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Talk About Your Future Plans (Assessment Task)

ENGL 1010 - 1004ONL
May 26,2019
My goals in general would be to continue studying as I am doing now. I would like some

day to graduate from the nurse course and fulfill my dreams of being a great nurse. One of the

most difficult goals that I would like to fulfill would be to pass the nursing revalidation and

obtain my license. I have always thought about getting married some day of my life and having a

children. Another of my goals would be to take my mom forward, give her the life she deserves

and step by step throughout my life I know that more goals will arise which each of them I will


In the short term I would like to continue studying, completing each of my classes and be

able to finish them with good grades. Keep my study cycle to improve every day in my

profession, to continue educating about it and to be aware of everything. I would also like to be

able to fix my car and make it beautiful as I have always wanted. In the short term I would like to

have a good job that will help me pay for my studies, which will also help me buy my things and

fix my car. I want to finish my university, pass my revalidation, be the person I always wanted to

be and be the pride of my family.

My long-term goals would be to work as a nurse in a hospital. I would like to be quite

comfortable without worries about anything. I would like to have two children and have a big

comfortable house where my family and I will feel comfortable and relaxed. I would marry in a

simple place where only the closest families and friends are. I would buy the car of my dreams, a

ranger rover and so I want to live happy the rest of my life.

In conclusion, I want to be the pride of my family and that everyone feel happy for the

person I am becoming. I care that my mother feels proud of me, because she is the only one who

has been with me in the bad, giving me cheers and cheers so that I never stop fighting for my

dreams, she is one of the women that inspires me to keep going . I want to become the good
woman and give my children an education like the one they gave me. I want to be happy with my

family and travel the world if possible. I am and I will be a woman fighter, always and I will

never give up.