-ROM
___________3. What is the processor or the main brain or heart of the computer called?
a. CPU b. ROM c. PSU d. HDD
___________4. Which of the following is a computer hardware component?
a. Windows b. ADOBE c. CPU d. Databae
__________5. CPU and all Graphics card are located in the
__________6.. Which of the following is to be removed first in Disassembling a system Unit?
a. Motherboard b. PSU c. RAM/ROM d. system fan
__________7. Which is an input device?
a. Monitor b. Printer c. mouse d.speakers
__________8. Which of the following is a storage device?
a. DVD drive b. motherboard c. monitor d. keyboard
__________9. Which tool is used to loosen computer casing screws?
a. Multimeter b. wire cutter c. Philips head screwdriver d. Lint free cloth
__________10. What tool is used to blow away dust from keyboard?
a. Compressed Air b. Lint Free Cloth c. Cable ties d. Parts Retriever
__________11. Which tool is used to bundle cables neatly inside the system unit?
a. Compressed Air b. Lint Free Cloth c. Cable ties d. Parts Retriever
__________12. Which component is NOT included inside the chassis or System Unit?
a. Motherboard b. Monitor c. Power supply d. Hard Disk Drive
__________13. Which tool is used to prevent static electricity from building up?
a. Hex driver b. Wire cutter c. Torx Screw d. Anti static Mat
__________14. Which is a planned system of working to prevent illness or injury by identifying hazards?
a. Occupational Safety and Health c. Occupational Risk and Hazards
b. Occupational Hazards and Risk d. Occupational Work Prevention
__________15. Computer cables running across the floor can cause physical hazard to someone who may trip the
Wires. Which of the following should be done to ensure safety?
a. Use Gaffers tape to stick wires to the floor c. Blow with compressed air
b. Tie the wires with cable ties d. Pull them on the handle

16. __________ 22. ___________

A. PSU C. CPU A. VGA C. Serial Port
B. HDD D. DVD B. S-Video Port D. USB Port
17. ___________ 23.___________
A. PSU C. RAM A. USB Port C. Audio Port
B. CPU D. HDD B. Power port D. Serial Port
18.___________ 24. ___________
A. System Fan C. Power supply A. USB Port C. PS/2 Port
B. Motherboard D. ROM B. Audio Port D. S/Video Port
19.___________ 25. ___________
A. ROM C. Expansion Bus A. Serial Port C. USB Port
B. CPU D. Graphics Card B. Parallel Port D. VGA Port
20.___________ 26. ___________
A. HDD C. ROM A. VGA Port C. USB Port
B. CPU D. PSU B. Serial Port D. LAN Port

21. ___________ 27. ___________

A. DVD C. Video Card A. Parallel Port C. VGA Port
B. System Fan D. PSU B. Power Port D. USB Port
For Items 28-31

A. B. C. D.

__________28. Which is a handtool in computer system servicing?

__________29. Which is a diagnostic tool?
__________30. Which is a Cleaning tool?
__________31. Which is an ESD ( Electro Static Discharge) tool?
For items 32-35

A B. C. D.

___________32. Which tool is used to hold or manipulate small parts of hardware components?
___________33. Which tool is used to prevent Electro Static Discharge damage to computer unit?
___________34. Which tool is used to blow away dust from computer components without touching it?
___________35. Which is used to strip and cut wires?
For items 36-39

Identify which hazard is shown in the following examples

A. Physical Hazard B. Mechanical Hazard C. Mechanical Hazard D. Electric Shock Hazard
___________36. Open CRT Monitor with lethal line voltage
___________37. Slippery Computer laboratory floor
___________38. Hot components or sharp edges hitting your hand surface
___________39. Cleaning solvents that get on eyes or bare skin.

Arrange the correct steps to help PREVENT Accident at work. Write A , B to C.

___________40. ASSESS THE RISK
___________41. CONTROL THE RISK
___________42. SPOT THE HAZARD

Arrange the correct steps in Skills in Disassembling a Computer. Write A to D

___________43. Opening the System Unit Case

___________ 44. Removing the System Fan, Power supply, Hard Disk Drive and Optical Drives.
___________ 45. Unplugging all the cables and wires
___________46. Removing motherboard and all attached Graphic cards

Arrange the steps in Assembling a Computer. Write A to D.

___________47. Install the Optical drives and Hard Disk drive

___________48. Connect the Power supply and the System fan.
___________49. Install the Motherboard and attach all the Graphic and video cards
___________50. Plug all the ribbon cable and power cord inside the system unit and screw the system case