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Save trees use e-Question Paper Go green DOWNLOAD THIS FREE AT sy | 10cg Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dee.2017/Jan.2Q18 Information and Network Security ‘Time: 3 hrs. . Miggks:100 Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, setecti ‘atleast TWO questions from each part. PART-A 1. Describe an EISP and its components. (io Marks) Define policy and explain issue specific security “mC (0 Marks) 2a. What is firewall? Explain the dual homed host fire (10 Marks) . Define virtual private network. Explain different t 10 implement a virual private nctwork. (0 Marks) 3 a. Describe network based intrusion detect fention system. (10 Marks) Explain the different types of IDP systen methods, (10 Marks) Define cipher method. Explain ‘method with example. 10 Marks) b. Discuss different categories of attaBk-on cfyptosysterns. (10 Marks) PART-B 5 a. Discuss te securinggces antares) ee ‘between Kerberos version 4 and Kerberos version 5.(10 Marks) in authentication and confidentiality of PGP. (costar) types. (5 Marks) fionality (05 Marks) 2. Any reveling of Meco, opeaa eaatr and freqsons wien ey. 42-8" 3, wl be eae as mapa Imponan:Note: 1, On olating oer anerscomputny daw Sagal cs ins onthe emaing Hak pages 7 0. Explain We architecture ofthe IPSec and diseuss the role of security associations, (10 Marto) & ram, explain IPSec ESP formant. (osntark) ©. Menton ant features of Oakley algorithm, (esatarks) cine SSL protocol stack cesmai) lain Koy feafures oF SET. (@smtars) ibe the components of SET, with diagram. Go Maek BRANCHES | ALL SEMESTERS | NOTES | QUESTON PAPERS | LAB MANUALS A Viuresource Go Green initiative