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Written Business Plan Rubric Student(s):

Written Business Plan Rubric Scoring Scale SCORE

Each section will be graded if it meets the requirements. It must have full explanations that provide all the necessary details

Cover Page
All information present, including:
 Business name
 Company logo (optional)
 Name(s) of the owner(s)
 Date

Table Of Contents
 Includes each major section.
 Includes page numbers.
 Organized and neat.
Executive Summary
 Type of ownership
 Management experience
 Organizational structure
Business Description
 Basic information (mailing address, phone number, website, email, etc.)
 Legal form (partnership, corporation, etc.) - be specific
 Mission statement
 Goals & objectives
 Keys to success

Product or Service Description

 Competitive Advantage
 Uniqueness of product
Market Analysis
 Behavior
 Target Market
 Promotion
 Strategy
 Commercial
 Product
 Merchandise
 Martials
 Distributors
Location Analysis
 Advantages/disadvantages of location
 Rents/costs
Financial Plan
 Start-up costs
 Pricing

 Font size 12
 Double spaced
 1" margins
 No typographical errors
 Spelling, grammar, sentence structure

Business Plan Score:

Oral Presentation Score:


Oral Presentation Rubric : Business
Student(s) Name: ________________________________________ TOTAL SCORE:

Shows a full Shows a good Shows a good Does not seem to
understanding of the understanding of the understanding of parts understand the topic
topic. Demonstrates topic with detail. of the topic, conveys very well.
material insight with new connections.

Student is completely Student seems pretty The student is Student does not seem
prepared and has prepared but might have somewhat prepared, but at all prepared to
obviously rehearsed, is needed a couple more it is clear that rehearsal present.
well organized. rehearsals. was lacking.

Group presents visuals Group presents Group presents some Presents little or no
that present a vast and adequate visuals to visuals but does not supporting visuals
complete representation support presented support information
of material information adequately

Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Often mumbles or can
distinctly all (100-95%) distinctly all (100-95%) distinctly most ( 94- not be understood OR
the time, and the time, but 85%) of the time. mispronounces more
mispronounces no mispronounces one Mispronounces no more than one word.
words. word. than one word.

Stands up straight, Stands up straight and Sometimes stands up Slouches and/or does
looks relaxed and establishes eye contact straight and establishes not look at people during
confident. Establishes with everyone in the eye contact. the presentation.
POSTURE & EYE eye contact with room during the
CONTACT everyone in the room presentation.
during the presentation.

Facial expressions and Facial expressions and Facial expressions and Very little use of facial
body language generate body language body language are used expressions or body
a strong interest and sometimes generate a to try to generate language. Did not
enthusiasm about the strong interest and enthusiasm, but seem generate much interest
topic in others. enthusiasm about the somewhat faked. in topic being presented.
topic in others.

Student is able to Student is able to Student is able to Student is unable to

accurately answer accurately answer most accurately answer a few accurately answer
almost all questions questions posed about questions posed about questions posed about
SUBJECT posed about the topic the topic. the topic. the topic.
KNOWLEDGE with substantial
information and

Business attire, very Casual business attire. Casual business attire, General attire not
professional look. but wore sneakers or appropriate for audience
seemed somewhat (jeans, t-shirt, shorts).