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6/3/2019 Action Plan - Google Docs

LeVan 1

Logan LeVan

Mr. Conrad

Honors Global Studies

16 May 2019


I. The objective of this project is to raise awareness about the dangerous causes and effects of

climate change in China and explore potential solutions to reduce the negative effects from

specifically overuse of fossil fuels.

II. The world at large should care about the damaging effects of climate change. If human

beings do nothing and stay on the current path, many scientists believe the impact of climate

change could lead to worldwide destruction (Jackson 2019). Every country in the world will need

to do their part and look at the potential causes and make attempts to understand the issue and work

to reduce the causes.

III. The best course of action will involve the world community getting involved in learning

about the causes of climate change and working on solutions that reduce the effects. The potential

causes of climate change include greenhouse gas emissions, use of fossil fuels, growing rice,

raising cattle, changes in ocean temperatures and the increasing brightness of the sun (Jackson

2019). The potential impact on China and the world are changes in the climate, seasonal changes

and changes to the environment that can impact every living thing (Jackson 2019). The scientists at

the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) discuss that the climate on earth has

been changing over time and the earth is experiencing a warming of temperature year after year

that is even melting the polar ice caps. The ocean temperature is also increasing and the earth is

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6/3/2019 Action Plan - Google Docs

LeVan 2

experiencing more intense weather patterns like natural disasters and heavy rains. All of these

changes impact the environment and all living things. (Climate Change). According to the

National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health (NIH), human actions are the biggest

cause of climate change. China emits more carbon dioxide, methane and black carbon which are

causes of climate change (National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health). According

to the NIH, the Chinese government is focusing on climate change and the potential environmental

and health effects on its people. If the air, drinking water and food supplies are impacted it will

have an impact on the people who live in China. China has been experiencing extreme changes in

weather and natural disasters as well as increases in pollution. Most experts agree that the causes of

climate change must be addressed by human beings making changes in their lifestyles. Even small

changes can have a potential impact. There are scientists who do not agree with the idea of climate

change being a global concern that is impacting our world. Some scientist believe there is no truth

to this and that science does not support this idea. Dr. Fred Singer, a Physicist who graduated from

Princeton University, is a scientist who does not believe that climate change is a crisis

(Heartland.org 2016).

IV. Proposal for Action Plan

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IqTqnbAPJim602thGujjliw4sL17n81Ig5QtM4JfzOE/edit 2/9
6/3/2019 Action Plan - Google Docs

LeVan 3

Overview: The action plan proposed below will consist of engaging world government through a

student led project with the goal of reducing the use of fossil fuels through use of solar energy in

urban and residential areas of China and other parts of the world. This action plan is based off of

prior research on the use of solar power to reduce fossil fuel use. China has experimented with

using solar power and creating farms to collect solar power (Baraniuk 2018). One of the problems

is that the farms are not helping to power the cities or residential areas because of where the farms

have to be due to size and where the people live (Baraniuk 2018). A 1500 square foot home can

be made solar at a cost of $12,000-$15,000 (How many solar). China is a leader in manufacturing

solar panels (Baraniuk 2018). There are many organizations who are looking to help with reducing

the effects of climate change. One major event coming up is the Climate Action Summit in New

York in September of 2019 run by the United Nations (United Nations). The support of the whole

world is necessary to make a difference. Getting people involved across the world especially those

in generation Z and older will help make a difference. Educating people about the dangerous

effects of fossil fuels and replacing it with solar power is one small way to help. This action plan

will focus on one project to help make solar power in residential areas of China a reality.

Hopefully, through this action there will be more awareness and more people who want to help.

Step Who What/Action Where/Time Resources Communication

1 Engage my Social media There is a UN Human: People Post daily feed

generation campaign using summit on will need to on climate
across the current formats climate change engage in this change and
world in an in existence on in September of effort on social how people can
awareness instagram and 2019. The goal media. reduce use of
campaign about twitter with the will be to have Time: fossil fuels and
reducing fossil #Use sunshine 500,000 Dedication of use solar
fuels through Gen Z Cares. followers by 20 hours per energy. Create
the use of solar the start of the week for the awareness that
power in summit. This next 16 weeks China is a

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IqTqnbAPJim602thGujjliw4sL17n81Ig5QtM4JfzOE/edit 3/9
6/3/2019 Action Plan - Google Docs

LeVan 4

residential areas will create to posting and leading

in China and awareness and engaging the manufacturer of
around the interest world solar panels in
world. regarding the community. the world.
issue of fossil Supplies:
fuel use and the Technology,
impact on laptop and
climate change. smartphone.
Capital: This
step does not
require funds.

2 Engage the Encourage The goal will Human: People Post daily feed
United Nations followers of be to have each will need to on all social
officials #Use sunshine representative engage in this media accounts
specifically UN Gen Z Cares to receive at least email campaign with an
Secretary Luis email the UN 100,000 emails on social acknowledgem
Alfonso de representatives from followers media. ent of how
Alba, the to work of #Use Time: close we are to
Chinese together on sunshine Gen Z Dedication of our goal in the
Ambassador Climate Cares by 20 hours per email
Ma Zhaoxu and Change at the September 23, week for the campaign.
the US summit by 2019. next 16 weeks
Ambassador promoting the to posting and
Jonathan use of and engaging the
Cohen by making solar world
promoting an power more community.
email campaign affordable to Supplies:
using followers the public. Technology.
of the #Use Create a form Laptop and
sunshine Gen Z email that smartphone.
Cares followers can Capital: No
movement to let use to make it funds are
the UN officials easy to required for this
know that if communicate step. Time will
people work their concerns be volunteer.
together on the and desire for
issue from Gen action on
Z and other climate change
generations through the use
across the of solar power.
world, we can (see attached)
make an impact

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IqTqnbAPJim602thGujjliw4sL17n81Ig5QtM4JfzOE/edit 4/9
6/3/2019 Action Plan - Google Docs

LeVan 5

on climate

Step 3 Create a Using the Goal is to raise Human: man Communicate

GoFundme information enough funds at hours to create updates through
account called found on the end of one the go fund me #Use sunshine
Use Sunshine https://support.g year by June page estimated Gen Z cares
Gen Z Cares. ofundme.com 2020 to fund 10 time 8 hours and through go
create a go fund homes of no and engage a fund me to
me account to more than 1500 family member communicate
raise money to sq feet at a cost over 21 years how close we
fund future of $12,000 to of age with are to the goal
goals of #Use $15,000 sq feet financial of $160,000.
Sunshine Gen plus the fees to expertise in
Z cares be paid to go banking and
including fund me. Total finance to
funding to goal will be assist. Supplies:
convert 10 $160,000. Technology.
homes in China Laptop and
per year to have smartphone.
solar power.

Step 4 Create a Board Solicit Meetings will Human: People Communicate

of Directors for involvement occur via a web to serve on the updates on the
Use sunshine from followers based tool so board that do secure web
Gen Z Cares and donations that meetings not mind page created for
to select at least can be held donating their the board
6 board virtually twice time. where
members per month to Supplies: information and
including discuss current Technology meeting
someone to state and work and smart minutes can be
serve beside towards the phone shared. Another
this author as future. Capital: Not communication
Board President required to pay will be released
as a Vice the Board but to the social
President, to fund projects media outlets
Secretary, still via Go also to inform
Treasurer, and Fund me. donors and
at least 2 Gen Z followers of the
representatives progress.
preferably one
from China.

Step 5 Work with Secure bids End of year one Human: Communicate
Chinese from June of 2020. Contractors, updates with

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IqTqnbAPJim602thGujjliw4sL17n81Ig5QtM4JfzOE/edit 5/9
6/3/2019 Action Plan - Google Docs

LeVan 6

officials and the contractors who Goals of Board of the team on

UN are willing to construction in Directors, secure webpage
Ambassador of work with the 2020. Chinese for the project.
China to secure team at Gen Z Ambassador to Additional
contractors and Cares. Get a the UN. communication
supplies. contract signed Supplies: to donors and
that includes all Contractor to through social
expenses paid provide a full media outlets to
for 10 homes at list that stays followers on
a cost of no within the the progress.
more than established
$150,000. budget of
$150,000 for
10 homes.
funds raised of

Step 6 Identify Work with At the end of Human: Communicate

families who China’s year one in Participation updates on the
can receive the Ambassador to January of from the Board web page for
solar panels. the UN to 2021. and the UN the project.
identify the 10 Ambassador to Additional
families that select families. communication
will receive the Supplies: Solar to donors and
solar panels for panels and through social
their homes. contractors media to
Preference is followers on
through a the progress.
lottery like

Step 7 Evaluate the Survey the Throughout Human: This An evaluation

progress at the Board, all 2021 with a will be done report would be
end of year stakeholders goal to create a primarily by the released on the
one. including the report by the board of social media
families helped end of 2021 to Directors as formats to
and the include the part of the donors and
contractors. number of normal followers.
Review families helped meetings.
financial reports and costs.
and expenses.
Look at the
success of the

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IqTqnbAPJim602thGujjliw4sL17n81Ig5QtM4JfzOE/edit 6/9
6/3/2019 Action Plan - Google Docs

LeVan 7


Step 8 Investigate and Research how Goal should be Human: Meeting

consider to become a to do this no Engage the minutes
becoming a non for profit later than year Board of distributed on a
501c3 non for group and three or by the Directors to shared web
profit engage end of 2022. meet once page for the
organization. stakeholders weekly to project to
and a lawyer to discuss the communicate
assess if this is process and between the
the best course take the steps board and the
of action. necessary to be lawyer.
a non for profit
laptop, smart
Capital: Go
Fund Me will
continue to be a
source of
capital along
with potential
donors from
throughout the
world to offset
legal fees.

Works Cited

Baraniuk, Chris. “Future - How China's Giant Solar Farms Are Transforming World Energy.”

BBC, BBC, 4 Sept. 2018,

“Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet.” NASA, NASA, climate.nasa.gov/.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IqTqnbAPJim602thGujjliw4sL17n81Ig5QtM4JfzOE/edit 7/9
6/3/2019 Action Plan - Google Docs

LeVan 8

“Heartland Institute.” Home, 27 July 2016, www.heartland.org/index.html.

“How Can We Help?” GoFundMe Help Center, support.gofundme.com/.

“How Many Solar Panels Does It Take to Power a House?” Networx,


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Sample Email

Dear United Nations Ambassador _______________,

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IqTqnbAPJim602thGujjliw4sL17n81Ig5QtM4JfzOE/edit 8/9
6/3/2019 Action Plan - Google Docs

LeVan 9

I am a concerned human being who wants to have an impact on climate change. I am specifically

concerned about the overuse of fossil fuels and would like to see our world leaders work together

and support the use of solar power as an alternative energy source. At the Climate Summit it is my

sincere hope that our leaders in China and the United States will take the lead and make an effort to

make this an affordable option around the world for people in residential areas.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sign Here:______________________________________.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IqTqnbAPJim602thGujjliw4sL17n81Ig5QtM4JfzOE/edit 9/9