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Rebate Processing


Rebate is an agreement between the company and the customer which is valid for a
specific time period. The rebate agreement specifies the percentage of rebate
offered to the customer during the specified period. The system calculates the
rebate accruals for each applicable invoice and posts them to the corresponding G/L
accounts and also updates them in the corresponding rebate agreement. At the end
of the rebate agreement validity period, the company will reimburse the rebate
amount to the customer.
The rebate process in the following 3 steps.
-Configuring rebates.
-Setting-up rebate agreements.
-Managing rebate agreements and payments

Rebates: Rebate agreement is a special agreement granted to the customer

on a specific volume of sales over a specific period of time.

Configuration Path:

IMG>SD>Billing>Rebate Processing>Rebate Agreements>Define Agreement

Step 1: Define Agreement Type
Select “Define Agreement type” from choose activity, double click on it.

Select an Agreement click on copy button and rename it

Here I selected standard and renamed “0002-Material Rebate” to “Z002- Material Rebate-AA11”

Step 2: Condition Type Groups

2.1: Click on Define condition Type groups

Click on New Entries

Enter your Copied Condition Type group which you created and Maintain “Blank” for Category of the
condition type group

Step 2.2: Assign Condition Types /tables to Condition Type groups

Click on New Entries

Assign Condition Type “Bo02” and Condition Table “1”to your Condition Type
Step 2.3: Assign Condition Type groups to rebate agreement types

Click on it, Assign Condition Type group to Agreement Type

Step 3: Condition Technique for Rebate Processing

Click on it
Same as like Pricing Procedure configuration
Step 3.1: Select Maintain condition table for Rebates

Select Maintain Condition Tables for Rebate and Click on Choose

Based on requirement we can create new condition table
Save and exit (if anything created)

3.2: Maintain Access Sequence

Select Maintain Access Sequence

Click on Choose, Go to New Entries and Maintain Access Sequence
Maintain “1” Relevant for Rebates

Step 3.3: Define Condition Types:

Choose Define condition types

Select it and click on Choose
Rebate condition types (BO01, BO02, BO03, BO04, BO05, BO06)are available in Standard SAP
Assign Access sequence to condition Type (if copied)

Step 3.4: Maintain Pricing Procedure:

Select Maintain Pricing Procedure and click on Choose

Choose Standard or copied Pricing Procedure by use
Click on Position Button left side Dialog Structure
Make sure that Rebate condition types must available in (copied) pricing procedure
With Requirement-24 (only in Billing Document)

Account Key – ERB

Accruals – ERU

Step 4: Account Determination for Rebates

(If you are good at Account determination Procedure configuration no need to fallow this)
The same process like Account Determination Procedure.

Step 4.1: Define A/C keys

(Standard keys available in SAP)

ERB -Rebate Sales deduction
ERU –Rebate accruals

Step 4.2: Assign Account Keys to our Pricing Procedure

In standard pricing procedure it’s available
Steps 901 to 905

Step 4.3: Maintain Access Sequence

(standard already created like Accounting Determination Procedure)

Step 4.4: Define Account Determination Types

Assign access sequence to Condition type

Step 4.5: Assign G/L Account

Choose table 1-customer group/Material Group/Account Key

Click on Assign button and Maintain G/L Account Provision Account

Step 5: Activate Rebate Processing

IMG>SD>Billing>Rebate Processing>Activate Rebate Processing
Click on “Activate Rebate Processing”
Select “Billing Documents for Rebate Processing” in Choose Activity.

Step 5.1: Select Billing Document for Rebate Processing

T-Code: OVB0
(Or) T-code: VOFA
Enter billing Document Type and put check mark for Relevant for Rebates
Go back
Select “Activate Rebate Processing for Sales Organizations”

Step5.2: Activate Rebate processing for sales organization

Click on Choose
(Or) Go to Enterprise structure
T-code: OVX5
Select your sales organization
Put check mark for Rebate process Active

Step5.3: The payer must be relevant for rebate processing.

Go to XD01 or XD02 Payer customer master record

Go to sales are data tab then choose Billing tab put check mark for “Rebates”

Step 6: Create Rebate Agreement

T-code: VBo1 or SAP Easy Access Path

SAP Menu>Logistics>Sales and Distribution>Master Data>Agreements>Rebate Agreement
Choose created one (Ex: Z002)
Specify the rebate recipient [Customer master payer number]
Specify the validity period of the agreement
Specify the agreement status: Blank [] = Open
Specify the verification level [F] = Display totals by Payer/Material
Then click on Conditions on top
Maintain (Accruals amount) condition record for material rebate how much rebate we want to
give it to the customer
If we click on scales button
Here I maintained for each product 1 rupee
Save it
With this configuration part is completed

Step7: create sales order

T-code: VA01
Specify Organizational details
Press F8(document Complete)
Check item conditions
Save it
Step 8: Create Delivery
T-code: VL01n

Step9: create Billing document

Check ITEM conditions BO02 will display in conditions tab because we maintained requirement
‘24’ in our pricing procedure
Save it
Now Rebate Settlement to customer

Step 10: Go to VBo2 rebated agreement

Enter rebate agreement which we created
Ex: 34

Check agreement status to ‘B’

On the menu bar choose “Rebate Payment”

Here Customer is eligible for 50 Rs rebate accruals amount
If we observe Verification Levels
Will get details of payer customer master total rebate accruals amount.
We can settle the rebate amount by manual or automatic

Manually we can select the customer eligible amount

Then we can save it

It will create automatically credit memo request
Here I have chosen 5Rs/- and save it.

We will get the message like this bottom of the screen.

Or if we want to give full settlement to the customer click on

It will create automatically Rebate Request for Manual Accruals for entire eligible pending
It will happened in the back ground
If we want to check that go to this path or Click T-code: VOV8
Select any one of the above document type
B1, B2, B3 OR B4 click on details icon.

Coming back to Rebate credit memo request

Back ground automatically created we can check these details by using T-code: VA03
Now create Billing Document by using sales order number
Check the conditions
Save it
Billing document will be generated
Rebate accrual amount 5Rs
Check Accounting Document.

General ledger view

With this Rebate agreement process is completed.

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