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Republic of the Philippines

Sorsogon State College

School of Graduate Studies
Bulan Campus
Bulan, Sorsogon

Name : Trinidad C. Gojar

Course : Master of Arts in Management - Administration and Supervision
Term : 2nd Sem 2015-2016
Professor : Abner L. Dellosa, RGC

Love Does Not Hurt

Love does not hurt. It does not come with physical, emotional and verbal
abuse. Love cares, encourage and brings out the best in a person. Yes,
love does not hurt but persons who do not know love and how to love

While watching the video of love does not hurt, I can imagine thousands
of people around the world who has the wrong notion about love. People
even when they are hurt, verbally and physically abused are too
complacent to complain but accept whatever situation they are in
because they love the person. People with the wrong notion that you
will never know the meaning of love unless you get hurt. People who just
embrace the situation they are in, beaten, ridiculed, abused, harmed but
cling on to a relationship because they love the person. They are
imprisoned in their own belief that being hurt is part of being in love.

The video is an eye opener of the true meaning of love. Love does not
hurt but it heals. It heals broken hearts and heartaches. Love is caring
and gentle. Love understands the feeling of others especially the people
you love. Love inspires. Love is sacrificing and giving oneself
unconditionally but it should not hurt. Love no matter where you see it is
not love if it hurts. Love should not be blind to see when you are being
abused, taken for granted, used and not able to sense that the person
you love does not know love and how to love. These are the persons that
hurt. They are those who distort the meaning of love. These are the
persons that you should not have anything to do with. These are the
persons that people can live without.

I do not believe love can be the reason why people hurt other people. I
do not believe that teachers will inflict physical harm on the students
because they love them and want them to learn. I do not believe parents
hurting their children because of love hurting them because they want
their children to become better persons. There is no love for parents or
relatives who are the instruments of sexual abuse on children and later
professed that they love them. I do not believe that the government will
hurt its constituents because they love their citizens and want them to
live in peace. There definitely has no love here to speak of. This is the
wrong meaning of love that they try to justify.

Love is powerful and a great inspiration that help us overcome our

difficulties, love sees us go through the obstacles in reaching our
dreams, it is the binding force of friendship, of families and relationship.
Love has a healing power, love is gentle and patient so definitely love
does not hurt.