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- This is one of Mexico’s most exciting festivals. It’s celebrated on

November 2nd (in the winter) at the
Central and South regions of Mexico.
- The symbol of the festival is the
skull. People paint skulls which are
very colorful and put them on their
faces during the festival.

- Its rooted in the Aztec festival

dedicated to the goddess
Mictecacihuatl. This holiday has
spread throughout the world, to honor
the dead.

The festival has many interesting activities:

+ On the Day of the Dead,
everyone will go to the street,
parade, sing and dance together.

+ People in Mexico will decorate

their houses with skeletons,
pumpkins, candles and more.
+ It is an important time to visit the graves
of loved ones to repair, and build private
honoring’s as in the picture, favorite foods
or things that the dead relatives liked. You
can dedicate toys for dead children, food or
clothes for adults. Finally, they will spend
all night beside the graves of their relatives
eating, communing, and partying.

+ At night, they will have a big

party with relatives, eat and talk
about the coming year and pray
about good thing like happiness,
success, and luck.

- This festival has many foods and

drinks like Sugar skull, Atole, Candied
Pumpkin, Pan de Muertos, and the
flower of the festival is the Mexican

- There are many films about this

festival like: Coco, and The book of
the life.

Name: Dao Huu Nam