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Cassidy Fields

12 May 2019

Outside Dance Critique

For my Outside dance critique, I saw Community Theatre of Greensboro’s production of

“Frozen, Jr.” On Friday, May 10th at 7pm. The show was held in the Starr Theatre in downtown

Greensboro and it was a sold out show. They actually sold out every single show that they

originally had and then added more shows, and those sold out too. However I am a huge Disney

fanatic so I was trying my absolute hardest to go into the show with an open mind knowing that

one, it is community theatre there is absolutely no way it can be perfect. Two, it IS a junior show

so it has a lot of kids in it. I love Community Theatre of Greensboro with all of my heart, but I

was super disappointed in this performance.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. First off, the set was terrible. If you have ever been to the

Starr theatre before, you are made very aware by the moment you walk in it is a small theatre.

This can be both a blessing and a curse for many reasons. For instance, it makes the whole

experience super intimate which is great because it makes it feel like you are really becoming a

part of the show and almost makes it feel interactive. You also do not always need microphones

because the cast is so close to you. However in this particular production, I was constantly asking

what they were saying because I could never hear the actors on stage. They desperately need

either floor microphones or hanging microphones because you truly could not hear very many

lines that people said. Also, the set was just a ramp on the back of the stage and the floor was

painted with swirls. That was literally it. They also did not have a scrim, so they hung up a white

sheet to use as a scrim.

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The dancing throughout the show was not horrible I would say, but it certainly was not

fantastic. There were three main dancing numbers, “In Summer”, “Let it Go”, and “Fixer

Upper”. I have worked with the choreographer before on various different projects and she has

wonderful ideas and her choreography is excellent, I just think with the cast and level of dancers

she has it can be portrayed as messy.

“In Summer” and “Fixer Upper” featured a lot of the same dancers. They were both

upbeat jazz numbers and focused heavily on spacing and lots of different picturesque moments

throughout the numbers. Yet like I stated earlier, this production has LOTS of kids in it. Quickly

I realized that a lot of the issues with these numbers were that there spacing was messy and quite

frankly it was because the kids had no idea where center was, and it was clearly marked on the

stage. I just feel like these numbers needed more rehearsal time, because the choreography was

good (very classic jazz, jazz squares pivot turns the whole shabang) but they just needed more

practice in the space so they were not clumped on one side or simply just off center.

“Let it go” was my favorite for many reasons but one was because one dancer was

heavily featured and let me tell you that was a smart idea on the choreographers part. The lead

dancers name is Carlie Shaner and man can that girl dance. She pulled out a few tricks like a leg

hold turn and an aerial, but she also performed with grace and had nice movement quality. My

eyes were pretty much on her the whole time, however two boys were brought in to do a leaping

section and even though they were getting high up off of the ground, they could really use some

ballet lessons. Let it go was a harder number than the rest filled with calypsos, leaps and turns

but in all honesty I would say the dancing in this number was messier than the rest because the

talent is not technically trained enough for the moves they were given.

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Overall I would not say I loved this production in any way shape or form, but I did enjoy

getting to see my friends play roles that I have enjoyed watching movies about over the years. I

truly believe that Community Theatre of Greensboro is doing some amazing things in the

community and getting kids involved in theatre, but I can honestly say I think this production

was just a money trap. They knew “Frozen” would get kids in the door and they used that to their

advantage, but I truly believe that a lot more time and effort could have gone into this show.

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