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Mary Joy J.


Semi – Detailed Lesson Plan


A. Content Standard
The learner realizes that information in a written text may be selected and organized
to achieve a particular purpose.

B. Performance Standard
The learner critiques a chosen sample of each pattern of development focusing on
information selection, organization, and development

C. Learning Competencies /Objectives

Distinguishes between and among patterns techniques in selecting and organizing
information through topic outline.

Activity 1: Develop a good paragraph through topic outline.
Activity 2: Come up with a graphic organizer based on the outlined topic.


A. References
1. Glencoe English 2nd Edition page 144
2. Tips for Writing a Paragraph. (n.d.). Retrieved from

A. Reviewing previous lesson or presenting the new lesson
- Ask the students about their techniques in writing a good paragraph.
- Let the class arrange the strips of paper to an outline form.

The Sun
I. General Information
A. Size
1. Diameter
2. Circumference
B. Parts of the Sun
1. Photosphere
2. Chromosphere
3. Corona
II. How the sun affects Earth
A. Sunlight
B. Food – stored sunlight
C. Invisible sunlight and health

B. Establishing a purpose for the lesson.

- In this lesson, students will be guided in making a good paragraph through topic
- As a class they will be writing a good paragraph.
- In their respective group, they should come up with a graphic organizer based on
the outlined topic.

C. Presenting examples / instances of the new lesson.

 Group the class into 5 groups. Let them outline the given article.

Choosing a college or university can be difficult high school graduates. The

most difficult part is finding a university that prepares them well for their future
career. In order to get a good job, the curriculum that is taught must be thorough
and up-to-date. In addition, the professors must be highly qualified and respected
in their fields. Another difficulty in choosing a university or college is affordability.
Students need to be able to pay not only the tuition fees but also the living expenses.
Fortunately, some institutions might be able to offer scholarships if students cannot
afford the fees. Of course, a good location is also very important when choosing a
school. The environment should be safe and quiet to facilitate studying. Moreover,
there should be possibilities near the school for part time or summer jobs related to
major to provide some practical work experience. High school graduates should
consider all of these points carefully so they can choose the most appropriate
college or university for them.

Let them present their output. Give some comments about the others’ works.

Possible Answer
I. Choosing a college or university can be difficult for high school graduates.
A. Good preparation for your major
1. Thorough, solid curriculum
2. Qualified professors
B. Affordability
1. Ability to pay tuition and living expenses
2. Possibility of scholarships
C. Good Location
1. Study environment
2. Possibilities of part time job in major

 After presenting their output, they will be given 10 minutes to come up with a
graphic organizer based on the outlined topic.

Possible Graphic Organizer Pattern:

D. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skills # 1

- Compose your topic sentence. Think of a topic and a controlling idea that will
narrow the topic enough to support it well in one paragraph.
E. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skills # 2
- Brainstorm supporting ideas. Choose 2 - 6 supporting ideas that do a good job
supporting your topic sentence.
F. Developing Mastery
- The group will outline their ideas.
G. Finding Practical Applications of Concepts and Skills in Daily Living
- Doing more exercise in outlining and develop a good paragraph.
H. Making generalizations and abstractions about the lesson
-The teacher will ask students to give generalizations or overall understanding of
the lesson.
- Also checks if the objectives were met.
I. Evaluating Learning
- Students are to make an outline and write a paragraph of their chosen topic.
J. Additional Activities
- Share you output to your group and make constructive comment/s of the output.

Prepared: Reviewed/ Approved:


Teacher 1 School Head
Mary Joy J. Zapatos

Lesson Plan Making – Reflection

I have definitely gained a lot of helpful insights from my school head-evaluator regarding
my semi-detailed lesson plan. I have learned how to write learning and teaching goals as well as
planning. I have learned that having the learners be actively engaged is a large part of learning. I
should set a teaching philosophy, like ‘Promoting Learning’, as suggested by my evaluator. This
will help in guiding me daily. I should foster critical thinking skills into my learners, have them
develop great problem-solving skills, and much more.

As advised by my evaluator, that in planning a lesson, the teacher should be flexible. The
teacher has to be a good assessment and instructional designer. She should assess a learner using
various reading assessments for fluency and comprehension. She must be able to construct a well
thought out plan for instruction based on the learners advocate and classroom community builder
by creating and fulfilling lessons that honor diverse backgrounds and needs of certain learners.
She should not be afraid to work collaboratively with her colleagues when designing her lesson
plans and designing activities.

From the insights I have gained from my evaluator and my colleagues, I hope to soon to
be evolve into a better teacher and be knowledgeable of exactly what a great teacher needs to
enable his learners to be the best that they can be. I believe that literacy is of great importance,
that’s why I chose Reading and Writing as my topic in the lesson plan. I have always wanted to
focus on developing my learners’ reading and writing skills. Some students nowadays find it
hard to understand the content because they are having difficulty mastering the basics: reading
and writing. In every activity, I also encourage collaboration; having learners work together to
seek answers and being social. All these realizations made me become more passionate in
teaching. This SEAMEO TECH experience really helped me unlock the teaching passion and
develop the teaching skill within me.