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The Lord's Day Announcements/Matangazo

SUNDAY, 02ND JUNE 2019 1. Those worshipping with us for the first time are Youth Corner
FOCUS: A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE ON MARRIAGE & requested to spare a few minutes and meet in the
SINGLEHOOD; 1 ST CORINTHIANS 7 : 1 - 16 "Visitor's room" next to Church office after the service to
Youth Se
Serr vice - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m.
Service Leader : Doreen Sasaka kindly sign our visitors book.
Deacon Incharge : Charity Maina 2. All are welcome to Weekly Prayer sessions on
Intercessory Prayer : Charity Maina Approximately four weeks ago; we prosecuted our
Scripture Reading : Ann Injairu Mondays from 5.30 pm onwards. Please also note that minds in a court of Christian Living and saw how easily
Main Ushers : Esther Wambui /Steve Waithanji the prayer room at the top most floor of the KBA School depraved it can become. We saw that out of the desires of
Preacher : Pst Silas Otieno
English Service - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m. multipurpose block is open for prayers at any time of the our hearts and the hidden thoughts of our minds conse-
Service Leader : Jacob Mwenda day. quently, we do and we speak.
Deacon Incharge : Eunice Muchai
Intercessory Prayer : Eunice Muchai 3. Today is our Love Sunday, a second offering will be How therefore can we get our mind back on track? How can
Scripture Reading : Ibrahim Karonji taken towards the end of the service to help the needy we be spiritually-minded? How can we win the war for our
Main Ushers : Irene Mbugua / Lucy Kihanya minds? How can we keep our hearts pure?
Preacher : D rr.. Moses Mwangi among us. Dry foods and clothes can be dropped at the
Kiswahili Service - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m. church office. Well, confess it first and foremost. If you have sins in your
Kiongozi : Samuel Njenga thought life, confess them, sins of immorality, sins of
Shemasi Msimamizi : Francis Kamau 4. The First Friday Evening Service will be this Friday 7th anger toward someone, sins of vengeance, sins of a
Maombi : Francis Kamau June 2019 from 6:30pm and it will be led by ladies. Please bitterness toward someone else, all inside of you. Sins of
Kusoma Neno : Josephine Asamba
Wahudumu wak uu : Carol Njeri / Ernest Mithamo
wakuu purpose to attend. unforgiveness, sins of plotting evil against someone, sins
Mhubiri : D rr.. Moses Mwangi 5. Modes of giving: You can give your tithe and offering of lusting after material things and after sexual things,
(Teens) CBN Ser vice - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m
Service Leader : Claire Sarah using our Mpesa Paybill No: 582800; Account Name: whatever, confess them, repent and ask forgiveness. If we
Deacon Incharge : Clement Miano Tithes, Offerings, Missions, Project, etc. or swipe your confess, He is FAITHFUL and just to forgive and keep on
Intercessory Prayer : Clement Miano cleansing.
Scripture Reading : Eric Muchina VISA credit or debit card at the back of the sanctuary on
Secondly, feed on the word and speak of the word. We are
Main Usher : Joel Mahugu Sundays and at the church office during the week. completely wrongheaded whenever we lapse into thinking
Preacher : Pst. Silas Otieno
6. Campus Ministry Team will conduct a training on "How that private devotions somehow win us merit points with
SUNDAY, 9TH JUNE 2019 LADIES ANNUAL SUNDAY to evangelize Biblically", on Saturday 8th June 2019 at
FOCUS: A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE ON MARRIAGE, God. Devotions are not for impressing God or anybody
CHASTITY AND DIVORCE 1 ST COR 7: 17 - 40 Kabete National Polytechnic, Uthiru,Nairobi. Church else. They are for daily pointing us in the right direction and
Youth Se
Serr vice - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m. members are invited to participate and for logistics fueling the hearts and mind of our trust in God. In prayer,
Service Leader : Dennis W anjofu
Wanjofu ask God for spiritual-mindedness. Some excerpts that can
Deacon Incharge : Clement Miano purpose, please register with church office or the
Intercessory Prayer : Clement Miano Campus ministry leader, Pastor Silas Otieno by guide us are; 'Create in me a clean heart...' Psalm 51. '...Do
Scripture Reading : Colleta Omollo
Thursday 6th June 2019. not be conformed... but be transformed by the renewal of
Main Ushers : Hurry Mabetter / Ann Makeba our minds...' Romans 12:2 '...Take captive of our thoughts
Preacher : Re v v.. Daniel Kinuthia 7. The Praise and Worship Team invites and welcome to obey Christ...' 2nd Cor 10:5.
English Service - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m.
Service Leader : Ladies any church member who has the calling and gifting to Thirdly, avoid the evil attractions. Do not expose yourself.
Deacon Incharge : Charity Maina serve in leading praise & worship, playing musical Timothy 2:16 'Avoid profane and vain babbling that only
Intercessory Prayer : Charity Maina
Scripture Reading : Ladies equipment under the pastoral leadership to see either increase unto more ungodliness' Put your thoughts on
Main Ushers : Joseph Gikonyo / Susan Maina Deacon James Muhu or Sister Mary Kariuki or any of God, your affections on God, set your love on Him and
Preacher : D rr.. Moses Mwangi take radical steps to keep your mind pure. You have heard
Kiswahili Service - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m. the Pastors.
Kiongozi : Ladies 8. Annual Ladies Fellowship Sunday is Next Sunday 9th that it was said, "You shall not commit adultery." But I say
Shemasi Msimamizi : Jane Mwangi
June 2019. All Ladies in the Church are requested to join to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful
Maombi : Jane Mwangi
Kusoma Neno : Ladies together in unity as they serve in various ways. Compiled by Dorina Ogutu
W ahudumu wak uu : Beth Juma / Janet Ntongai
Mhubiri : Pst. Joel Injairu 9. Ladies: The Baptist Women of Kenya (BWOK) week of
(Teens) CBN Ser vice - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m
(Teens) prayer starts tomorrow Monday 3rd June to Sunday
Service Leader : Albert Obadiah
Deacon Incharge : Francis Kamau 9th June. All ladies are requested to prepare, participate
Intercessory Prayer : Francis Kamau and attend fellowships tomorrow Monday 3rd and
Scripture Reading : Eddy Njoroge
Main Usher : Max Macharia Wednesday 5th from 6pm to 7pm. On Friday 7th June
Preacher : Re v v.. Daniel Kinuthia we shall have an overnight prayer meeting (Kesha) MONDAY FELLOWSHIP
Joel Injairu Stanley Migwi
from 10pm up to 5am. Host: Leader: Speaker:
Deacons: Hillary Mulama
Pastoral Care & Leadership Children Minister Francis Kamau A. Mwangi P. Mbugua C. Miano J. Muhu J. Donge C. Maina E. Muchai P. Khaoya
Dept Minister - 0721 - 417799 0712422642 Church Council Chairman
0722-381073 0722-211804 0721-265431 0738-574272 0722-398065 0722-814475 0795-602502 0720-367225 0722-814477 0721-547789
…connecting with fellow Christ Followers in a Small Fellowship
To Become Rivers Of Living Waters
Group Deacon in
Meets on Activity/
Preacher Flowing To The Nations (John 7:38).
Kiwanja/ Dr. B. Lilian Wambugu Lilian Wednesdays @ Bible Study Kahawa West Estate • Off Kamiti Road • P.O. Box 65102 - 00618 • Ruaraka, Nairobi
Membley/ Kinjanjui (0723106108) Wambugu - 6:00- 7: 30 pm Tel: 0729 - 79 17 37 • •
OJ Kiwanja
Maziwa/ F. Kamau Lucy Mwaura Maziwa Fridays YEAR 2019 THEME - “BECOMING A CHRIST CENTERED CHURCH "
Jacaranda (0722467207) Campus
NOTES Message of the Week
Sun 2 nd June 2019
Kongo/ J. Muhu Silvester Musyoki Wednesdays
Kiamumbi/ J. Donge
Kigochi J KBA- Sundays
KiuKenda (0722589349)
Jane G.
(0722668914) God is the author of marriage which He institutionalized at the Garden
of Eden upon creation (Gen 2:18-25). During the days of the Apostles
Kamiti A. Mwangi Naman Mugambi St. Wednesdays : @
(0720201568) Christopher 5:45- 6:45
and in deed in our days and throughout history, marriages are under
Church attack from the enemy.
Prison The Christians in Corinth were surrounded by sexual temptation.
Juakali East C. Maina Stella Wairimu Wednesdays: @
(0723707970) 7:00 -8:30 pm
Corinth city had a reputation even among the pagans for sexual
Juakali West H. Mulama Mrs. Kisala Wednesdays: @ immorality and religious prostitution. It was this kind of society that
(0722625509) 7:00 -8:30 pm Apostle Paul delivered instructions on sex and marriage. The Kenyan
Kamae E. Muchai Veronicah Njoki Thursdays: @
(0723329743) 5:00 - 6:00 pm society and the world today is no different. Sex and sexuality has been
Lower P. Khaoya Lucy Ayoyi Tuesdays: @ perverted and is presented to us in the main media (Radio, TV), social
Estate/ PNU (0725415470) 7:00 – 8:30 pm media ( YouTube, WhatsAPP, etc) and various other ways right at our
Cornerstone P. Mbugua Jane Thirikwa Tuesdays: @ Millicent
/ Quarry (0722850395) 7:00 – 8:30 (0727393438) doorsteps. Christians who desire to live and honour God in marriage
Ruai/ H. Mulama Lucy Misigo Sundays: @ or singlehood are faced with sexual temptations that are difficult to
Embakassi (0722849213) 3pm resist except with God's help and hand upon us. In the Scripture, Paul
SALT Jacob Mwenda Fridays@ 7 p.m
(Young (072658111) highlights ways in which we could resist sexual temptations and thus
Adults) honour God in our marriages;
1. Christian Marriage- "Let the husband render to his wife the
affection due her, and likewise also, the wife to her husband"
1Cor 7: 3). When a Husband does his duty to his wife and the
wife does her duty to the husband, sexual temptation easily resisted.
Scripture adds. " Do not deprive one another except with consent
for a time, that you may give yourself to fasting and prayer; and
come together again so that Satan does not tempt you because of
BIBLE STUDIES lack of self-control", (1Cor 7:5).
Department Time venue 2. Un-married and Widows- Apostle Paul was un-married and he
Men After 1st service KBA Complex wished that all men were like him ( 1Cor 7:7). In this, Paul was
Ladies. After 1st service 2nd floor(std 3 knowledge) KBA building expressing his desire that more people would devote themselves
SALT After 1st service KBA building, 2nd Floor(std 2 understanding) completely to the Lord's ministry without the added concerns of
Intaphase After 1st service KBA building, 2nd floor(std 3 wisdom) a spouse and family. Paul says that both marriage and singleness
CBN KBA building, ground floor(middle wisdom) are gifts from God (1Cor 7:7). "But I say to the un-married and to
widows, it is good to remain even as I am", (1 Cor 7:8). Bible
calls on those who are un-married and widows to exercise self-
USHERS TO COLLECT OFFERINGS ON 2ND JUNE 2019 control and thus honor God; however, if they cannot exercise
Youth English Kiswahili self-control, "Let them marry, for it is better to marry than to
Esther Wambui Lillian Njuguna MaryAnn Wambui burn with passion, (1Cor 7:9).
Steve Waithanji Sarah Kamau Liz Mwaura The Bible also teaches that you must keep your marriage vows. 'A
Esther Gikonyo Eva Kimani wife is not to depart from her husband and a husband is not to
Cyrus Muchoni divorce his wife', 1Cor 7: 10-11). Thus divorce in a Christian marriage
Joyce Njambi is NOT contemplated. Bible also teaches that if by the time you
accepted salvation, you were married to a non-Christian man or woman,
you must stay in that marriage if your non-Christian spouse is willing
USHERS TO COLLECT OFFERINGS ON 09TH JUNE 2019 to live with you. "But if the unbeliever departs, let him depart; a
Youth English Kiswahili brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases. But God has
Ann Makeba Gladys Kariuki Joseph Kamande called us to peace", (1 Cor 7:15)
Hurry Mabetter Mary Njuguna Simon Waweru Dr Moses N Mwangi, Associate pastor
Hillary Koros Trevor Mwangi KWBC A/C No. at Cooperative Bank, Zimmerman Branch, Pastors:
Priscilla Wairimu No. 01128280239100, Family Bank A/C No. 044000004475, Rev. Daniel Kinuthia – 0721-641203
Ken Ngugi Swipe Visa Debit/Credit card and MPESA Pay Bill No. 582800 E-mail:
Account Name: Tithes, Offerings, Missions, Project Name, etc. Associate Pastor : Dr. Moses Mwangi - 0722-720145