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Version 2.0.1.

- Public beta release.

- Fixed bug with settings being saved incorrectly on program exit, replacing a
profile's settings with another profile's settings
- Fixed the Options Window displaying username status incorrectly

- Fixed a bug where certian script fragments would be skipped with renumber
conflicting when they still needed to be changed due to the a change in number of
- Corrected "Report on merge" trying to save reports to the wrong directory
- Fixed issue with normal copying of general assets skipping certain directories,
and certain files being missing from merge file lists.

- Updated xEdit definitions for FNV and TES5
- Added changelog support

- Reports now properly limited to 255 characters.
- Fixes access violation on startup if no changelog present
- Reports now have a label indicating character limitations.

- Added ability to fix (most) errors in plugins
- Added translation support
- Added find errors quickbar button
- Added hints to quickbar buttons
- Merge names and filenames will now be trimmed when saved to merges
- Fixed issue with script fragments in BSAs not being copied
- Plugins popup menu and merges popup menu adjusted (items moved to new submenus)
- Added reset errors option to clear the errors found in a plugin
- Now alerts the user if a merge had conflicting Navmeshes
- Added self reference plugin flag for Fallout
- Handles self-referencing GECK scripts (should make merging Fallout plugins with
MCMs work)
- Alerts the user about GECK scripts that need to be recompiled after merging

- Fixed issue with language files not being unpacked when updating
- Added a fallback for users who won't have lang\english.lang, which directs them
to GitHub to download it
- No longer throwing an exception when a language file fails to load

- Profile form vertical scroll bar now has tracking
- Now updating quickbar and statusbar when language is changed
- Added options for server host and server port
- Do not send statistics option is now functional
- Fixed issue with merges not saving if the background loader wasn't done
- Status message panel now provides status messages in more circumstances
- Added "Built" merge status, so you can only build merges once per session (as
- Added German translation (thanks GabenOurSavior!)
- Now detects when plugins in a merge are not contiguous or break dependencies
- Created a new form for resolving issues with a merge
- Now handles initialization exceptions better, so you'll know when the program
has borked up
- Program updates will now properly extract ALL files from the program zip
archive to relative directories
- Profiles now get sent to the recycle bin instead of deleted permanently

- Official public release
- Fixed TESV_Papyrus_Flags browse filter, added All files (*.*) filter
- Fixed bug with copy general assets using the game's data directory in certain
- Created plugin selection form
- Added type-to-search to all list views
- Added help integrations/documentation framework
- Completed documentation
- Added Verify File Access button to merging tab
- Integration-dependent options are now disabled if the integrations they depend
on aren't set up
- We now open the Options Form when a new profile has been created
- When editing/creating a merge, a filename missing .esp at the end is now
invalid, and entering the TEdit highlights the text before the .esp file extension
- Added -profile target line parameter
- Added -offline target line parameter
- OK button of Options Form is now disabled if the Mod Manager integration is
- Fixed integration detection exception, and the annoying disk prompt that would
sometimes come up when detecting integrations
- Balloon hints are now hidden when the user brings up a child form
- Added NMM integration for Nexus Mod Manager v0.60a+
- Changed the TDetailsListEditor into a virtual TStringGrid, allowing for link
styling and (nearly) unlimited rows (allowing us to remove the limitation on the
Files and Errors sections for merges)
- Heavily refactored the entire project
- Logs now saved to separate folders
- Fixed asset copying being backwards
- Made it so resetting user registration re-registers them if possible
- Fixed script fragment copying targeting the merged plugin instead of the
plugins that were merged

- Hotfix release
- Fixed issue with styles not drawing when plugin selection form initially
- Fixed load order being incorrect for FO3/FNV/TES4
- Fixed main application window not repainting when restored sometimes
- Updated the limitation section of the documentation
- Fixed some issues with record renumbering code that could cause issues when
renumbering FormIDs, specifically when merging TES4 plugins.
- Fixed issue with merge deletion sometimes causing the program to freeze
- Fixed issue with Dictionary button not enabling when the user downloads a
dictionary they didn't have using the Update Button
- Fixed list views on the Main Application window not repainting enough
- Improved non-contiguous plugin handling. Critical non-contiguous issues can no
longer be ignored
- Fixed Find Errors checking plugins that have already been checked for errors
- Resolved issue with the merge/ folder not being cleared when rebuilding a merge
- Fixed issue with the Delete Merge confirmation box sometimes being hidden
behind the main application window
- The msFailed merge status is now immutable, as it should be.
- Added a note in the documentation about Copy General Assets being on the
Integrations tab
- Fixed a critical issue with Merge version in submitted reports having a leading
space, which caused the loss of some reports that were submitted over the last few

- Hotfix release
- Corrected load order bug for FO3/FNV/TES4 when not using MO
- Implemented Extract BSAs option (it did nothing before this update)
- Made documentation on the Resolve Issues Window
- Added Troubleshooting section to documentation
- Updated Merge Statuses section of the documentation
- Fixed Reset Errors being unavailable when a plugin had no errors
- Fixed changing the merge name not always updating its data path
- Fixed merge failure due to an access violation when using the New Records
merging method
- Returned the limitation on the fails and files sections of the Merge Details
view of 1000 items each
- When the merge destination directory is the data folder Merge Plugins will put
merged assets directly into the folder instead of creating a subfolder for each
- Merge Plugins no longer breaks due to different regional Decimal Separator
- Fixed the OK button of the Options Form not updating when changing the Merge
destination directory

- Added Fallout 4 support

- Fixed issue with Fallout 4 load order sorting
- Fixed issue with Fallout 4 dictionary update not working
- Fixed issue with FNV/FO3 dictionary update messages

- Fixed more issues with Fallout 4 load order sorting (asterisks in plugins.txt)
- Fixed handling of missing master files in plugins.txt

- Fixed issue with building references for Fallout 4 ESPs with QUST child records
(you should now be able to load the DLC ESMs and the Unofficial Fallout 4

Version 2.3
- Added SSE Support
- Resolved issue with handling BSA archives
- Adjusted how the profile form works. Now it will always create default profiles
for games that don't have profiles.

Version 2.3.1
- Fixed issue with loading SSE Load Order from the wrong file