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Distribution Certification Exam Training Syllabus

Exam Topics
The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Distribution 9 Essentials exam consists of six topics:
1. Common Foundation & Address Book
2. Distribution System Set Up
3. Inventory Management
4. Sales Order Management
5. Procurement & Subcontract Management
6. Transportation Management

Exam Objectives

The exam objectives are defined by learner or practitioner level of knowledge:

• Learner-level: questions require the candidate to recall information to determine the correct answer.

Example: Define the term network.

• Practitioner-level: questions require the candidate to derive the correct answer from the application of
their knowledge, which can only be attained by extensive experience with the product.

Example: The client requests xyz functionality, would you recommend a, b or c?

When viewing the syllabus keep in mind the level of knowledge required for the exam. If you are
working on a learner level topic you won’t need to dive as deep into the topic. Rather than have solid
understanding of the main concepts.

Training Path Information

The Training Syllabus contains the topic areas identified in the Distribution Exam and the related courses
or links for study.

Every section contains the following supplemental materials:

 Implementation Guide
 Information Index - a link to My Oracle Support containing all the white papers available under
each subject area.
 UPK- (when available. No Transportation UPK is available)
 Quiz - To test your knowledge

The training path will NOT show complete as you go through it. This is purposeful so that you can
continue to come back to the training path and review again and again.
Distribution Certification Exam Training Path Syllabus
Common Foundations and Address Book
Complete Objectives Level Location
Define User Defined Codes (UDC) Learner Fundamentals UPK
Manage Interactive Versions Learner 14451 & UPK
Use the Visual Assist Learner UPK
Define the Grid Learner 14351
Export Grid Data Learner 14351
Use the Data Browser to search for data Learner 14401
Explain Submitted Jobs Learner 14251
Describe the Address Book Learner 1350
Explain Processing Options Learner Fundamentals UPK & Implementation Guide
Use Address Book Category Codes Learner 1350
Configure Next Numbers Learner Fundamentals UPK

Distribution System Setup

Complete Objectives Level Location
Set Up DMAAI’s Practitioner 3230, 4215
Create Item Cross References Practitioner 3345
Use Preference Processing (Advanced &
Practitioner 35952
Set Up Print Messages Learner 3565
Create Order Activity Rules Practitioner 3245
Set Up Line Types Learner 3255
Set Up Order Types Learner 3250
Set Up Branch/Plant Constants Practitioner 3220
Define Availability and Commitments Learner
Define System Constants Practitioner Inventory UPK
Create ABC Codes Learner 3375
Set Up Hold Codes Practitioner 3555, Sales UPK, White Paper

Complete Objectives Level Location
Describe the Inventory Business
Processes 3310
Enter Item Records Practitioner 3270
Set Up Kit Items Practitioner 3370
Create Inventory Transactions Practitioner 3320
Use Lot Processing Practitioner 3350
Perform Physical Inventories Practitioner 3340
Perform Mass Updates Practitioner Inventory UPK
Review Inventory Information Learner 3330, Inventory UPK
Run Integrity Reports Practitioner 3380
Run Batch Reports Practitioner 3380
Purge Inventory Records Learner Inventory UPK, Inventory Purges white paper
Use Employee Workcenter Learner Fundamentals UPK
Distribution Certification Exam Training Path Syllabus
Review Supply and Demand Learner 3330
Explain Interoperability Learner Inventory and Interoperability white paper
Sales Management
Completed Objectives Level Location
Describe the Sales Order Business
Processes 3510
Set Up Flexible Sales Accounting Practitioner Flex Accounting for Distribution white paper
Perform Customer Master Set Up Practitioner 3515
Set Up and Use Templates on Sales
Orders 3530
Set up and Enter RMA’s Practitioner white paper
Set Up EDI Practitioner EDI Information Index
Set Up Base Pricing, Contract Pricing &
Practitioner Base Pricing Setup - Implementation Guide
Trade Discounts
Understand the Pricing Hierarchy Learner Base Pricing Overview White Paper
Enter Sales Orders Practitioner 3525
Process Substitute/Replacement Items Practitioner
Item Cross Reference App white paper
Process Additional Order Types Practitioner 3535, 3540, 3545
Update Sales Orders Learner 3525
Release Backorders and Held Orders Learner 3545, 3555
Repost and Recommit Orders Practitioner Sales UPK
Ship Confirm Items Practitioner 3585
Create Shipping Documents Practitioner Sales UPK
Print Pick Slips Practitioner 3580
Create Invoices Learner 3570
Update Accounting at Invoice Practitioner 3587, and UPK
Use Cycle Billing Learner Cycle Billing White Paper
Run Sales Update Practitioner 3587
Purge Sales Order Records Practitioner Purge records in sales white paper
View Customer Account Status Learner 2595

Procurement/Subcontract Management
Completed Objectives Level Location
Describe the Purchase Order Business
Process 3410
Set Up Landed Cost Rules Practitioner 3485
Set Up Tolerance Rules Practitioner White paper and Procurement UPK
Manage Supplier Information Practitioner 3430
Use PO Generator Practitioner 3465
Process Quote Orders Practitioner 3445
Process Requisitions Practitioner 3450
Enter Sub-Contract Orders Practitioner Procurement UPK,
Enter Purchase Orders Practitioner Procurement UPK, white paper
Create Supplier Templates Learner Procurement UPK,
Receive Purchase Orders Practitioner 3480
Use Receipts Routing Practitioner 3480
Process Rebates Practitioner White Paper
Run Batch Reports Practitioner 3495
Distribution Certification Exam Training Path Syllabus
Use approval Processing Practitioner 3440
Maintain Supplier/Item Relationships Practitioner
Procurement UPK,
Purge Purchase Order Records Learner White paper
Process Blanket Orders Practitioner 3460
Check Budgets Learner Procurement UPK, white paper
Process Commitments/Encumbrances Practitioner
white paper

Completed Objectives Level Location
Describe the Transportation Business
Learner 3710
Set Up Constants: Transportation, Landed
Cost, Mode of Transport 3720, 3725
Set Up Shipping Information Practitioner 3725
Set Up Carriers Practitioner Implementation Guide
Set Up Routes Practitioner 3740
Set Up Rates Practitioner 3730
Understand Document Set Up Learner 3760
Set Up Vehicle Information Practitioner 3745
Plan Transportation Schedules Practitioner Implementation Guide
Track Shipments Practitioner 3790
Update Freight Information Practitioner 3770