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Pariaan National High School

Pariaan, Camalig, Albay


Name: _______________________________ Grade & Section: ______________

Major:________________________________Date:___________Score: ________

A. Identify the word or words defined by the following sentences. Choose

your answers from the box.

1. The ability to identify, understand, interpret, create,

communicate and compute, using printed and written materials
associated with varying contexts. _______________________________
2. It also refers to any physical object used to communicate
messages. ______________________________
3. The ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in a
variety of forms broad term that covers processed data,
knowledge. ______________________________
4. The ability to recognize when information is needed, and to
locate, evaluate, and effectively communicate information in its
various formats. ______________________________
5. The ability of an individual, either working independently or
with others, to responsibly, appropriately, and effectively use
technological tools. ______________________________
6. The essential skills and competencies that allow individuals to
engage with media and other information providers effectively, as
well as develop critical thinking and life-long learning skills
to socialize and become active citizens.
7. Refers to the ability to transform different kinds media into
digital code, which is then accessible by a range of devices,
from the personal computer to the mobile phone, thus creating a
digital communication environment. ______________________________
8. Refers to the traditional means of communication and expression
that have existed since before the advent of the Internet.
9. Refers to The act of taking another person's ideas, writings,
inventions, and similar intellectual products as one's own
without knowledge, consent and/or accreditation.
10. Refers to content organized and distributed on digital platforms.

B. Write MEDIA if the statement is true. Write INFORMATION if the

statement is false.
__________________ 11. Media is the foundation of democracy.
__________________ 12. Media is the watchdog of society.
__________________ 13. In a democratic country, media has become the
agent of the public.
__________________ 14. History credits the Han dynasty for the invention
of paper.
__________________ 15. The Summerians developed a notable ancient form
of writing called the cuneiform.
__________________ 16. The creation of paper allowed ancient scribes to
preserve history through manuscripts.
__________________ 17. The electronic media began with the invention of
telephone through the mid-1840s.
__________________ 18. The Internet is a development instead of an
__________________ 19. The industrial age brought improvements in mass
__________________ 20. Television is one of the media that was invented
during electronic age.
C. Match Column A with Column B. Write the letters only
Column A Column B.
______ 21. It pertains to the technical and symbolic A. Technical
ingredients or codes and conventions that Codes
media and information professionals may
select and use in an effort to communicate
ideas, information and knowledge
______ 22. The media context, refers to a standard or B. Media
norm that acts as a rule governing Language
______ 23. The group of consumers for whom a media C. Language
message was constructed as well as anyone
else who is exposed to the message
______ 24. The information sent from a source to a D. Convention
______ 25. An act or instance of using or closely E. Messages
imitating the language and thoughts of
another author without authorization
______ 26. The excessive use of computers to the F. Audience
extent that it interferes with daily life.
______ 27. Are codes, conventions, formats, symbols G. Marshall
and narrative structures that indicate the McLuhan
meaning of media messages to an audience
______ 28. It includes sound, camera angles, types of H. Codes
shots and lighting
______ 29. People engaged in the process of creating I. Plagiarism
and putting together media content to make
a finished media product.
______ 30. “The medium is the message J. Symbolic

D. Enumerate what is asked by the following statements.

Types of Codes Examples
List down some of the Netiquette one should follow.
Issues in Media and Information (with definition)

41-45. Draw icons for traditional media.

46-50. Draw icons for new media.

E. Illustrate (5 points) and explain (5 points) the process of